Introducing... ANDALUCIA


Taste the spicy ceviche
found in Sevilla’s bustling sidewalk cafés.

Take in the colors of Granada’s Alhambra palace,
a spectacular remnant of its Moorish past.

Splash in the azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea.... and...

Lounge in Cordoba’s famous “patios”
where the whitewashed walls proudly display endless pots
of geraniums, bougainvillea and carnations.

Several months of research, daydreaming, doodling and finally putting designs on paper produced this collection of 40 prints (10 designs in 4 colorways) that is sure to tantalize your senses and make you dream of exotic lands and lush landscapes.

I've just received my first round of strike offs, which in the fabric design world it just pretty much means a proof of each design on fabric that you get to either approve or make changes to before it goes to production. So, I received 40 half-yard cuts that I have gone through over the past couple of days with a fine-toothed comb to make sure all colors, graphics, scale and positioning are perfect. A few changes were made (not as many as I anticipated) and they will shortly be on their way back to the mill for the second round of strike-offs.

If all goes as planned, I will have actual yardage to play with in the next couple of months. But since patience is not my virtue and I was DYING to see how some of the projects in my head would look with actual fabric, I have decided to make Photoshop my friend (well, Photoshop has always been my friend, but right now it's my BFF!) and play around with some of these ideas. What do you think???

Concept chair design for Andalucia using Moorish Tile in Fire colorway and Mod Dots in Fire colorway:


Same chair but using Moorish Tile in Aqua colorway and Mod Dots in Aqua colorway:


Concept stripwork pillow design for Andalucia using (from left to right): Tiny Dots, Birdie Damask, Flowery Stripe, Flora and Tiny Dots in the Earth colorway:


Concept lamp designs for Andalucia using (clockwise front to back) Mod Blooms, Jester (look familiar?!?!) and Tiny Flower:


Concept children's nursery decor for Andalucia using Mod Dots in Aqua colorway:


And, of course, you'd better believe I will be doing tons of children clothing designs with my own fabric, LOL! All in due time. As a matter of fact, since (again) patience is not my virtue, I might actually make a little Sydney-sized patchwork dress with the little pieces of fabric I will have left from the strike-off process. We'll see if time permits. :)

OH, and in case you were wondering, none of these projects I've shown you up here are the special side project that I've been teasing you guys about. That one is actually already produced and will be available for purchase soon. I just have to make some tweaks to the website and get things more "in order" before I can reveal it... soon! :)

OK, I am anxious to hear what you guys think of Andalucia now that it's been presented in full splendor.

Andalucia will make it's debut at the International Quilt Market/Fall in Houston, Texas on October 25-27, 2008. Fabric will be available to purchase in stores a few weeks later.


  1. Anonymous12:39 PM

    Oh me, oh my, Miss Patty!! It is absolutely STUNNING!!! 10 prints in 4 colorways?

    I am in serious trouble, girl. ;) I want it all!!!

  2. Lorri1:14 PM

    Patty, these are awesome! Can't wait to get my hands on them... November is way too long to wait! It will be just in time for Christmas projects and sprucing up - that red is calling my name. Good job!

  3. Sandi Henderson1:27 PM

    Aww Patty, I'm so happy and proud (?) of you! I feel I should be proud as I've watched this from the idea stage as did you with Ginger Blossom. I'm so happy to have you "in house"! What fun we will have. What a great way to show off Andalucia!


  4. WOW!!!!

    Stunning work Patty!

    Can't wait to get my hands on some of your delicious fabrics :)

  5. Wow...I love the color combos and the designs are awesome! :) You are an amazing designer!

  6. Wow Patty!! Such rich colors and beautiful patterns! I've already picked my favorites!


  7. Dear Patty,

    I am extremely happy for you and love your collections to bits! It is every bit YOU. It is so nice to feel the excitement in your words. I'm sure the fabric will be a huge hit and those pic.s of 'concepts' look so real! Fooled me:)

  8. It really is SO beautiful! I love the striking color combos-- they have a beautiful richness to them. Beautifully done!

  9. Eva/freshandvintage3:03 PM

    I'm so thrilled for you Patty. Andalucia is stunning; you know I've loved it all from the get-go. And you and Photoshop are BFF's for sure--"she" and I are still becoming acquainted-LOL!. Love the concept projects too but you already know that. xoxo-Eva

  10. OMG!!!Congrats!!!!!!You did a great job!!!WTG!!!!!!!!


  11. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Beautiful bright colors. I love them! I am very excited for you and can't wait to see more!

  12. Hi Ladies! I was out for most of the day and this was such a nice surprise to come home to! Thanks for all the lovely comments and words of support! You have no idea how much it all means to me. And so nice to see so many familiar faces around here! Thanks a million, everyone!


  13. Beautiful colors and them all!!

  14. oh my oh my! I LOVE them all - you know you are the reason I signed up for a wholesale account with MM - I need to get my andalucia as fast as i can! The problem will be figuring out the first project to undertake!

    I am so proud, thrilled, excited, elated...for you!
    WTG girl!

  15. Are you kidding me?? I LOVE it!! Beautiful colors! Can't wait to sit in that MMF booth and place my order in October!! Congratulations!
    And please, if you need any help sewing samples! ;)


  16. Kristen, it's great to know where should I buy my FAV prints!!!!Count on me;) They are really gorgeous!!!

  17. Anonymous5:58 AM

    Patty - I'm addicted to your blog now like the others:) Truly amazing. I was at the Blues Festival in Bloomington this weekend and saw this gal in a dress with some accent to it and I was totally thinking how cool it would be if Patty could design simple dresses like this for women with these swatches. I took a pix of the gal in her to share with you because I see POTENTIAL in women's clothing as well - LOVE it all. I want you to make ME something! You totally rock:)

  18. Wowza! Absolutely beautiful, stunning, gorgeous. Well, I must get me some of that, lol! A big congratulations to you. You've done an amazing job. :-) Helena

  19. Your fabric line is absolutely stunning, Miss Patty!! I am so thrilled for you and can't wait to get my hands on some!!


