Pint-Sized Couture

I loved this dress the first time I made it... in a size 5/6. But after the buyer who won the auction requested it in a size 18-months, I fell in love with it all over again! Everything is miniaturized as if by magic: the skirt tiers are skinnier, the flower pin is smaller and I even used a miniature version of the crochet lace for the bottom trim. I guess small things just look cuter, huh? That must be why my auctions that show the sample set in size 2T always sell better than the ones with the bigger sample. Hmmm...

So, anyway, I still have this adorable size 4/5/6T dress (the one on the right) available in case anyone is interested. The other one shipped today to my sweet customer. I might put together a little "blog sale" soon and try to unload some samples... FREE shipping to anyone who orders off my blog! :)

**UPDATE!** The 5/6T dress is sold! Thank you all for the email inquiries about it. It was first come-first serve. But you all have definitely motivated me to get a "blog-sale" going here pretty soon! I love to save on ebay fees and if I can pass on those savings to you by offering FREE shipping, everyone wins! Thanks again! :)


  1. OMG, those are so cute!


  2. I LOVE tiny clothes!!!! This dress is super cute any size Patty!


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