The Party

After weeks of planning & preparation, we finally had Sydney's 3rd B-Day Party (and 2nd Annual Costume Party!) this past weekend at our house. Even though her birthday was a couple of weeks ago, we planned this celebration for when most of our close friends and family could be here. We couldn't have hoped for better weather... it was in the mid 70's, sunny and beautiful all day long. All kids came dressed in costume (and even a few of us adults were in the Halloween spirit!)

Sydney strutted her stuff in her Daisy Duck costume. Yes, I made the 2-piece pink satin set to match this cool Daisy mask from Disney. She was so excited about it and told everyone that came to her party that she was "Gaisy Guck".

We had cowboys, clone troopers, superheroes... and even Harry Potter made an appearance. We also had some cats, vampires and a NASA astronaut hanging out together. Oh, and let's not forget my Sophie in her beloved Minnie Mouse costume.

The "big boys" and "big girls" entertained themselves for hours by playing a good 'ole fashioned game of chase... little did they know that they will be doing this long after this party was over! ;)

The big girls stuck together and looked cool as they played "hard to get"...

The boys tried their most menacing poses for the camera while the girls (up on the hill behind them) taunted them yet once again...

And off they went...

And where was the birthday girl during "the chase"? Sydney was content just playing in her sand box... joined every now & then by a couple of our "younger guests"...

And of course, I couldn't host a Halloween-themed party without partaking in the dress-up fun, so here is yours truly in my cool witch's hat posing with my future sister-in-law, Alicia, in her dark angel get-up. :)

Sydney got to blow candles on yet another cake... this time not with melted icing. And nope, I didn't make this one... it was a purchased cake. :)


  1. sugarshop (Dena)10:09 AM

    What adorable costumes! I love the Mini and Daisy ones. I would have loved those when I was little!

  2. How adorable! Looks like they all had a blast!

  3. Thanks for stopping by, ladies! And for the lovely comments, of course! :)


  4. fun, fun!! i adore costume parties...especially when the adults get in on the fun!! =)

  5. Awww, it looks like she had a great time! Isn't it funny how the boys and girls split into their own group at that age? Too bad it couldn't be like that forever, lol!

  6. Happy Birthday Sydney! :) It looks like it was a blast...I love all the costumes! I am still dropping by your blog quite often...I just can't access the comments page at work.

  7. It's always nice to see you ladies around here! Thanks for the comments! :)



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