Introducing... MODKID® Micro Minis!

It is reveal time, ladies and gentlemen! We are over the moon excited to announce this brand new product for us, called MODKID® Micro Minis!


Micro-Minis REVEAL

haha... now that I got your attention, let me tell you about these. MODKID® Micro Minis are a collection of sewing-card-style patterns that fit in the palm of your hand, are easy to sew and inexpensive to buy. These Micro Minis are perfect for classes, workshops, gifts and more.

Here are some specs for you:
  • Finished size 4.25"w x 5.5"h
  • Full color inside and out
  • Printed on coated card stock
  • Packaged in a crystal-clear resealable poly bag with a large hanging hole
  • MSRP $4.95 USD

Micro-Minis REVEAL-2

Those of you already familiar with our line of MODKID patterns will notice the same high quality and attention to detail we are known for, from the detailed assembly instructions to the easy-to-follow diagrams, just in a new teensy-tiny format. Also, we did not skimp on testing. All of our patterns are thoroughly tested by sewists just like you from all across the country. A special thanks goes to Liz Mouse, Andrea Thomas-Lambe, Cheryl Santos, Bridgett Wright, Kristen McVane, Terri Hoffacker and Pat Alberts for your helpful feedback!

OK. Let's go through these one by one.

Layered bow tie and adjustable suspenders in child and adult sizes.


For the little (or big) man in your life, we've designed this set of layered bow tie and adjustable suspenders perfect for all special occasions. He has never looked more handsome!

Finished size: 50" w x 70" h


We designed this bright, modern and bold quilt based on my Vintage Houndstooth print from my Textured Basics fabric collection. It looks equally as adorable made up in 2 colors, like this:


Sizes XS-L women


Our easy-to-sew wrap skirt for women is feminine, figure-flattering and fashionable! This is the perfect canvas for that bold print you've been dying to use. Best suited for XS - L women.

Quilted roll-up bag with several compartments


Bring your favorite jewelry pieces everywhere you go with this fabulous Jewelry Roll. Inside, it has two necklace and ring holders, six separate pockets of varying sizes and a zippered pouch to keep your most valued possessions safely tucked in. It rolls up into a sweet and compact little package that will fit easily into your purse or carry-on luggage. Finished size: 19.5"w x 9.5"h (Open)

Quilted ipad, iphone and eyeglass cases with accessory pockets

Protect your most prized possessions with these quilted designer cases. These are the perfect stash-buster projects because they use small scraps of fabric, but look oh, so cool when finished! 

Finished Size 10"h x 7"w x 6"d

Be fashionable — even at lunchtime — with this super chic insulated lunch bag. It has plenty of room for your food and drink, plus an extra little interior pocket to hold an ice pack. It features a padded handle and Velcro® closure.

All of our Micro Mini Patterns are currently in stock and ready to ship! RETAILERS: If you will be attending the International Quilt Market next week in Houston, please come by my booth (#1318) to see these in person. The first 10 store owners to come by will receive a free sample set of all 6 patterns!

And for all of you out there, please leave us a comment and let us know what you think of this new format and the projects we've offered. We'd love to know what sorts of projects you'd like to see for future Micro Minis (or regular-sized patterns). We will draw a winner next Wednesday who will receive a sample set of all 6 Micro Mini Patterns!

Happy Sewing!

UPDATE! Contest is now closed. We used to choose a winning comment and it was... lucky number 6!

Love these! I am really drawn to the minis already available in my LQS because of the price. I would love to see more clothing for women/girls, purses, and especially more quilts. Thank you for coming out with these!

CONGRATS, Kelly! Please email us with your mailing address at info AT modkidboutique DOT com to claim your prize!
Introducing... Textured Basics!

