Reese Sew - Along // Supplies

Friday, January 30, 2015

We hope you've marked your calendar to join in with our Reese Dress sew-along!! Today, we’re talking supplies, so you can gather what you need before we get started on February 9th.


First and foremost, you will need the Reese Party Dress pattern. Remember, coupon code REESESAL2015 gets you 30% off your entire order on the Modkid Etsy store. The coupon code expires on 2/4/15 at midnight EST. Note:  If you already own the Reese Party Dress pattern, Patty has made one slight update. Send a proof of purchase such as an Etsy or Craftsy receipt or transaction number to, and Patty will send you the update. No update will be sent without a proof of purchase.


The suggested fabrics include: quilting cottons, shirting, voiles, gauzes, lawns, linens, silks and satins. Here is the fabric requirements list:


In addition to fabric, you will need (3) 3/4" buttons and a 1/4 yard of medium weight fusible interfacing.

Gather all your goods, and come back next week to check out the schedule and prizes!

Introducing: VIVID Knits! by Patty Young for Riley Blake

Thursday, January 29, 2015

After I posted a quick picture on Instagram of an open box of knit fabrics, with the words: "Exciting mail day! Sample yardage of my new knits for @rileyblakedesigns has finally arrived!"and it was met with a lot of question marks, it was obvious to me that lots of you out there had no idea I was designing for Riley Blake now.

So, I am here now to make the official announcement! To make a long story short... I met Jina and Cindy of Riley Blake Designs at Common Threads last year. Common Threads is a creative retreat of sorts, sponsored by Tacony Corporation (Baby Lock Machines). The three of us got to talking during a version of speed dating for the creative types, and continued our conversation later that evening back at the hotel. Out of that fateful meeting, a wonderful partnership was born. And 5 months ago, during Baby Lock Tech, a little announcement was made on Instagram...

I am thrilled to be a part of such a wonderful team! So here it is at last... I present to you,VIVID: a collection of Knits exclusively designed for Riley Blake.

Aren't they yummy? They are all up on their website right now if you'd like to take a closer look. And, as if these weren't cool enough all on their own, I am also releasing a line of Canvas prints (more on that soon, I promise!)

I literally just got these in, so I haven't had too much time to sew up a lot of goodies, but I am excited to share with you a couple of projects we've made so far.

The two photos below are of our brand new Rachel PDF pattern, which is currently part of the BundleUp collection only. You can purchase this pattern as part of the BundleUp until Feb. 2nd. It will be released as a stand-alone pattern on our Etsy store on Feb. 16.

Here is the short-sleeve, neck-binding version in size 10 sewn in Leilani Teal with Fireworks Granite:

And here is the long-sleeve, mock-turtleneck version in size 3T, sewn in Fireworks Grape:

Above photo courtesy of Courtney Davis at
And last but not least, I wanted to show you how well my new Fireworks print coordinates with some other existing Riley Blake knits.  Here is a super secret new book project featuring my Fireworks Marigold paired up with Riley Blake's 1/2-inch Stripe.

That's it, folks! :) I would love to know what you think of my new knits! Please leave me your thoughts below. I always enjoy reading your comments.

Reese Sew-Along

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

We love how involved you get in voting for these sew-along patterns. This last vote was a pretty close one! So, here you have the final result.


The sew-along will be February 9-13. So put it on your calendar now! Between now and then we’ll be posting what you’ll need, the schedule, and prizes. During the sew-along we’ll tackle a few steps each day to take you through the pattern. The Reese dress would make a great Spring special occasion dress from Daddy/Daughter Dances to Easter!


There will be an overall participation prize awarded at random to one participant. Stay tuned for prize details!


You’ll want to post your finished dress by Monday, February 16th to be entered to win the final prize. Post photos to our the Modkid Fan Group page. Also, post dress photos to Facebook and Instagram using the tag #reesesewalong so we can all find you. 


