Just Listed! Third and last...

... design from The Costa Rica Collection (at least, I think so). I am moving on to some new projects with new fabrics, but I thought I would squeeze in one last design from this collection. Lots of you have said how much you like the vibrant colors and fun designs from this line so I thought I would offer one more before I retire it. And if I shall say so myself, I think the collection is making a big splash on it's way out! But again, my latest design is always my favorite! ;)

I love this design... I sort of dreamt it up and it turned out exactly as it looked in my dream. It has a clever little bodice with two inset shirred panels... love this look because it means that it will grow with you child! As she gets older & taller this dress can be used as a top with a cool pair of jeans or capris underneath. I have included a sweet shirred peasant top as part of this set that can also be worn alone with a pair of pants. And the whole set is topped off with a coordinating skinny head band and a removable hair flower ... wear the head band alone or the flower barrette alone for a different look. Or wear them together as Sydney does in these pictures. Such a fun set!

The best part: it is a custom auction! I will recreate this one time only in any size between 18 Month and 5T.

This auction can be found here.

Oh, and don't forget that each bid placed on one of my auctions until May 20th will give you 2 extra entries into the Anniversary Drawing. I have added more prizes so there will be lots of chances to take home some fun stuff... more on that later! ;)



  1. Sydney looks so sweet, Patty! The sundress is precious. I love this collection of yours!!

    Well Patty, I am tagging you. I have never tagged anyone, and you are my first. :::batting eyelashes:::


    Tell me about your home town :-)


  2. I know I already told you.. but I LOVE this!!!! LOL

  3. Thank you, ladies! :)

    Kirsten, thanks for the tag! I am collecting info and will post soon!



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