I am thrilled to announce my newest fabric collection with Michael Miller Fabrics, being revealed next week at International Quilt Market (Booth #1318) and shipping to stores in November. My heart skips a beat when I look at it... Textured Basics features six basic geometric prints, designed in six delicious colors (plus a "multi") and printed with a faux canvas texture, for the “look” of canvas but the “feel” of quilting cotton. There is even a Natural Basic Texture, which is perfect for quilt backgrounds and sashings, all printed on premium quality quilting weight cotton.


Here is a full color card of all 43 SKUs... if you'd like to print it, just click on this image, which will take you to Flickr, and download the largest file size, so you can get a good quality print-out.


Of course, as it is always the case when we release a new fabric collection – which usually coincides with Quilt Market booth prep – we have been busy little bees creating items made with Textured Basics. Below are some of our projects and ... pssst... here's a little secret for you: you will be seeing some sneak peeks of new patterns for the Fall. These will be fully-revealed tomorrow (hopefully) as soon as we get them up on our site. It is a new format for us, so we're super excited!

First of all -- and possibly the project we are most enamored with -- is this Houndstooth Quilt. It came out so bold, modern and fun! And yes, there will be a pattern... more like a sewing card... well, you'll see tomorrow!


I designed this easy-to-piece quilt, Emalee pieced it in one afternoon and my friend Lisa Feeney of Sew Memorable Quilts quilted and bound it for us. Isn't it awesome?


And because we loved this design so much, we even came up with a lap quilt version of it in pinks and creams, which we thought would be perfect for a baby's nursery:


Here's my girl, Sophie, modeling this woven version of the Hailey dress (View D) made up in Diamonds Tangerine with a ruffle made of Vintage Houndstooth Multi. Doesn't she look adorable?


A trio of MODKID  cuties... from left to right, Piper in Houndstooth and Shoreline, Baby Hannah in Cool Dots and Swell Stripe, and Kyoko in Hexies and Shoreline.


And because we love that fabric combo for Piper so much, we created another colorway of it, which can be seen in the United Notions booth next weekend at International Quilt Market!


This fabulous wrap skirt for women will be another pattern being revealed tomorrow, so this is all I will show or say about that for now.


Same goes for these mod cases. I just adore how the bold prints work so well for these!


Emalee sewed up some bold pillows for my mini booth. You can never have enough pillows and I'm thinking some of these would make awesome free tutorials for the blog! ;)


Last, but certainly not least, this is all I can show you at this time of this super fun quilt. If you are attending Quilt Market next week and want to see the full thing in person, head on over to the GenerationQ booth (#960). For the rest of you, you'll get to see the full thing soon, soon... in a future issue of the magazine. ;)


OK, that's it for the fabric reveal. Stay tuned for the new patterns reveal coming tomorrow. If you have an iPhone or iPad and would like to sport some Textured Basics, check out the cases I've designed on Zazzle. I got mine in the mail yesterday. It's this one.


So, what do you think of Texture Basics?
Two wonderful features for MODKID = two awesome projects for YOU!

This month we have the utmost pleasure to be featured in two prominent magazines, Australian Homespun and American Patchwork and Quilting. Yes, that is my name in the front cover of Australian Homespun... SQUEAL!

Magazine Covers-Fall 2012

And since both magazines requested we provide their readers with a full fabric kit for making their project, that means that you can now make these awesome projects without having to search the world over for fabrics and notions.

Lets start with this adorable LILY SKIRT featured in Australian Homespun (Kit available here).


It's twirly, ruffly and oh, so sweet! And it even comes with a removable bow so she can also wear it on her hat, purse, backpack or headband. Instructions for this sweet skirt appear on pages 35 - 39 of Vol. 13 No. 10 in Australian Homespun, right after a wonderful bio on myself and history of MODKID. It's really a great read!


You can purchase a full kit with all the fabrics (from Lush) and notions needed to complete this skirt (up to a size 10) here. You can purchase a digital version of the magazine on Zinio or subscribe to it on Amazon. For a physical copy of the magazine check out the following distributors:
In the US: Erica's
In the UK: The Cotton Patch and Manor House Magazines
In New Zealand: Needlecraft
In Singapore:  Car Kit PTE

Now, on to this wonderfully soft knit quilt, called OVER UNDER QUILT, featured in the December 2012 issue of American Patchwork & Quilting (Magazine available in stores NOW! Kit available here.)


