The True Meaning of Labor Day

Wait, what? You're supposed to rest on Labor day? Ah, I thought you were supposed to labor extra hard. Well, forgive me. I'm not from this country... I just didn't know any better. (hee hee ... I've been using that excuse for over 20 years!)

We had this not-so-little playhouse for Sophie & Sydney delivered about 3 weeks ago. The guy who brought it over on his trailer just dumped it in our backyard -- NOT where I wanted it -- and left. Of course, we didn't have enough manpower to move it until this weekend. It literally had the front door facing away from our house and it was at a really funky angle. So, what better opportunity to get this house into it's proper location than when we have 8 strong men gathered in one place? ... and lots of beer to offer as a reward! :)

Even the 8 of them had a hard time moving this house. I swear it looked much smaller when I saw it from the side of the road. And from what I hear, it is much heavier than it looks too. Well, I wouldn't know... I was busy snapping pics and laughing at all these strong men huffing and puffing over a little kids' playhouse... LOL! Oh, and you'd better believe I heard all the whining ... "I'm too old for this!," "I'm too out of shape!," "You'll get my medical bill in the mail!" Yeah, yeah... whatever! hee hee

It's almost there... just push it back a bit more...

Now, just a little bit to the right, guys!

OK, how 'bout we go a little to the left. I promise we're almost there! ;)

Once the house was properly located, it became the center of operations for our Labor Day celebration. The kids turned it into a restaurant, then a hotel, then a hospital... and at some point I overheard that there was a password required to enter it, so I guess it must have become some sort of secret spy center or something.

The next big project is to paint the playhouse. The girls are not quite digging the John Deere colors, LOL! Sophie wants pink, of course. Sydney doesn't care, but I'm sure she'd love pink. Jon doesn't want it to be an eyesore... he wants something neutral. So the trip to the paint store should be an interesting one. Somehow, I think I'll be the one stuck with the painting task. Jon has a pretty good excuse already to get out of it! ;)


  1. What a dreamy play house for girls! Of course you need to go with PINK!

  2. I Love it! I have always wanted one here but DH says NO...I vote for periwinkle with pink accents!

  3. LOL!! That is so FAB!!! I'm with Sophie.... PINK!!! :-)

  4. Sandi Henderson1:56 PM

    Oh what lucky girls! Where did you ever find it? I'd come help paint if I were near. :)


  5. Thanks for the sweet comments, girls!

    Oh, there will be pink on there somewhere... just not sure if it will be the WHOLE thing! LOL!

    Sandi... I saw it in front of a neighbors' house with a big "FOR SALE" sign on it and I called immediately. It was brand new... they had won it in a raffle at a local fair and had no use for it! Jon called it "Serendipity" :)


  6. Holy jamalama girl....that is some serious labor. Cute playhouse though, I would say certainly worth the effort involved!


    PS ~ Pink rules..go with pink.

  7. OMGosh! We have been wanting to get one of these for Lagan for the longest time! I think you just sold us! Especially since the boys of the family will have to get some work done! lol :)

  8. okay--that is seriously cute. i'm definitely a pink kinda girl, too...but i think chocolate brown with bright pink accents would be just the right amount of sass.
    can't wait to see what you do!

    oh--and i'm lovin' #84--the supervisor!! =)

  9. Lovelyn!!! You have got me totally LOL at your comment!!! I TOLD Jon that one of the guys didn't help out at all and he didn't believe me until I showed him the pictures. I took a LOT more pics than the ones I showed here and in all of them #84 is "supervising" ;) LOL!!!

  10. Anonymous7:27 AM

    Oh my!!! That is one awesome playhouse!

    I had one like that when I was younger...unfortunately my DH refuses to get one for my kids...we have the fugly Step 2 playhouse...ugh!

    Definitely go for PINK!

    With friendship,

  11. Thanks for your comment, Lisa. Sounds like PINK is the majority vote! ;) I will share pics when it's done! :)


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