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Monday, October 21, 2013

Modern Quilts Unlimited, Fall 2013

Today was a great mail day! Our postman brought us comp copies of the Fall 2013 issue of Modern Quilts Unlimited, which features not only a 3-page story on our company, MODKID, but also a fun Crossbody Bag pattern that Emalee designed exclusively for MQU.

Look... my name is on the cover!! :)

There are lots of great photos from their visit to our studio. Here are just a few...

Check out this gorgeous Crossbody Bag. You'll have to make one for yourself and one for your BFF! They come in two sizes... this Web Extra has instructions for the large size, which is big enough to carry a laptop!

A million thanks to Carol, Vicki and Linda for the wonderful article. Carol and Vicki actually visited our studio for a photoshoot and spent a day with us in the beautiful Historic Downtown Bloomington. Vicki flew in all the way from Colorado! So, thank you gals! It was a pleasure hanging with you! :)

Friday, November 09, 2012

A peek inside our living quarters

The newest issue of GenerationQ magazine (Winter 2012) is on its way right now to book stores and quilt shops across the nation and I am excited to announce that it includes an 8-page spread on our home and studio. This is the one that features my buddy, and fellow fabric designer, Thomas Knauer (and his adorable daughter, Bee), on the cover. It's definitely a must get!

I let privacy go out the window and, for the first time ever, take you inside our home to show you where we cook, eat, hang out, and visit with friends. We even show you our daughters' bedrooms (yes, they picked up for a change)! Then, we take a little stroll over to the MODKID studio — which is about 10 minutes from our home — and visit with Emalee while she sews up a quilt that will appear in a future issue. Oh, so much to share! In this issue, you'll learn about my decorating style, my influences and background. Also, I speak about our transition from home-studio to full-fledged studio space... and all the trials and tribulations associated with that.


Psst... I've made this picture small on purpose... because I want you to go get the issue and read the article. In addition, you'll get some amazing projects, product reviews and more cool stories to peruse!

Go get one... NOW! If you can't find it at your local quilt shop or book store, here is a list of online retailers that carry GenerationQ magazine.

But, I do happen to have an extra copy of this issue in my hands and since I'm letting go of my hoarder tendencies, I am giving it away! If you'd like your chance at winning a copy of this issue, please leave a comment below. Don't forget to leave a way for us to contact you if you are the lucky winner. A winner will be randomly chosen next Wednesday, November 14th.

Best of luck!!

Friday, July 13, 2012

It's me... on print, web and TV!

Happy Friday the 13th, friends! This could be your lucky day. If you've entered the free fabric contests, today is the day they announce the winners, so best of luck to you all.

Well, I have been lucky enough to be featured in a few awesome places the past few weeks, so I wanted to share the news with you.

First off, the newest issue of WebCents has a 3-page spread on yours truly. The lovely Teresa Coates and I had an hour-long phone chat right before Quilt Market, in which we covered everything from my newest collections to how I got started in the business. It's really an interesting read. It's a printed publication, but you can also subscribe to their website and read the articles online. Check it out!


Then, I had a dynamic chat over Skype with my buddy, Monica Lee, from Smart Creative Women. Every little nitty gritty detail of my career was covered, from my old days working as a Creative Director back in FL to my boutique selling days on eBay to receiving the fabric contract from MMF to hiring Emalee, leasing our studio space and beyond. Since I am so chatty, dear Monica had to break up the interview into 2 parts (haha) but make sure to catch Part 2 because I take you guys on a virtual tour of Modkid HQ! You will see everything, from the warehouse to the sewing and designing areas... you'll even get to meet my assistants, Emalee and Jessica! These fun little videos are not to be missed!!

And last but not least, my fabrics, ribbons and catalogs were featured in Episode 7 of the latest season of HGTV's Design Star!!! Yes, we all squealed when we saw these screen grabs a few weeks back and then seeing it on TV this week was just surreal. In the gray tub on the top right hand side of this picture there are several bolts of Grand Bazaar and Lush. Then they have the ribbons and catalogs on the table (click each photo to see a larger image on Flickr).




