Gettin' Artsy

I made this sweet little appliqued apron for Sydney's "toddler art class" yesterday and she was the center of attention, to say the least. Everyone asked me where in the world I found such an adorable "art smock" that was also personalized. Hmmmmm.... I don't quite recall... LOL!

So, I've decided to offer this personalized artsy smock, perfect for "art class", "cooking class", playdates, birthday parties, or just for everyday sprucing up of her wardrobe... in my store on ETSY. :)


Click HERE to view this listing.

Thanks for looking!


  1. Aww cute! I love that style top! Your cutie is a doll...she would turn heads in a dish rag LOL!

    Take a bow Jenn

  2. oh, Lagan needs one of these for sure! She's always getting "art supplies" all over her clothes! :)

  3. Thank you, ladies!

    Sydney loved her new apron so much that she wanted to wear it yesterday too... LOL! I guess it was a hit! I ended up making one for my oldest dd too... she was feeling a bit left out. ;)

  4. Patty, this is so darling and very creative--go figure-- from you the genius! :)HUGS!

  5. Thanks, Miss Eva!! LOVE YA!

  6. Anonymous9:35 AM

    love these artsy art aprons. do you make them for grownups? lol



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