Sophie's World

Standing in line to pay at Joann Fabrics...

Sophie: "Mama, maybe you should — like — just save your money..."

Me: "Oh, yeah?"

Sophie: "Yeah. And when you have — like — a lot of money saved you can — like — buy something big and cool"

Me: "Yeah? Like what?"

Sophie: "I dunno — like — something big — like — a cool toy or something"

(2 second pause followed by a pronounced frown on Sophie's face)

Sophie: "Ugh! Never mind. You'd probably just spend it on more fabric."


  1. Sandi Henderson1:16 PM

    Bwaa Haa Haa!! LOL That's right Sophie, admittance is the first step towards recovery.

    Or something like that..


  2. lol! i love it. =)

  3. hee hee... I was hoping someone would find that as amusing as I did. ;)


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