My Latest Boutique Finds

Just because I'm a children's boutique designer, it doesn't mean that nothing else enters my kids' closets but my own creations. Every now & then I can be spotted at the mall, but not very often at all, and even less often I do splurge a little on some boutique wear from my favorite eBay designers. Case in point, I wanted to share my two latest purchases. Sophia is sporting a sweet little summer dress that Sandi from PortabelloPixie created especially for her. Sophia loves her new dress so much that she has already worn it twice to school ... and we've only had it for 2 weeks! Sydney looks adorable in her new my*unbirthday creation. When I saw that Dayna had made an OOAK in Sydney's size and sooo adorable to boot, I could not control myself. I bid and won and couldn't be happier!

Also, since I'm on the topic of boutique purchases, this is a gorgeous little 2-piece set that I won a few months back from Aida of annabella*designs. Her work is impeccable and I just LOVE those Euro fabrics! Sophia was the center of attention at the local kids fair in her new boutique set. Sydney was wearing one of my own creations... La Dolce Vita. Yes, it was the middle of Winter when I took these 2 pictures, thus the long sleeves and heavy tights... and they have their shoes off because they were getting ready to go into a bouncy castle. And... UGH! when I look at pictures of Sydney with her pacifier, it just makes me cringe! LOL! glad that's over!

Believe it or not, those are the ONLY boutique items I have ever bought for my children. I usually do make most of their clothes, plus we receive a lot of modeling samples, so it's very rare that this seller becomes a buyer. ;) Oh, wait, I did just buy a sweet little skirt from Dena, of LotoBlu, but it has not arrived yet, so I cannot share. :)


  1. Sandi Henderson9:39 PM

    Oh they look SO cute Patty!! I'm glad Sophia likes her dress. :) I thought the fabric looked very much like what you had described for her.


  2. Thanks so much for sharing Patty...that's so cool to see the little dress that was hanging in my closet now on your precious little girl thousands of miles away! SMOOCHES!!! Dayna

  3. SOOOOO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. ADORABLE!!! I love love that outfit with the flowers on the tee.

  5. I LOVE them Patti!!! Oh believe me.. when I hit the mall, I get a bit out of control! LOL LOVE LOVE LOVE the GAP, Old Navy, and TCP.. could shop there all day for Jayna & the kids.

  6. Cuteness...and the outfits are cute too. ;o)

    Hey your house looks amazing!!


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