New "Autumn Blooms" listed!

I just listed two custom auctions featuring some Autumn Blooms pieces that are NOT being carried by retailers. I will not auction these again, so if you are interested in these pieces, here is your chance to get them.

This knit top is a brand new design of mine -- created out of the need to have something to pair up with these skirts & pants that was not already ordered wholesale -- and I think it turned out soooo cute!

Both of these auctions are offered in a wide range of sizes, 12 Months to 8 years, so hopefully, they should be able to fit any of your kids (well, those who are still wearing children's boutique, LOL!)

The twirl skirt & top auction comes with a super cool pom-pom keychain that is easily removable before washing (washing the set... not the keychain!). Click here for this auction.

The pants & top auction comes with a pair of crocheted hair flowers mounted on Sc√ľnci clips... so cute! Click here for this auction.

Also, don't forget to check out the auction for the matching crochet hat made by the fabulous Becky of Lullaby Lamb. You can find that auction here. Her work is amazing and this hat would be a perfect match for any of my Autumn Blooms items, if you are shopping for any others at stores.Again, don't forget to check out Autumn Blooms in stores, here and here. Thanks!!

UPDATE! Anna Kate's Closet is all SOLD OUT of their Autumn Blooms set, so that's why you may be seeing an empty link above. Confetti Kidz still has some jumpers left.


  1. whoo hoo lookng great Patty! LOVE them both!!

  2. I LOVE that hat!!!!!!!!

  3. Thank you, Kristen! :)
    Amelia... that hat is even cuter in person! :)


  4. WOW those are GREAT! I love, lvoe that hat, too cute!

  5. Beautiful Patty! You do the whole package so well :)Hugs friend, Eva

  6. Thanks so much, Jeana and Eva! :)


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