New goodies on the site!

If you follow me on Twitter or Facebook then you already know that I've been keeping some secrets and I was bursting at the seams in anticipation of the day I could let the cat out of the bag. But yesterday, we finally got the shipment in of my new, totally fabulous Designer Pins and we worked around the clock photographing, editing and uploading them to the site, because I just couldn't wait one more day to share these with you.

Just look at these candy-licious colors!!


I could just eat them up, but then again, I wouldn't want to end up like my friend, Jana. But I digress... the pin heads are molded in the shapes of two of my favorite Grand Bazaar fabric designs... the Spades and the Spears. Here are the Splendid Spears...


I worked alongside Brewer to produce this exciting new product line and I couldn't be happier with the outcome. The pins come inside cute little tins like these, 100 pins in each tin...


And the tins are embossed with my logo (squeal!!!)


And as if that wasn't adorable enough, the whole kit & caboodle comes beautifully packaged in a custom-designed clear box, perfect for gift-giving (or to keep for yourself, whatever floats your boat!)



And what do you think of the names, Splendid Spears and Spade Parade? Jon came up with those all on his own.... see, we all chip in on the creative process around here!

Our Designer Pin Tins are available on our website now, so stock up for the Holidays... these are perfect for stocking stuffers, teacher gifts or for your sewing group gift exchange! :)


No, they are not that big... haha... that is a dolly-sized dress up there ^^^ (the Mini-Naomi)!

On other news, a few of you expressed an interest in purchasing the kits my students used in my Creative Connection classes, so we have made a few more and they are now listed on our website in very limited quantities. These kits include EVERYTHING you need to make these two projects, including the printed pattern, the fabric and all the notions needed (even the thread!!)...

Here is the French Window Pillow Cover kit:

French Window-Kit-500px

And the Sun & Surf Tote kit:


Click on any of the photos above to be taken directly to the kits on our website.

Thanks, everyone!! xoxo
TCCE in a nutshell

I think I have a TCCE hangover! I'm having the hardest time getting back to work and I have soooo much to do. This happens to me every time I return from Quilt Market too. I think it's just all of that creativity surrounding me coupled with the lack of sleep, sugar overload and long hours on the road (or in the air, in this case)... eventually it catches up to you. So, I figured if I blogged today, maybe I can finally put that chapter of my life behind and get on with it... haha (we'll see)

The day I arrived I immediately gravitated towards "the fabric gals"... we pretty much stuck together like white on rice.

From left to right: Kris and Kim from The DIY Dish, me, Jana Nielson, Paula Prass, Betz White and Lizzy House.

But do you blame me? These girls are a hoot!



Here's me with The DIY Dish girls and Paula Prass...


One of the best parts about this trip for me was to be able to spend some quality time with my fabulous room mate, Betz White. Here she is all dolled up for the autograph party...


I was also thrilled and honored to be a featured artist on The DIY Dish. Here we are after filming the segment... passers by kept asking us if we were all related! haha! Kim and Kris are always a pleasure to talk to and they tell me my show will air sometime in November. I did a fun Holiday craft on the show and talked a little bit about my upcoming book, Sewing MODKID Style. I'll let you know when the show is up so you can all check it out!


And I thought it was an absolute treat to be able to hear Holly Becker and Cristina Ferrare speak at the Keynote Dinner the first night. They both had such inspiring stories and one of my goals was to get to meet them in person... and I did!

Here I am with Holly Becker. She is actually about a foot taller than I am, but she was sweet enough to crouch down to my level...


Here she is signing my copy of her DECORATE book, which I love, by the way!


Here I am with Cristina Ferrare (who, by the way, does the best Oprah impersonation I've ever heard!)


Lastly, I was honored to be asked to teach two classes at TCCE and I can't say enough about my sweet students.... they were THE BEST!!!

My cutting table with the goodies donated by Olfa and Prym-Dritz:


The classroom was outfitted with Janome sewing machines and each student received a kit containing everything they needed to complete the project.


My Sun & Surf Tote students cutting their pieces...


My French Window Pillow students sewing their hearts out...


Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture of all my students, but here's a few I grabbed before they left. Thank you all... your projects turned out so awesome!!


Phew... now wish me luck getting through everything else on my plate. I have a 7-year old's birthday party to plan, a sewing pattern release to complete, and a booth to design for Quilt Market.... each just as important as the next.
Counting down the days

The Creative Connection Event is exactly 2 weeks from today and I simply can. not. wait. It's gonna be so awesome meeting up with all the great personalities at this show... I already have a list as long as my arm of women I want to get to know. If you haven't made a decision as to what classes to take, I want to let you know that although my Friday classes are now closed, I still have a few spots open in my Saturday classes.

Click on the links or photos below to learn more about my two classes...

Saturday, September 17, 2011
Teacher: Patty Young
Time: 2:30 pm - 5:30 pm
Registration code: SPM


Saturday, September 17, 2011
Teacher: Patty Young
Time: 11:00 am - 2:00 pm
Registration code: SAM


And if you are a beginner sewer and are a bit apprehensive, please don't worry... I will have EVERYTHING there for you to get started with. You only need to bring your smile and eagerness to learn something new. :)

And, in case you haven't seen my prior posts on this subject, I have A TON of goodies to give away to all my students... rotary cutters, rulers, self-healing mats, and lots of other things!! So, in addition to a super cute project made by YOU, you will be going home with some awesome freebies from my sponsoring companies, OLFA, Prym Consumer USA and Dill Buttons. How cool is that!?!

Hope to see you all there!!
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