Boutique Invasion at Disney!
Seems like March is the month to travel to Disney (World or Land) and the fabulous designers of the eBay boutique community are sure taking advantage of the gorgeous weather down here! We are here already... staying at my parents' house in Cocoa and looking forward to a couple of Disney-filled days. But are you curious as to who else is, has been, will be here? Well, as far as I know: Ronda of sundarose (a fellow LimeViner) just got back and her family even got to ride in a Disney limo! How cool is that?!? Andrea of fleurl'enfant (another fellow Viner) has been down here for a couple of days... they've visited Magic Kigdom & Animal Kingdom already. Sandi, of portabellopixie was headed to DisneyLand in CA today... how fun! She even made her daughter a darling Cinderella dress for her dinner with the princess. Sarah of marvellousmouse is coming down at the end of the month and she is very excited to meet up with her family! I'm sure there's a few more I'm not aware of... so if you re coming down or have just been here, please feel free to leave a comment and make the others jealous! hee hee
We arrived here yesterday evening and immediately headed to our favorite Cuban eatery in downtown Orlando, Numero Uno. We feasted on lots of garlic-infused yummy food and delicious desserts. Today we took it easy and hung around my parents' house in Cocoa all day. The girls played for hours in the little purple playhouse in the backyard. Temperatures hovered around the mid 70's with low humidity! AHHHHHHHH! :)
Tomorrow we are headed to Animal Kindgom and Friday, it's Magic Kingdom until the late evening (gotta catch the awesome fireworks display, of course!). Saturday, we'll be taking my dad's sailboat out and we cannot wait. He has been refurbishing it for the past 3 months and it looks absolutely gorgeous! We took a little tour of it today as he put in the finishing touches.
Saturday night, Jon & I are taking off to Orlando to meet some old friends for lotsa beer drinking at our favosite Irish pub, The Emerald Hen, and delicious German food at our favorite "schnitzel haus", The Willow Tree Cafe . My mouth is watering already!
Not sure what we have planned for Sunday or Monday but I'm sure it'll involve good eatin', gorgeous temperatures and lots of picture takin'. ;)
When I get back get ready for picture overload!!! LOL!


  1. Hey Pretty Patty!

    Calling out from my Disney to yours. :) I miss chattin' with ya, we'll need to catch up when we both get back!!


  2. Hey Sandi!!! Hope your vacation is everything you wished for! Ours is great, but it's almost over! :( Oh well! All good things must come to an end. Will chat with you soon...


  3. Anonymous2:10 PM

    Emerald Hen?? Willow Tree Cafe?? Didn't you and your husband go out and play??

    We want photos from your imfamous dinner with your top designers from Orlando!

  4. I see you've found me, Designer X. Bet it wasn't that hard, either, huh? Pictures are coming, I promise. Oh, and thanks for your promise to not deface my blog! I guess I'll keep you. ;)



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