And yes, silly little me paused the TV and took a picture of the credit screen (I know I'm a dork!)


Here's a little video clip of David Bromstad discussing one of their previous episodes and my Lush fabric bolts sit behind him the whole time! Squeal!!

Have a great weekend, all!

Friday, April 01, 2011

Maggots, giant roaches and eggplant
***UPDATE: My comp copies are here! I'll give 2 copies away... leave a comment to be entered!***

When I started seeing these topics being discussed in my twitter feed I knew there could only be one reason... the April-May 2011 issue of Quilter's Home magazine -- featuring a very candid interview with yours truly -- is finally out in news stands!


I won't spoil the surprise, you're just gonna have to go out and get one. My comp copies haven't come in yet, so I ran out to my local B&N and found it. Since I didn't have anyone with me, I had to brag to the guy at the check out counter... haha... he was just a little confused to say the least.

Here's a sneak peek. I'm on page 80.


And since I'm in a great mood (despite my recent phone troubles) I'll share my other good news: I finished my book! WAHOO!!! It's on the way to the publisher as I write this!!! I've already seen a fabulous preliminary design pass and let me just tell you, those creative folks at Wiley Publishing ROCK! Now it goes into editing and testing, then printing, so we should be seeing it in news stands within 10 - 12 months. Then I'll really have something to brag about with the check out guy at B&N. ;)

***UPDATE: My comp copies are here! I'll give 2 copies away... leave a comment to be entered!***

Thursday, February 04, 2010

A brisk and lively tempo

That's what "Allegro" means... and that's my poor attempt at having an interesting blog post title. Oh well! I'm still buried in work here (in other words, there's a brisk and lively tempo in the studio) and in addition to that I'll be attending a couple of local events in the next few weeks which I'll detail at the bottom of this post in case you're in the area and want to stop by.

But while I'm here I wanted to wish one of our awesome retailers, Allegro Fabrics, a VERY HAPPY 2nd ANNIVERSARY. They have been a great supporter of me pretty much since I started and currently carry a wide selection of my fabric designs and sewing patterns. And I am honored and thrilled to have been chosen for their very first Designer Interview. Go check it out... they are having tons of sales this week!!!

If you live in Central Illinois or will be visiting in February & March, here are a couple of events I will be attending:

The Central Illinois Textiles Show
Sunday, Feb. 7 and Monday Feb. 8, 2010
Eastland Suites Center in Bloomington, IL
(Valerie and I will be there on Sunday morning)

“My Journey as a Fabric and Pattern Designer”
by Patty Young
March 3, 2010, 6:30 p.m.
Gems of the Prairie Quilters
5614 N. University St., Peoria, IL

Oh, and hey, there's still time to enter to win that sweet Flora &Fauna bundle over at TRUE UP. The contest ends tomorrow, Friday, Feb. 5th. Thank you all for the amazing comments over there... you all make me blush! :)

Now, back to whistling while I work...

Monday, February 01, 2010

Want fabric?

You guys all know how much I love to blog... I'm a social media junkie! So you know if I stay away from here & twitter for too long there must be some juicy stuff cooking up at the studio. Oh I have so many things to share with you in the coming weeks... new fabric, new patterns, new "secret stuff". I'm even stirring up a fun giveaway and a free tutorial into the mix, mmmm... smells great! So please keep checking for a taste of things to come.

