Introducing Modkid Shelby

Friday, March 01, 2019

The Modkid SHELBY pattern has just been released and this may just be our most versatile pattern to date! 4 different views x 3 sleeve lengths = 12 adorable options. Add to that the included lengthening instructions for the crop top and you now have up to 20 variations! It also comes in both Girls (2T - 8/9) and Tween/Teen (10-18) sizes, so this pattern will be all you need to get you through the Spring, Summer, Fall and beyond!

Coupon code SHELBY40 gets you 40% off your entire purchase on the Modkid site (expires 03/01/19 at midnight EST)

Get inspired by our testers!

Alicia Strayer

Andrea Hardman

Anja Wouters

Anja Wouters

Ashley Hunter

Daisy Molemans

Didie Noor fadillah

Fleur van Haaster

Fleur van Haaster (paired with the Mara Skirt)

Genevieve Ouellet

Genevieve Oullet

Heather Jones

Heather Turner

Courtney Davis

Jessica Bertelson

Jessica Reynolds

Alyssa Cotter

Alyssa Cotter

Kelle Lujan

Kelle Lujan (paired with the Mara Skirt)

Kelle Lujan (paired with Sierra Jumper)

Leanne Axelsen

Leanne Lyons

Leanne Lyons (paired with the Mara Skirt)

Manda Hoogstra-Rademaker

Mawarita Baharudin

Natasha Tung

Natasha Tung

Rachel Ring

Sara Zeigler

Simone Kleefsman

Thao Luxa

Violetta Ivanova

Maxine Parker

Introducing Modkid Sierra Jumper for Tweens and Teens

Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The Modkid Sierra Jumper for tweens and teens just released, and we think this on trend style is just what you teen has been looking for! Customizing the fit and fabric choice makes sewing a Sierra better than a trip to the mall.

Sierra is a fully-lined mini-skirt jumper with a plunging V neckline, long straps that adjust at the back, and a fitted waistline with double-breasted button or snap front closure. Darts in the back skirt accentuate curves and provide a better fit. Lastly, a pair of adorable herringbone patch pockets add the perfect finishing touch to this stylish look.

Coupon code SIERRA40 gets 40% off your entire purchase on the Modkid website and expires in 24 hours, so you must hurry.

We hope you are as amazed as we are by these cool tester photos!

Alicia Strayer

Anja Wouters

Jenny Fish

Courtney Davis

Alyssa Cotter

Kelle Lujan

Leanne Lyons

Lindsay Brandon-Smith 

Marie Villa

McKell Mortimer

Modkid Modified: Brooklyn as a Zippered Top

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

After Patty posted a Brooklyn modification make into a top on Instagram, I knew I need to make a top with one more mod. I envisioned adding a quarter zip, but when I laid these fabrics on my table, I knew I had the perfect separating zipper to coordinate. Which brings me to this tutorial for adding a zipper to a top to make it a layering piece. Remember, the Brooklyn pattern comes in girls, tween/teen, and misses' sizing. The same method will work for all three!

The pattern hack to change a top to a zippered jacket is not as difficult as you might think. Instead of cutting the front bodice on the fold, cut two pieces adding 1/2" seam allowance to the side where the fold would be. You will now have two mirrored front bodice pieces. The length of the top is mostly based on the length of your separating zipper. The top of the zipper will be 2" above the neck seam, so for my 20" zipper, I needed the front bodice to end 18" below the neck seam. Taking seam and hem allowances into count, my bodice needed to be 18" + 1/2" seam allowance at the neck + 1/2" seam allowance at the hem = 19". I also sized up 1 size since this zipper top would be worn over another layer. Sizing up 2 sizes would allow for an less slim fit.

After sewing the should seams, attach the neckband right sides together starting and stopping at the bodice opening. Do not fold the neckband. You are only stitching one raw edge at this point.

Open up the zipper and baste the zipper right sides together with the front bodice. The top of the zipper should be 2" above the neck seam and the zipper stop should be 1/2" from the bottom edge. Pin the top zipper tails so they angle toward the seam allowance.

Fold the neckband down right sides together, so the zipper is sandwiched in between. Using a zipper foot, stitch from the top of the zipper to the bottom. Repeat on the other side of the bodice.

Turn the neckband right side out and topstitch down each side of the zipper securing the seam allowance. 

Fold the neckband in half and pin so the edge of the neckband covers the seam. Topstitch around the neckline with a coverstitch or stretch stitch securing the neckband edges on the wrong side.

Fold the bottom edge to the wrong side 1/2" and hem using a coverstitch, twin needle, or other stretch stitch.

Enjoy adding a new layering piece to your wardrobe!
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