I missed Bernie's 30th Birthday!

My sweet and loyal Bernie turned the big 3-0 on April Fool's Day and I totally forgot to celebrate her. I was too busy playing our little boutique prank and having my 1-day sale and it just escaped me. But I will make it up to her this weekend as we will be spending lots of quality on-on-one time again. Jon took the kids to Chicago so I could catch up on my Etsy orders. Of course I am still allowed a few minutes of computer break every now & then, so I wanted to come here and share what's been going on. First, check out this hilarious message at the bottom of Bernie's sales receipt:

If you can't read it on the picture, it says: In the event of mechanical problems, place the machine in a Greyhound Bus, directing it to Alt's, 335 North Ashland Avenue, Green Bay, Wisconsin. Alt's will pay the cartage both ways and we will not charge anything for a period of five years.

A greyhound bus? WTF?!? Well, my FIL tells me that Bernie has never had to take that fateful bus ride and as long as she's been with me she has never had a malfunction (I have but she hasn't). So I really think Bernie has super powers.

This weekend, actually Bernie will get a bit of a break because I am sewing with knits and will be using Baby for most of the construction. Bernie will only be there for hemming and sewing on the tags, etc.

Want a little peek into my madness? Here's what my studio wall looks like right now. Not very pretty but keeps me organized and focused.

My cutting table looked like this yesterday morning, now they are all packaged and ready to ship.

I received a new shipment of Marimekko fabric yesterday and thought it looked just so sweet all piled together like this. I *heart* fabric so much I could just stare at it all day! LOL! Oh, and for those of you who've been keeping up with my Marimekko clothing designs, YES, that's a new print there (new to me) second from the bottom. It's the KIVET dots in hot pink & white. YUMMY!!! I'll be making some stuff out of this and other coordinates as soon as my pile of work is back to a manageable size.

Now I'll leave you with a fun close-up of some rolled hems. Jon thought this looked like a can-can skirt (It's actually 4 of my KIVET twirl skirts piled on top of one another!):

***adding to my post***

So, this is what $21.75 worth of sushi looks like:

Yes, my family is still in Chicago. This was just for me. I bought this much because I intended to eat half of it tonight for dinner and the other half tomorrow for lunch. But I parked my ass in front of the T.V. and watched an old episode of Project Runway that I had DVR'ed and next thing you know I'm plucking away at an empty take-out container with my chopsticks! Well, there goes my plan to lose 10 lbs. by Quilt Market! pfft


  1. love it Patty! cool to see where genius dwells ;)

  2. I giggled so hard at the put it on a Greyhound bus! I guess times have changed, huh?! I hope my Brother lasts at least half as long as Bernie at no where near the amount of work! I've used it twice I think!

  3. Kristen... genius?!?! bwahahaha. I'm a lot more like a mad-woman right now!

    Amber... isn't that hilarious?! I think I need to frame that receipt and put it on my wall above Bernie. What, did they not have UPS or FedEx back then?!? Weird!

  4. I don't really like sushi but Jon loves it...this post started a 10 minute convo about sushi. lol He found another place near his work that has his new favorite roll, the Red Devil. What are these rolls? I think it is funny how the rolls are all pretty similar everywhere but have different names.

  5. LOL! Glad I could spark some delicious convo. ;) The rolls are my favorite! It's pretty much seafood and veggies wrapped in sticky rice and then sometimes the whole thing is wrapped again in seaweed or fish eggs or something. I am a seafood freak, so if it has crab, or shrimp, or scallop with a combo of avocado & cucumber I can pretty much guarantee I'll love it! :) The ones I ate last night were: The Millennium Roll, the Crunch Roll and the Spicy Scallop Roll. :)

  6. Your workshop photos always inspire me! How satisfying it must be to have all those yummy finished items lined up ready to pack and ship. Your new knit line is adorable!

  7. It must have been something in the water this weekend, I had sushi Saturday night as well. I went the safe route tho and just had california rolls. I know, I know, they aren't reeeeeeeeally sushi, but...delish none the less!
    oh and do I spy with my little eye my "surprise" yoga pants in the picture of all of the lime & pink polka dots?? If so, YIPEE!!!!!
    Thanks for the bright spot in my day Mz Patty that your blog always is :)

  8. Careloe... thanks for stopping by my blog and for your lovely compliment!

    Dana... boy, you have a good eye! YES, those are your surprise pants back in the back of the picture! Hope you like them. OH, and there's nothing wrong with a good ol' California Roll. Those ARE yummy! :)

  9. oh the greyhound bus is a hoot - THANK YOU- what a great belly laugh! Well done well done well DONE on all your sewing!!!

    Cree :)
    p.s there is a lovely little shout out to you from a friend on my blog :)

  10. Hey Cree! Thanks for letting me know! I just visited and am most delighted! :)

  11. Anonymous5:07 PM

    That's only $21.75 worth of sushi?! Around here that would cost at least $40! Wow!

  12. Looked like a perfect day to me :)

    Sushi, fabric & project runway..
    i try to have a little bit of one of the three daily...that's no joke :)

  13. Anonymous, it was really only 3 rolls and I had a 15% off coupon. ;)

    Wendy, you and I are too much alike! ;)

  14. Anonymous7:21 PM

    Where do you get your woven labels from? I love the quality!


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