Halloween is fast approaching and I had an idea in my head for a sweet little lounge set, so here it is. This is a short auction... 5 days only... and there is a Buy It Now option in case you want to get it fast, fast, fast.

I love these shirts... the O's are actually yoyo's made with tangerine dandy damask and the center of the O's are sweet black buttons. I actually made 4 of them the other night, but the pants are one-of-a-kind, so I am still calling the set OOAK. :) I have this tee ready-made in size 2T or 3T so you get to choose whichever size you think would work best for your little one. The pants are also ready-made... check the listing for detailed measurements.

Pssst... a little surprise will come in the mail with it. Your ghoul won't be disappointed. :)

Click here to see this auction.

Oh, and guess what!? This is post # 99 on this blog which means next posting will be THE BIG 1-0-0!!! I have some great surprises planned for it, so check back around the beginning of next week. Hint: think music, think 80's. :)


  1. *sigh* i'm always too late on your stuff!! you're just too popular, girl! ;)
    you have no idea how excited i am to see that next post....gotta LOVE 80's music!! = )

  2. I soooooo want this set but 2T would be a bit big on Emma and payday isn't till next week! I love it - the boo pants with the little orange trim is just too much cuteness! I can't wait to see post 1-0-0!!

  3. Thank you, girls! I am excited this sold so quickly! :)

    I am working on my #100 posting right now! And sooo excited about it! I am a HUGE 80's music fan and I figured most of you would be too because I think we are all around th same age! ;) LOL!!!

  4. Hey sweetie!!! looking forward to post 100! How do you do it? Hugs, Eva


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