Tips and Tricks: Creating Perfect Pleats

Thursday, July 27, 2017

Today, I am posting a quick tutorial for three different styles of pleats. There are a variety of ways to tackle pleats, but this pleat tutorial shows the methods that are featured in several Modkid patterns. I'll link a few patterns at the end of each tutorial. 


Pintucks are a fun way to add texture to your fabric. Start by marking your fabric were you want the pintucks. Pintucks may be dictated by a pattern, or you may sew pintucks in place on a block of fabric and cut your pattern piece for your own design. It is important to mark nice, straight lines.

Fold and press the fabric wrong sides together along the first mark. Stitch close to the folded edge of fabric, 1/8" at a maximum.

Repeat folding wrong sides together, pressing, and stitching for each mark.

Press the pintucks to one side. Your piece is ready to be sewn into a garment or cut down into a pattern piece. Pintucks are featured in the following patterns:


This method of sewing pleats is acutally almost identical to pintucks. Again, mark your pleats in nice straight lines. These will fall farther apart than pintucks since they take up more fabric.

Fold and press the fabric wrong sides together along the marked line. Determine the depth of pleat you desire and stitch that distance from the edge. In this case 1/2". 

Repeat folding wrong sides together, pressing, and stitching for each mark. Finally, press the pleats to one side. For pleats without the stitch line simply baste the pleats in place along the side edges. Finally, press the pleats to one side. Great pleat patterns include:

Inverted Box Pleat:

Box pleats are essentially two pleats sewn back to back. You will need 3 marks equal distances apart.

Press the fabric wrong sides together along the right outside mark.

Bring the folded edge to the center mark and press.

Here's what that looks like from the top side.

Repeat folding the wrong sides together and press for the left outside mark. Bring that folded edge in to the center mark and press.

This is now the top view.

Baste across the top edge to secure the pleat in place. Done! You can find inverted box pleats in the following patterns:

Modkid Modified // Perfect Leggings with Yoga Skirt

Friday, July 14, 2017

Every July the ladies behind Simple Simon & Company and Project Run & Play host an event called Skirting the Issue.  Skirting the Issue is a month long event where you are invited to sew along by making skirts (and quilts and pillowcases)  to donate to local Foster Care centers for the girls (and boys) to receive. Ready all about it HERE.

For a little skirt inspiration, we've blended two Modkid patterns into the perfect playground skort! You can think of it as the Perfect Leggings with the addition of a yoga skirt. Or, think of it as the FREE Yoga Skirt with the addition of shorts underneath. Either way it's a win! 

You will need knit fabric, the Perfect Leggings pattern and the Free Yoga Skirt tutorial. First, cut the perfect leggings pattern in your desired size. Hold off cutting the skirt pieces until the shorts are assembled. Note: All seam allowances are 1/2" unless noted otherwise.

Assemble the shorts per the pattern instructions until step 4. Basically you will stop when it is time to sew the waistband elastic. I chose to wait to hem the legs until I was ready to hem the skirt, so I would only switch to my twin needle once.

I found the yoga skirt waistband to be a bit tight with this fabric, I recommend measuring the waist of the shorts you just assembled. Use that measurement for the width of the waistband. You do not need to account for a seam allowance, since you want the band to be a bit tighter than the shorts. Use the same height for the waistband, 15", as the tutorial indicates. Also, cut the band in one rectangle so all of our seams with be at the center back. For my skirt, the shorts waist measured 20", so I cut a waistband rectangle 20" wide (direction of stretch) and 15" tall. Sew the rectangle right sides together along the 15" side forming a circle. Fold this tube in half wrong sides together to create the waistband with a finished folded edge and two raw edges. Now is a good time to test the fit on the intended wearer. You want the waistband to fit snugly to hold up the skirt!

Determine the length of the skirt using the same method as the yoga skirt tutorial just be sure the finished length will be longer than the shorts. Cut the skirt that length for the full width of the fabric. Again, keeping it one piece, so the seam will be at the center back. Fold the rectangle in half right sides together and stitch the short ends together forming a circle of fabric.

Now is the time to hem the skirt and the shorts per pattern and tutorial instructions. Then, run a gathering stitch along the top of the skirt. We have a great set of tips and tricks on gathering.

Insert the shorts inside the skirt aligning the top edges and the back center seams with the right side of the shorts facing the wrong side of the skirt. Baste the skirt to the shorts.

Lay your waistband over the right side of the yoga skirt’s top gathered edge aligning back center seam and keeping raw edges even. The shorts will be on the inside. Pin in place all around, adjusting the skirt’s gathered edge to fit. Stitch with a stretch stitch. You will be stitching through the shorts, gathered skirt, and two layers of the waistband.

Turn the waist band right side out and fold the yoga waistband down.

That's it!! Perfect for twirling, swinging, and hanging on the monkey bars! Don't just limit yourself to shorts here either. Skirted leggings would be equally cute!

Introducing Coco Island Romper and Dress

Friday, June 23, 2017

Get ready for Summer with this fashionable and versatile pattern! The Coco pattern comes with two versions of rompers and two versions of dresses, each with either a slit back or a halter back, and all versions have inseam pockets. Coco can be sewn with woven or knit fabrics.  

With the coupon code COCO2017, you can get 40% off your entire purchase on the Modkid Etsy store for the next 24 hours! Code expires at 9:00 a.m. CST on Saturday, June 24, 2017. This code makes this (and any other full-price pattern on our store) only $5.99, so hurry up and stock up on your favorite MODKID PDF patterns!!

These testers did an amazing job. Get ready to be inspired!!

Alicia De Ramos

Alicia De Ramos

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Stephanie Eckstein

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Katrina Dingley

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Rachel Reese

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