In the meantime, you must check out this interview I did at the True Up virtual offices. Those girls were so warm & welcoming that I felt comfortable enough to share my design process with them... ohhh... some real behind the scenes stuff in there, don't miss it! (Plus, of course I am giving away some fabric there too!)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Chatty Patty

Jon always says I have the gift of gab, but I think today I've definitely outdone myself! So, if you're not sick of me yet, you can hear me, see me and read me at the following places:

Hear Me: Lori Vanmaanen of Sew Forth Now did a Podcast interview with me last Friday. If you have 41 minutes to spare (and who doesn't?) check this out... I chat about everything from growing up in a third-world country, to how I got into fabric design, to the CPSIA, to working with chopsticks (seriously!) And if you make it till the end of the interview, you'll even get a virtual sneak peek of my new fabric collection, Mezzanine. Nope, no pictures yet, but I do describe it in detail so if you have a good imagination you may be able to conjure up some images. It'll be fun to see how close you get, eh?

See Me: My dear friend, Daria, of Boutique Café, just posted a fun videocast of her visit with me at Fall Quilt Market. This interview is different from the live videocast I posted a while back. This one actually takes place on location at my booth, so you can get a feel of the space and the sewn items I presented. Please disregard the fact that I was chewing gum through the whole interview (how rude!) and that my name tag was hanging off one string until it finally popped off (eeek!)

Read Me: And finally, the nice folks at Quilt Home emailed me today to tell me that they just received the entire Andalucia line in their store and that they are featuring me on their most recent member newsletter. Oh, and to top it all off, they are offering a 20% discount on Andalucia purchases using the coupon code below... but hurry this offer ends on January 31st!

And since I'm in a chatty mood, I wanted to thank you all for the pattern love. So thrilled you all like Lil' Chef and Frida. Thanks so much for the suggestions on what sort of accessory to offer with Frida. An overwhelming majority voted for a head scarf (kerchief) so I got to work on a fun tutorial for it and it turned out super cute. Plus, I decided at the last minute to add a 3rd version to the pattern, so now it'll have Version A, B & C plus the kerchief! Fun, fun, fun! My next post will have some fun pictures of our day trip to Indianapolis in which Sydney wore her Frida dress and matching kerchief... it was a sure hit!

Monday, November 24, 2008

I've been jolly jabbering...

My interview is finally up at The Fat Quarter Shop's Jolly Jabber. After you read, hop on over to their shop and grab one of their Jolly Packs or Fat Quarter Bundles. I just love their presentation!

And, while I have your attention, the list of online stores offering Andalucia is growing in leaps and bounds. I will try to keep my sidebar list updated daily, but here is the list so far:

Fat Quarter Shop
Hancocks of Paducah
J. Caroline Creative
Allegro Fabrics
Fabric Supplies
The Fab Store
Cloth Keepers
Hip Fabric
The Quilted Castle
Lanie Jane Fabric
Tennessee Quilts

And you can find Andalucia coordinating ribbons at:

J. Caroline Creative
Fabric Hound
Banberry Place

Thanks, everyone for your support! You have no idea how my heart sings every time I see Andalucia out there, whether it's the fabric for sale or a beautiful handmade item. And speaking of handmade items, I have seen some absolute beauties out there and am compiling a list on my Wishpot account. Check out what I have found so far!

Do you wishpot? I just started a couple of days ago and I'm totally hooked! You can create wishlists for you and your family members (makes Christmas shopping a million times easier) and you can recommend gifts (like indie items, etc.) to other people. You need to check it out!
Right after signing up I was invited to become an indie advisor , so I am excited to get started!

Friday, August 15, 2008

Check it out!

Well, the strike offs never came today... darn FedEx!!!! The tracking info still shows it in Memphis, TN... WTH!? So, I can't share any new Andalucia pictures with you today, but what I can share is this wonderful interview over at Boutique Buyers Blog. This is my first interview that focuses solely on my fabric design and it was so fun to do. If you want to learn a bit more about my background & experience and some history regarding Andalucia and fabric design in general, head on over to Boutique Buyers Blog and check it out.

psssst... there are a couple of discount codes at the end of the interview. And just so you know, when it gets to be a bit closer to Quilt Market, I will be closing both of my Etsy stores to concentrate on all the time-consuming preparations for the show, so if there is anything you want, I suggest you grab it now because I won't have any time to make or send anything out later. ;)