More Marieliz!

I have mentioned before here and here that my mom makes these incredible purses and sells them on eBay from time to time. Well, she has made a new batch that is nothing short of stunning! Designer fabrics, cool trims & handles and sweet details make all the difference. And these new styles even come with their own matching coin purses... how cute is that?!

There is something for every taste here. Every purse she designs is unique and one-of-a-kind... she never remakes a design, so you know that you will not encounter another one like it around.

If you see a style on her ME page that you are interested in, contact her... she might still have it and would gladly set up a private auction. But for now check out these FIVE new styles she has up for auction. Click here to see all Marieliz Creations.


  1. The eiffel tower is my fav!!

    Going to check them out now.


  2. that stripe one! i'm a stripe and polka dot kinda gal! =)
    look how much talent you 2 have!!

  3. Thank you, girls! My mom will love to hear your comments... off to forward them to her! :)


  4. I'm pleased to say that I'm the happy winner of the eiffel tower bag -- just love it and I get a ton of comments from people. Thank you!

  5. Cool, Dawn. So glad you liked it! :)


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