No, not what you think.... well, maybe. I was web surfing tonight (as if I didn't have better things to occupy my time with) and I did a Google search for Modkid Boutique. Well, to my surprise this website popped up that had featured my site under "Hot Stuff From Boutiques"... I couldn't believe it. They had even created a nifty little graphic with my designs and logo! And the best part... my site appears right under ... this little company called.... hmmm... Oilily! WHOA!!!! Check it out... scroll to about halfway down the page and when you see Oilily, Modkid is next. :)

But I gotta tell you guys something funny about this. I left a comment thanking those who run this site for featuring me (wish they had told me about it... apparently this has been up there since January). But then I saw a button called "Ratings" and I was curious to see if anyone had rated my site, but when I clicked on it I accidentally rated myself 4 out of 5 stars.... I'm such a dummy! It was better when I had NO ratings.... now I have a mediocre rating that I gave myself! ARGH!

Oh well... they also featured my logo on this page:

It's a very PINK logo but hey, I'm not complaining... FREE advertising is FREE advertising! :)

**UPDATE** Thank you all soo soooo much for going over to KidPoop and writing such sweet comments and rating me higher than I rated myself! ROTFL! I went over there to show Jon my feature and I was pleasantly surprised to see more than my own comment & rating. You girls are so sweet! MWAH! SMOOCH!


  1. Hey there,
    We've updated the "pink" logo ;)

  2. Awww... thanks, guys! You didn't have to do that... but greatly appreciated nevertheless! :)



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