Hanging out on the bay this week

No, I am not backing out on my word! LOL! I mentioned here and most recently, here, that I would return to eBay from time to time for special events or prior commitments. After all... the bay is such a hard habit to break and I haven't had much luck elsewhere thus far. ;) Well, this is both a "special event" and a "prior commitment." I am thrilled to be participating in Anthology,Inc's guest launch, titled "REFLECTION". For this event, I have created a couple of sweet sister sets that are a reflection of our styles... both mine and my girls'.

I wanted to create something that was fun and colorful, utilizing patchwork and Euro brights. Sophie & Sydney wanted something that "looked like candy" hmmmm... surprise, surprise! So, after a long creative session that involved crayons, paper and lots of candy, I present to you... "Sweet Tooth" ... a perfect marriage of our styles.

Both sets are ready-made and include 3-pieces each.

Click HERE to view the size 2T/3T listing.

And click HERE to view the size 5/6 listing.

To make it simple, I have listed both sets with NO RESERVE and even added a BIN price in case anyone wants them in a hurry, for Easter or Mother's Day or any other special event. :)

If you are interested in a custom-made version of this set, I do have enough fabric for just ONE more, so please contact me to discuss details and I'd be glad to set up a private auction for you at an agreed-upon price. :)

*UPDATE* (03-09-08) The custom is sold! :)

I am gettin' my eBay fix this week... just hope I don't get lured back in. ;)


  1. They're gorgeous sets!

    Love 'em!

  2. They are stunning, as well as you adorable girls!!!!

  3. Thanks so much for the compliments, Wendy and Katarina! :)

  4. Kim McBirnie5:15 AM

    I love the sets, so, so beautiful. I marvel at the way you put fabrics together, in ways that just wouldn't occur to me. How on earth do you applique on to T-shirt material????? I also have to say how much I love your playlist, the last few nights as I have been working and my hubby painting, we've had your page open so we can listen to it, round and round. Reminds me of my teenage years. Are you sure you're not from the UK?!
    Kim McBirnie

  5. WOW! Thank you so much for the wonderful comment, Kim! I am so glad you guys are enjoying my playlist... I think it probably scares a few out there... LOL!! Nope, I am not Bristish, but I sure enjoy European music. ;)

    And you said the nicest things about my designs... I truly appreciate that! Take care and come back & visit anytime! Patty


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