When the editors at APQ emailed me to ask if we would design a quilt featuring our new Heaven & Helsinki knits, I was so excited because, as some of you now, I LOVE working with knits and have made it a personal goal of mine to educate the world about how easy it is to sew with them (not scary at all!). And, I've also been preaching the virtues of knits for quilting because of our own experience with it. My girls both sleep with knit quilts in their beds... they are so soft and cuddly and feel so comfy against your skin.

Emalee designed this super easy-to-sew basket weave pattern, which APQ titled OVER UNDER, and we are offering a kit of all the fabrics you need to make the quilt top and pieced backing. All you'll need to add is the batting! Magazines are sold separately in news stands across the country. I found my copy at my local Barnes & Noble.


Images used with permission from American Patchwork & Quilting® magazine. ©2012 Meredith Corporation. All rights reserved.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that MODKID is now offering worldwide shipping on our website. Up until now, we only shipped internationally for wholesale orders, but now we will ship anywhere and everywhere!
Sydney's 8th Birthday Party

Today is my baby girl's 8th birthday. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! Seems like just yesterday she was this tiny little 6-lb-baby with unruly hair and the biggest brown eyes I had ever seen! Well, her eyes are still huge, but her hair has calmed down quite a bit ;) This past weekend we celebrated with family and friends with the most colorful of parties I could dream up in this crazy head of mine.  Here are some highlights... (for info on the dress and the invitations, see my previous post)

The refreshments table:


Let's take a closer look at everything on here. I made every single thing except for the cake (you'll see why in a bit). These are rainbow fruit skewers:


Button (butter) cookies:


Nutella-filled croissants (like this):


Cheddar cheese-filled croissants:


Coconut crémes (I used this recipe but replaced peppermint extract for coconut extract and added about 1/4 cup of coconut flakes) YUM:


Fresh-squeezed lemonade and strawberry juice:


And then there was the cake, oh the cake! Like I said, this was the only thing I didn't make myself. I had a local cake maker do this based on this recipe. I just  wasn't ambitions enough to tackle it on my own, but you'll see in a bit why I wish I had. ;)


As far as activities go, I set up two stations for the girls. One was a coloring station. I designed my own Lalaloopsy coloring book, using downloadable pages from their Facebook page:


I pretty much just printed the pages -- 10 pages/dolls for each book -- and designed a custom cover for it. Then, I purchased crayon boxes for each girl.


Then there was a Sew-Your-Own-Button-Headband station. I used Scunci headbands and lots and lots of colorful buttons (like on this post). We used embroidery needles and topstitching thread.


There were 14 girls total, so I divided them into 2 groups. Half of them went to the coloring station...


And the other half went to the headband station:


Then, about 45 minutes later or so, they switched stations so that they all got to do everything...


But, by far, everyone's favorite activity at the party was the decorate-the-cake part! Oh, my, how much fun they all had with these edible ink markers!!!




One of the girls wrote "Eat Me" on the cake, so of course all the adults were giggling in the back like little school girls... haha


Then it was time to blow the candles...



This is what the cake looked like on the inside. And this is why I wish, in hindsight, that I had made it myself... the layers were NOT in rainbow color order as I requested! :( I know it's not a big deal but I am just anal like that and I wanted everything perfect! Can you blame me?


Well, the cake was delicious and no one mentioned the color issue (maybe they were just being polite) so I'd say the party was a success! Sydney opened her gifts...


And we took some group pictures with the birthday girl...


And of course, the obligatory "silly face pic" :)



Ahhhh... I can finally breathe... and rest! (well, at least until the next party!)
Happy, happy birthday to my sweet baby girl! Please stop growing so fast.

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