Sweet Accessories for the MOD Chick

First of all, I wanted to thank all of you for your super sweet comments on my big announcement. Your warm wishes and words of support just fill me up with joy and remind me of how lucky I am to be working in this industry chock full of wonderful people like yourselves! Oh, and for those of you who took the time to email me and ask if I would still be doing MODKID, I truly appreciate your concern but please rest assured that I will not forget my first love: designing modern children's clothing. As long as you guys are buying, I will be selling! LOL! I mentioned before... oh, it was in this old post (look at #3 and #5)... that I would love to make MODKID clothing out of my own fabrics and that is still my goal. :)

Anywho, as I will be headed to Quilt Market in 3 weeks, I wanted to make myself some practical but stylish accessories to bring with me and I just loved the way they turned out so much that I decided to offer them up (in limited quantities due to my fabric availability) in my etsy store.

This here is a Moo Card Wallet. I have mentioned here and here how much I love my Moo's and now I have a way to tote them around and also show off my design/sewing skills at the Mecca of Design/Sewing. I listed these late last night and they sold immediately, so I have relisted them for you. This Moo Card Wallet holds up to 30 cards (10 in each slot) and it is sturdy and versatile... it has an attached keyring so you can either use it as a key chain or just clip it onto your purse or backpack as a sweet dangling accessory. Check it out!


I also made myself an iPhone/iPod Cozy. After spending a fortune last weekend on my new iPhone I just couldn't fathom spending another $30 -$50 on something to keep it from scratching up in my purse, so I quickly whipped up this sweet little sleeve for it. This will also fit the iPod Touch perfectly and might work for other electronic devices too (see measurements in my listing!).


I also recently listed a few more Blüm Collection separates. Sorry, these have no modeled pictures because they were customer special orders so I just quickly snapped some pictures on the wall before sending them off to their new owners, but you can find them all here.

Thanks, everyone!


  1. Great Accessories...a girl can never have to many!! ;-)


  2. Thanks so much, Debra! :)

  3. I love them! I am off to buy the moo card holder now! Thank you so much, that was a great idea for a very practical "something" I have been needing!

  4. Thanks so much for the compliment and the order. This will go out tomorrow! :)


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