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Thank you all for the wonderful comments regarding Sanctuary. I am thrilled that you love it as much as I do. I apologize that I didn't post the contest winners yesterday as I intended to. We worked all day and night finishing up the booth samples and packing up the truck, but I'm happy to say we got it all done and now we are about to get... on the road again...

So, we let the randomizer pick, and the winners are:

Comment #126. Moni Rose said...
oooo... the warm palette is my favorite, you had me at “sherbet”!!
i’m so excited that you did this in a shirting weight (i make dresses specifically) and it’ll be so nice to have some softer/lighter options than normal quilting weight for these fun prints!
plus, the 25th is my birthday, so winning would be an extra special surprise :)
Comment #229. Tonya Yarwood said...
Love the warm palette! Finally prints that I look forward to making myself something with. The knits are wonderful. I’m so happy you chose to do knits again, and I look forward to working with the shirting wovens.
Moni, you have won the shirtings bundle and Tonya, you have won the knits bundle. Since we don't have time to ship anything right now, we'll get these out when we come back from the show, so you have a little over a week to mull this over and decide which prints and which pattern you'd like to play with. :) Please email your choices and mailing address to

Since I hate to blog without visuals, I'll leave you with a last-minute booth sample we sewed up. This is Kyoko in Orchid Feng Shui ... possibly my favorite Kyoko to date, so delicate and sweet! Usually I do this pattern in a myriad of fabric combos but this fabric was just screaming to be the spotlight and I think it suits this design so well!


If you'll be attending Fall International Quilt Market this coming weekend, please stop by Booth 931-933 and check out this and many, many more samples!

Introducing... SANCTUARY

Everyone has an activity they find comfort in. For some it may be cooking, while for others it may be playing a musical instrument. You may find comfort in reading a great book or traveling to a favorite spot. Art and design are my sanctuary... my "safe place". Ever since I can remember I've found comfort in doodling and creating something new. As I grew older and my senses got sharper I began obsessing over color, pattern and typography and I knew I would eventually make a career out of this little obsession of mine.

Sanctuary is not a place or time, but a feeling – a feeling of utmost serenity and bliss. Without much further ado, I present to you Sanctuary, my 5th collection with Michael Miller Fabrics, 27 glorious prints divided into 2 vibrant color stories available in 100% cotton shirting, 44”/45” wide. Plus 6 coordinating knit designs printed on 100% cotton interlock, 58” wide.

Let's start with the wovens, OK? The shirtings are lighter in weight than quilting cottons but not as sheer as lawns or voiles, so they are PERFECT for apparel design, but as you'll see in my inspiration photos below, we've also been using them for pillows and totes. And I imagine they'd make super soft quilts too! The drape on these fabrics is superb and they sew up like butter and gather like a dream...


The COOL palette features soothing tones of aqua, turquoise, pear green and soft grays.


The WARM palette kicks it up a notch with vibrant tones of tangerine, lemon yellow and raspberry playing oh, so well with deep espresso and bordeaux tones.


Now for the super soft and yummy knits...


These 100% interlocks come in berry and ocean palettes and all play so well with each other... you'll see!


And what's a fabric reveal without a whole lotta inspiration images, eh? Check these out!







And I whipped up this quick zig-zag quilt to showcase the knits yesterday. It is truly the softest quilt ever! I'd be happy to write up a quickie tutorial here for anyone who wants it. You'll have to wait till after we get back from Quilt Market, though! ;)


Soooo, if you've made it this far down, here's your reward... leave me a comment and let me know what you think of the collection or if you have a favorite colorway or a print that is just calling your name. This is a quick contest because I want to get this prize package in the mail before we leave for Quilt Market, so this coming Sunday, Oct. 24th, we will randomly draw 2 winners:

  • The first winner will receive 5 (FIVE!) one-yard cuts of the wovens (shirtings) plus your choice of a Madeline or a Maddie pattern
  • The second winner will receive 3 (THREE!) one-yard cuts of the knits with your choice of a Penelope or a Penny pattern.

Good luck! And if you're coming to Market, check us out at booths #931-933!
(and please don't forget to leave an easy way for us to contact you if you win!)
American Quilt Retailer


I'm taking a teensy-tiny break from Quilt Market prep because I just received my copy of the latest issue of American Quilt Retailer magazine and I want to tell you all about it. Have you all seen this publication?! For anyone in the quilting, textiles or sewing business it's THE industry pub to read. It is chock full of useful info like product reviews, free patterns and expert advice on a multitude of topics from networking to setting up store displays to the hottest industry events and tradeshows to attend.

The November 2010 issue (Vol 16, Issue 96) features our first ad of many to come on page 22, featuring the amazing photography of Stephanie Lynn Photos...


And on page 64, I've written a 2-page article on Sewing With Knits, geared especially toward the textiles retailer, with a little sneak peek of my new Sanctuary knits available this Fall through Michael Miller Fabrics. Learn tips and tricks on how to demystify knits and arm your customers with the information they need to know to start sewing with knits.