Want more good news!?! Coupon code REESESAL2015 gets you 30% off your entire order in the Modkid Etsy store. That’s ANYTHING you buy in the shop, folks, not just the Reese Pattern!! The coupon code expires on Wednesday, February 4th at midnight EST. So hurry over to grab your copy!

Girl's BundleUP

Friday, January 23, 2015

It's time for a brand new BundleUp!! Modkid has been a part of BundleUp in the past, but in case you need to know exactly what that entails, I'm here to give you the details. BundleUp collections are a really amazing deal and only happen about 4 times a year. They get together 10 -12 established pattern designers and offer up brand new, never-before-released patterns at a fraction of the retail price, but you have to buy 6 or more in order to get the discount. (You don't have to buy the whole bundle, but the more you buy, the more you save.) This particular bundle will be all for girls clothing, and there are 11 patterns total from these 11 well known designers.

Patty designed the Rachel Dress as part of this bundle. Rachel is a sweet and comfy knit dress featuring a tuxedo bodice and playful tulip-style ruffled skirt. Options include short or long sleeves and a mock turtleneck or neck binding. The double-layer built-in waistband gives it a drop-waist look while adding extra stability to the skirt portion. Sizes range from 2T to 10.

We had some amazing testers who fit pattern review into a busy holiday schedule!! Check out each of the unique creations!!

(By: Courtney Davis and Andrea Thomas-Lambe)

(By Debbie Clifton and Anna Ross Larson)

(By Courtney Davis and Amy Settle)

There is even more to come!! These amazing bloggers will be featuring more of the BundleUP patterns during an extensive blog tour. Be sure to check out all of the creativity!!

There is one last thing you should know! If you sew one of the items from the Bundle UP collection, and post it. You'll be entered to win one of these dreamy prizes. Find out more here

Modkid Styled - Keagan Hipster

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Winter is all about layers!! The Modkid Keagan left loose over a long sleeve tee gives the perfect casual look. Did you think In Bloom was just for girls?!? These fun feathers work great for everyone!

  1. Falling Feather Fabric
  2. Shoes
  3. Pants
  4. Shirt
  5. Hat

Spring Sew-Along Vote

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Modkid fans are the very best, so we want to hear from you!!! Spring is always a great season to sew. From Easter to Daddy-Daughter dances, there are more than a few special occasions for a new dress. Let us know what you would like to sew!!

Modkid Styled - Quinn

Monday, December 22, 2014

Did you know that the Modkid Quinn pattern has a long sleeve option? It does!! I've paired it with some shimmery accessories perfect for a New Year's celebration, even if it's not the up until midnight kind!! The fabrics are from Patty Young's new line, In Bloom, now available at Joann's.

  1. In Bloom Ornamental
  2. In Bloom Quatrefoil Teal
  3. Shoes
  4. Tights
  5. Hat


Thursday, December 18, 2014

I am so excited about my latest fabric release! In Bloom is my 3rd collection created exclusively for JoAnn Fabrics. I designed this collection a few months ago (around Spring-Summer of this year) so I drew inspiration from nature, flowers, and all the bright, beautiful colors around me. How fitting that this collection should launch right now while we are all dreaming of sunnier days, right?

Here's a sneak peek of the designs included in this collection. All designs are printed on Premium Quality Quilting Cottons, same quality as all my former collections! Look for them at your local JoAnn's store... and if they are not carrying MODKID STUDIO yet, please ask for it! :)

FREE Tutorial: Memory Board 

When my youngest, Sydney, asked me for a Memory Board for her birthday, I was ecstatic to finally be able to create something with my upcoming fabric line for JoAnn's, In Bloom (now in stores!). I knew right away that my Quatrefoil fabric would be the way to go and I could even use some of my own jacquard ribbon collections for this project.

