The Perfect Day

Ever have one of those kinds of days where you look around you and everything seems to glow? Yesterday was like that for me. My day started out great: I completed a custom order in record time, drove to the post office and visited a couple of my favorite quilt shops in the morning. Then, after lunch, I surprised Sophie & Sydney with a new bucket of sidewalk chalk. I couldn't believe I found this for $1 but they acted like I handed them Disney World in a bucket. Gotta love kids! My friend, Kristen, told me earlier that if we got the chalk wet, we could get the most vibrant colors, and she was right! K, the girls thank you for that awesome tip! :)

We went outside to play and I cuddled up on my favorite lounge chair. The weather was perfect: sunny and just a little breezy, not too hot and not too cold. As the girls created their masterpiece (nice, but not as cool as this guy's work) I rinsed some berries so that I could prepare my family's new favorite Summer dessert: berry parfait. I cannot believe how often I find myself making these! And I love them & crave them so much that I even named one of my new Summer custom designs after it.

But as I sat outside staring at this shiny colander full of gorgeous, perfect berries, that weird "glowing" experience started to happen. The grass was glowing, the sidewalk art was glowing, my daylilies almost looked fake... like they were plugged in or something! Even the kids were glowing! I ran inside to grab my camera because I wanted to capture the glowing beauty.

Hmmm... maybe I should do a series of designs inspired by flowers...


  1. The berries look so yummy! And thanks for the great tip on wetting the sidewalk chalk, we'll have to try that one tonight :)

  2. What a divine day! Great pictures Patty.


  3. awe, I love those days!!! Beautiful pics!

    Oh and we love sidewalk chalk and the wet thing really does work!

  4. I LOVE sidewalk chalk!!!

    Yes, those dreamy days are the best, and now...I'm totally craving fruit. Hey good thing it's healthy! ;o)


  5. We love to do sidewalk chalk, then play in the hose while cleaning it off.

    And yes, the fruit looks yummy

  6. what a great postin Patty - I could picture you durled up on your chair, watching the girls.. the pics are gorgeous and the parfait sounds delicious!

  7. Thanks for the wonderful comments, girls! Yep, I gotta go now to replenish my berry supply... I'm craving them again! LOL! (and, NO, I am not PG in case you were wondering... I just really love them!) :)


  8. MMM berries :) I can't get enough Kiwi's lately for some reason. Yesterday I ate 4. Weird! Ahhh a perfect day, sounds like it was! I havn't had one of those in a long time...maybe cause the 'perfect day' would not involve an incessantly whining kid? Can't wait to bust out our sidewalk chalk too! It's been raining for a couple weeks. Bleah!! The girls are such dollies :) Glowing flowers are my fav :)

  9. Great pics Patty!!
    Those flowers are so pretty!! ..I just posted on my blog something about using dandelions as an inspiration for a future design LOL!!!



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