So... you wanna hear my voice?

Or perhaps just snicker at my goofy accent? (I swear, just when I think I have successfully gotten rid of it, I hear myself on a recording and go... DOH!) Then, head on over to Boutique Café and check out today's podcast.

I had the absolute honor of being DAY #8 of Boutique Café's "The 12 Days of Christmas." The beautiful, lovely and talented Daria interviewed me for this show and despite my utter embarrassment for the way I sound (and the many times I said "ya know," UGH!) I would love to share this joyous moment with you. :)

Just click on this banner to go to the site and then click on the "Listen to the Show" link below the article:

My interview will be the fourth and last one on this show, so you will hear 3 other talented ladies (and WAHMs) talk about their successful home-based businesses before you get to mine.

But that's not all... if you leave a comment on Boutique Cafe's post about this show you will be entered to win a myriad of awesome prizes including a totally customizable girls appliqued tee made by yours truly. And since I am feeling generous during this season of giving, leave a comment here under this post to be entered to win the same prize!!! So, sometime in January I will be making 2 totally customizable appliqued tees for 2 lucky winners... so go ahead leave a comment here and there and double your chances of winning!

Thanks for checking it out!!!


  1. Sandi Henderson7:22 PM

    OH so cool Patty! I can't wait to hear your adorable voice again!


  2. Stacie7:35 PM

    Count me in! =)

  3. Anonymous10:16 PM

    I can't wait to hear this podcast. I'm going to add it to my Itunes right now!

  4. Oh, very exciting. Love your designs. :)

  5. Patty I love you! You were truly an outstanding guest. I love your cute voice and vibrant personality. Thanks so much for adding your flair to our holiday shows!


  6. Thank you, ladies, for the sweet comments! Thanks for listening!

    And Daria... Love ya too, hun! :)


  7. Congrats! Cant wait to hear your interview:)

  8. Anonymous7:01 PM

    I'm in on this one, love your designs!


  9. lovin' your voice!! =) very fun!

  10. Thanks bunches, Brooke, Ginger & Lovelyn!

  11. Patty...your are so sweet and such an awesome personality! :) Good interview! Whoops...I forgot to post over there too!

  12. Patty,
    I cannot wait to hear you! I missed the podcast this year as I have been working a bunch but I will listen to the shows this week! Better late than never I always say! LMBO!


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