Fun, Fun, Fun

School's out... AAAAAAAHHH! Hmmm... what to do? what to do? We've been trying to keep busy since school let out last week... enjoying the nice temperatures and having fun with friends. Here are a few pictures of a "picnic at the park" we had last week to celebrate the end of the school year. Check out how much taller Sophia is than all the other girls! LOL! And there is my little Sydney peeking out in the middle (she was so excited to be hanging out with the "big kids")

Then, yesterday, we headed out to our local Children's Discovery Museum for a fun exhibit titled "Japan and Nature: Spirits of the Season". Sophie & Sydney had a blast checking out all the Japanese exhibits and playing with their friends, Jordan & Trenton. Of course, my girls were all decked out in their MODKID originals! ;)

Sophia was so excited to get a chance to dress up in some traditional kid's kimonos. They even had the shoes and parasols to complete the look:

Hmmmm... that's quite a fancy outfit to be going "bug hunting" in...

Even Sydney enjoyed herself at the oversized LEGO table...

That's it for now! Check back tomorrow as I will be listing some super cool Summer outfits that are both, comfy & stylish! :)


  1. That picture is so sweet of little sis hanging out with the big girls. Your girls are so cute! I can't wait to see your new stuff although I am currently grounded from eBay! :)

  2. That looks like Fun!!! Your girls look adorable in their modkid originals:)


  3. How much fun are you guys having?! AND school has only been out 2 weeks :) The girls are such gorgeous walking advertisments for ModKid. And of course I can't WAIT to see the new summer sets I just know they are going to be fantastic :)


  4. Awww... thanks, girls! It's been a busy week... we spent the day at the Zoo today. These girls are gonna be spoiled! LOL!

    Yep, my girls are always all decked out in MODKID whenever we go out. They like the extra attention they get ... and I like it too! ;) LOL!


  5. Oh how cute are they!!! They look like they were having such a great time!

  6. So much fun! And you have lots of beautiful girls around to model for you!


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