Even if you don't consider yourself a "large business", this publication will help you get started and grow your business. There is even an article on buying and selling on Etsy! To subscribe to American Quilt Retailer, follow this link.

I also wanted to let you all know that our Fall 2010 Patterns are in stock and ready to ship! WOOHOOO! Retailers, if you haven't already done so, you can now place your orders online by logging into our wholesale page. Consumers, check out our list of preferred retailers at the bottom of this page to purchase our new patterns.

If you'll be attending Quilt Market next weekend, please stop by Booth 931-933 to see all of our new products including our newest fabric collections... and stay tuned for a full reveal coming up next here on the blog...
We listen!

Since the moment we launched our MODKID sewing pattern collection, now nearly two years ago, we have been listening to your feedback, taking notes and planning ways to offer the best possible product out there.

The 3 most frequently asked questions we receive regarding our sewing patterns are:

  1. Can you make them in larger sizes? (our first 10 patterns went up to size 7)
  2. Can you include the sizing chart on the back page? (these were generally located on page 2)
  3. Can you break up the fabric requirements by component/piece? (the fabric requirements were shown as a whole, not broken up by piece)

These were all valid requests and we've made it our purpose to address each and every one of them in all the new patterns we launch but also in new re-prints of popular, now sold-out, patterns.

As you know, our new girls' patterns, Maddie and Penny, do go up to a size 10, which is 3 sizes larger than our first generation of patterns, and we've also designed women's versions of these patterns, Madeline and Penelope (in sizes XS - XL), to satisfy another popular demand. And I should also point out that all new patterns also include detailed sizing charts and fabric requirements on the back page as you requested.

But in addition to the new patterns, we've also reprinted two of our most popular first generation patterns that were currently sold-out, Emma and Frida.



As you see above, the new and improved patterns showcase the latest fabric line on the cover (more on that soon, I promise!) to give them a longer shelf-life and now go up to a size 10... YIPPEE!

The back pages have also received a whole new facelift! Let's take Frida for example...


As you see, the top row of inspiration photos has been updated to show garments made with fabric collections that are currently available in stores (the old version of Frida only showed garments made with Andalucia, which is now retired.) The potty girls now have faces, as opposed to the faceless versions on older patterns. But most importantly, the fabric requirements chart now shows the yardage broken up by piece, just in case you want to make the sleeves, hem band and pocket in a different fabric than the main skirt and bodice. And, last, but not least, the sizing chart is now on the back page and shows US and Euro sizes in addition to the child's height, to cover all bases.

Hope you are pleased with these improvements. As older clothing patterns go into out-of-stock status, we will try to address all your concerns and hopefully launch with a better product every time.

RETAILERS: You can pre-order new Frida and Emma for your store by logging into the wholesale portion of our website. Together with our new Fall 2010 patterns, these will be in stock and ready to ship by the end of October.
Birthdays and Beehives

Our baby girl, Sydney, turned 6 on Friday. *sniff* The first thing she said when she woke up was, "How much taller am I today?" I squeezed her so hard you'd think I wanted her to go back in the womb. Of course, I had to play it up, so I purposely found a dress in her closet that I knew would be too small so she could try it on and I could go on and on about how much she's grown. heeheee


Her birthday party was at our local kid's gym on Saturday and boy, did they have a blast! All of her BBFs were there...



All of us adults were tired out just from watching them jump...


... and run...


and jump some more for over an hour.



But come on... who wouldn't love to hang out here all day?! (and I'm not just talking 'bout kids here...)


After getting all sweaty and stinky, Sydney made her wish...


... blew her candles...


... ate to her little heart's content and posed for group pics...


Of course, we had to get a silly one in there...


Then came home and played with all her new gifts until waaaaaaay past her bedtime! :)

One of Sydney's favorite gifts was this paper guitar that plays several songs from the 80's...



Boy, she totally thinks she's a rock star! LOVE IT!!!


And speaking of 80's songs, rock stars and beehives (yes, there was a purpose to that silly title!)... I went to see the B52s last Wednesday with a few girlfriends. Oooh, it was sooooo much fun!

We partied like it was 19..... 89! haha In this picture, Dawn, Nikki, me and Wendy.

Beehive on my head courtesy of Em & Em! Yes, they can do hair too....BONUS!

The fabulous Dawn Bergeron, photographer extraodinaire and sweet friend, took these amazing photos at the concert.

And as much of a blast as we had during the show, the real treat came afterwards, when we got to meet singer Kate Pierson and get our picture taken.


She was as short as Nikki and I, can you believe it?!? And super sweet to boot!


Here's a little video clip I shot of my favorite song, Private Idaho!


Fall 2010 MODKID Pattern Reveal
(brace yourselves, this post is HUGE!)