Here is what you'll need:

  • 18" x 24" canvas. I found a 2-pack at Michaels for $14.00 and used my 50% coupon, which made it only $7.00 for 2 canvases... $3.50 a piece! SCORE! Now I can make another one for her big sis! :)
  • 22" x 28" piece of fabric. I used Quatrefoil Fuschia from  In Bloom, exclusively created for JoAnn Fabrics.
  • 21" x 27" piece of quilt batting or fleece (for padding).
  • 5 yards of ribbon at least 1/2" wide. I used Happy Dot from my Lush collection of Jacquard Ribbons.
  • 5 brads.
  • Staple gun
  • Ruler and cutting tools
  • X-Acto Knife (or any other sharp tool for creating small brad holes)
Now, let's get started...

1. Layer the fabric and batting/fleece over the front of the canvas, as shown below. The fabric will be a tad wider than the batting/fleece because you have cut it larger.

2. Fold the fabric over the batting/fleece to create a finished edge and wrap it over the edge of your canvas, placing your first staple in the center of one of the long sides, as shown below:

3. Repeat above step for all 4 sides, pulling the fabric taut each time, then proceed to work on your corners. For each corner, fold your fabric over the batting, as shown below. Pull tightly over the corner of the canvas and place a staple there, as shown in the second picture below...

4.  After all 4 corners are securely stapled in place, proceed to pull the fabric tightly along all the canvas edges, placing a staple every 2 inches or so. Be careful not to staple over existing staples.

Here's a close up of what your corners should look like:

5. Use a fabric marker to mark the positioning of your ribbons. I positioned mine at the center of all 4 sides of the canvas, spanning over to the opposite side center mark. These will form a wide diamond shape over your canvas. Then, the final two ribbons go from corner to corner forming an X shape, as shown below.  From my original 5 yards of ribbon, I cut 2 pieces at 36" long for the corner-to-corner (X) pieces, and 4 pieces at 18" long for the center-to-center (Diamond) pieces. The remaining 1 yard of ribbon will be used later for hanging the Memory Board.

6. Staple the ribbon to the back of your canvas, being sure to fold the ends of each ribbon in before placing your staple:

7. Use an X-Acto Knife (or your preferred sharp pointy tool) to pierce a tiny hole at the center of each ribbon intersection. Then, insert a brad in each hole for a total of 5 brads. The center-most brad will be a bit tricky to do, since there is a piece of wood back there for the canvas frame. No biggie... just lift the canvas away from the wood with one hand, while inserting the brad with the other. You'll have to maneuver your fingers in between the frame and canvas to secure the brad on the back side, but it's easy enough to do.

8. To create your board hanger, take your remaining 1 yard of ribbon and staple each ribbon end to the top 2 corners of the canvas, remembering to fold the ends of the ribbon down for extra reinforcement. Place 2 or 3 staples at each corner to make it extra sturdy!

And VOILA! Instant awesome gift for a little girl, your best friend or for yourself! 

If you are giving this Memory Board as a gift, you can include a box of Patty Young Designer Pins. They are so cute and perfect to use for this project!

Modkid Styled - Travel Art Folio

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Since I've already sewn a Travel Art Folio for my creative girl, I thought it would be fun to style a Folio for a boy complete with all the fillers. The pocket could house the fun stencils and scissors. The pencil toppers might be fun for creative play that doesn't involve drawing at all!

  1. Just My Type Retro Clover Grey
  2. Just My Type Keys Navy
  3. Paper Pad
  4. Scissors
  5. Colored Pencils
  6. Stencils
  7. Pencil Toppers
  8. Crayons

London Dress Sew-Along // Results and Winners

Tuesday, December 09, 2014

The London Dress Sew-Along has come to a close. We are so thankful for those who participated during this busy time of year!! The creations are all so unique!

The first participation prize of 5 Modkid PDF patterns goes to Kate Bristow-Smith. The second participation prize of 3 Modkid PDF patterns goes to Kelly Gifford. Congratulations!!

I've collected all of the sew-along posts in the Modkid London Sew-Along Page, so you can access these posts at any time through the links in the sidebar of the blog. We love what you make, so keep sharing and creating!
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