  20. WOW!!! The fabrics are STUNNING Patty! Congrats to you!!! This must be such an exciting time for you! Since I don't sew, I so hope your fellow custom designers on ebay will do a launch with your fab fabrics!!!! I LOVE the fire colors, just gorgeous!!! Can't wait to hear about the suprise side project too!!!! Yay for you Patty!!! :0)


  21. Hi Patty!
    I love your blog, and read it regularly. Your fabrics are beautiful! I too, cannot wait to get my hands on some. Congratulations on your success!


  22. Anonymous9:05 PM

    i love all of your designs! so clean, classic and modern.

  23. Jessica9:36 PM

    Wow, the colors....
    Really just gorgeous. i'd love to see all 40 prints all laid out...or is that too premature?
    The concepts are great too.

  24. Anonymous9:49 PM

    OH MY GOD!!! I love, love, love it! I had no doubt that it would be fantastic but seriously I am blown away! Sending Andalucia love your way :-) Christy

  25. I am so flattered, everyone! Each and every one of your comments has put a perma-grin on my face today! Thanks a million for all the support!

    My girls are back now, safe & sound and tucked away in their own beds so I am getting ready to download some fun pics I took of them today. If time permits I'll blog a little. :)

  26. oh Patty!!!! they are SO gorgeous...I'm SO excited for you to debut them...those prints are going to FLY out of stores, lol!!! The COLORS!! oh my goodness...I can't wait to see it in person!
    Congrats again on this fabulous adventure you are on...happy your girlies are home safe:)

  27. Anonymous8:19 AM

    I seriously got chills while looking at your fabric reveal. It's the most beautiful thing I have seen. I can tell you poured your heart & soul into each and every design. The collection is so well put together and striking! I cannot wait to see how it all develops and what is next for you!



  28. Looks great! I am especially loving the prints used in the pillow...the colors are so rich!

  29. Just came over from jcaroline's blog and I'm so thrilled I did! Your fabrics are gorgeous, congratulations!!

  30. Good LAWD!!! That fabric is DE-VINE!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait!!!! Is it October yet?

  31. I ove your spicy reds and pinks!

  32. These look great, Patty!

  33. WOWEE girl! it's all so fabulous!

    It's just the beginning of your successful career! I guess I can say I "knew" you when!!!

    I'm so excited for all that is to come your way!

  34. How exciting?! Thanks for sharing with us! I'm a little late on posting, but I adore all of what I have seen. It is absolutely beautiful, Patty.

  35. Anonymous9:12 AM

    Congratulations! That must be so incredibly exciting.

  36. gosh, these are so striking, love love love them
    can hardly wait to find them in the shops

  37. Patty,
    Just found your blog and I am so excited for your fabric, I own a quilt shop in South Jordan, UT. and we will definitely be ordering the full line!!!
    the Material Girls Quilts

  38. Thank you all, again! It's so fun seeing so many new names/faces around here. I am absolutely thrilled that you guys love the designs. You always fear that it won't be received well, but I am happy to put those fears to rest! :)

    This is gonna a be a fun ride!!!!!

  39. Patty, how are you girl? That is just the coolest! I am so excited for you. It must be so fun to see all the hard work, and late nights up finally pay off!!!!! The fabrics are beautiful, and I for sure will be making something out of them. Yipeee!!!! Yay for you :)


  40. holy mother of all that's fabulous, every time i peek at your prints, i fall even deeper in love. if you don't get these into the stores pronto, i might spontaneously combust. yeee!

    this is SO exciting, patty!!

  41. myrinda3:54 PM

    heehee-well, I kept the chair a secret at least ;)

  42. ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!!!!!!! You got some serious talent there girl! :O)

  43. Patty I LOVE it!!! Cannot cannot cannot WAIT to get some!
    CONGRATULATIONS (shouted loud enough to get to you all the way from down here!)

  44. Anonymous9:40 PM

    wow, patty! I love it. Amazing!

  45. congrats on your new line, so beautiful! What a dream come true. All the best!

  46. Anonymous12:48 AM

    Your color choices are simply fabulous. Will we be able to purchase yardage through you or can you direct us to the best place to get it? :) I want some now, it's just that wonderful!!! Way to go, you are such an amazing woman!
    Best regard,
    Lola's mommy

  47. Catherine9:15 PM

    Patty, How soon will be able to BUY these fabrics?
    They are GorGEOUS!

  48. Thanks again, everyone! I am floored by the great reception!!

    Jennifer & Catherine, in answer to your questions, I will NOT be selling the fabric myself. I will leave that job to the fantastic quilt shops and online shops that will carry all the new Michael Miller Fabrics this Fall. And the fabrics should be available for purchase in late November/December of this year if all goes well. Please check with your favorite retailer about carrying Andalucia.

    And as soon as I have a list of online retailers that are carrying it I will post the links here on my blog.

    Thanks again for your comments & questions. Always welcome!!!


  49. it..flora...small dots the lampshades....oh when will it hit the shelves...I've got to get some and say i know the designer...but better yet...i need to make something with it!!! Oh and I can make a clip to match...for my beanie hair is still not back yet from chemo...congrats..and good for you to persevere on such a ton of inspire me today!


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