It's finally here! Thank you all for your patience the past few months as I hinted here & there about the upcoming patterns. Launching into women's wear was no easy feat but thankfully I was armed with a wonderful team of pattern testers and studio assistants to make the ride seem less terrifying. And this time around I even employed the help of a handful of awesome photographers to help with pattern covers and inspiration galleries (do check out their links if you're in their area!)

So, without much further ado, I present to you Penny and Maddie, for girls sizes 2T to 10 (yes, TEN!) and their women's versions, Penelope and Madeline, in sizes XS to XL... our new line of mommy & me sewing patterns on pre-order status now, for delivery on the 3rd week of October.


Cover photo by the fabulous Dawn Bergeron, of Dawn Bergeron Photography.

Penny-potty girls

Penny is a laid-back and comfy shirt or dress for girls designed especially for the beginner sewist or for the confident sewist just beginning to sew with knits. There are only 3 pattern pieces to cut and assemble, so it goes together without a hitch! You will have loads of fun embellishing this simple dress or tunic with appliqués, ruffles and trims or adding fun variations like an empire waist, contrast sleeves or a ruffled hem — detailed instructions for these looks included on pages 5 & 6. For that perfect “mommy & me” look we have a women’s version of Penny, called Penelope (sold separately).

I seriously gasped when I received these photos from Stephanie Lynn Photography of her adorable daughter, Ryleigh, modeling Penny's View B with empire waist variation.

penny2-ViewB with empire waist

Just look at this face... here's a few more shots to swoon over.

penny1-ViewB with empire waist

Meli of JamClothingCo. never disappoints with her wonderful sewing skills and breathtaking photography. And of course, her daughter, Ava, is such a cutie! Here she is wearing Penny's View A...


...and Penny's View C with contrast sleeves.

penny4-ViewC with contrast sleeves

And of course, you may remember this picture of Sydney from her first day of school... she's worn this dress so many times, it's now in "play" condition. ;)


Now on to Maddie...


Cover photo by the fabulous Dawn Bergeron, of Dawn Bergeron Photography.

Maddie-potty girls

Maddie is the perfect little everyday skirt... easy to sew, easy to wear and with enough design combinations to have a different look for every day of the week. Use all of your favorite designer prints by adding contrasting pockets, ruffled trims or mock wraps. Best of all, with the addition of a couple of suspenders, your child can wear her Maddie skirt as a super cute Summer dress.

More amazing photos from Stephanie Lynn Photography... (and way more on her blog)

maddie2-ViewC with dress option

maddie3-ViewC with dress option

And check out this Flora & Fauna version from Debbie Peasley of Bridget&Co. LOVE IT!


Sydney is modeling the dress version of View D. She absolutely loves it!

maddie4-ViewC with dress option

Drum-roll, please! Here are the women's versions of the patterns...


Cover photo by Dawn Bergeron, of Dawn Bergeron Photography.

Penelope-potty girls

Penelope is a feminine and comfy shirt or dress designed especially for the beginner sewist or for the confident sewist just beginning to sew with knits. All views feature a rounded V-neck with tiny gathers at the V for added charm. Choose between a short cap sleeve or a longer, kimono sleeve. You’ll be sure to find a perfect fit with 5 sizes (from XS to XL) and 5 different lengths (for petite and average heights) to choose from. Because of the stretch in knit fabrics and the unique sleeve shape, the bust size on Penelope is very accommodating. For that perfect “mommy & me” look, check out our girl’s version of Penelope, called Penny (sold separately).

My mom sewed up this gorgeous Penelope View B and my sister, Caty, modeled it for us. How awesome is this?!?


Melissa Baker tested and models View A below...


Emily Parks is modeling View F... I just adore that ruffled hem!

penelope3-View D

And, Carol Plaster is modeling View A, photo by Noelle Studios Fine Art Photography.


And last but certainly not least, I present to you Madeline...


Cover photo by Dawn Bergeron, of Dawn Bergeron Photography.

Madeline-potty girls

Madeline is the perfect little everyday skirt... easy to sew, easy to wear and with enough design combinations to have a different look for every day of the week. Use all of your favorite designer prints by adding contrasting pockets, ruffled trims or mock wrap panels. You’ll be sure to find a perfect fit with 5 sizes (from XS to XL) and 5 different lengths to choose from. For that perfect “mommy & me” look, check out our girl’s version of Madeline, called Maddie (sold separately).

Carol Plaster is modeling View D, photo by Noelle Studios Fine Art Photography.


Emily Parks is modeling View B, photo by Dawn Bergeron, of Dawn Bergeron Photography.


And my mannequin, Lola, sports a stretch denim version of View D.


Hope you all enjoyed the fashion show. If you're attending the International Quilt Market in Houston this month, please come see us and these wonderful new designs in person at Booths #931-933. Retailers and distributors, our Fall 2010 Line of sewing patterns is currently on pre-order status and will be delivered at the end of October on a first-come, first-served basis.

Stay tuned for more new & exciting announcements coming up in a few days... yes, folks, it's that time of year again! :) xoxo
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