Market Report

My brain is mush right now. Can someone really take this much visual stimulation, inspiration and creativity in a short 4 days and remain conscious? Quilt Market (and all the activities surrounding it) was an experience that I will never forget... and the thought that I get to do this all over again in just 5 months is making me numb with excitement. :)

Since I have an ungodly amount of photos and I couldn't figure out what to show first, I've decided to do a daily account of events in chronological order, so here it goes...

DAY 1.
Thursday, May 15th, 2008

It's my Birthday! And what a way to celebrate it! I was greeted at the airport by the ever so vibrant Myrinda of Fabric Hound and we soon met up with my pal Eva and her sweet friend Tara. The four of us headed out to our Meet & Greet party, so appropriately named Fabric 2.0, hosted by Caroline of J Caroline Creative and Michael Miller Fabrics at a Spanish tapas restaurant named Oba.

Of course, the first order of events was to get an "MMF Girls" photo:

From left to right: Kathy Miller, Paula Prass, Sandi Henderson, Patty Young

Then we did a little meeting & greeting...

From left to right: Tara, Eva Taylor, Joel Dewberry, Patty Young

Me & Heather Bailey (in case you didn't know) ;)

Me & Melissa Averinos

Me and Daria Muirhead

Outside, waiting for our cabs, we got a little silly...

From top left (clockwise): Megan, Sandi, Eva, Daria and me

And I couldn't resist posting this picture of the fabulous Kathy Miller waiting for her cab to arrive outside of Oba. I felt like paparazzi...

If you'd like to read a full report of this kicking party, check out Caroline's blog... she is the funniest person I've met in a long, long time!

We took a cab to the convention center where a few vendors were still setting up, and I got to experience my first Sample Spree! "OHMYGOD" is all I can say about that! ;)

Back at the hotel, my sweet roomies (Daria, Megan, & Amelia) surprised me with a birthday card and some awesome raspberry truffles. Thanks again, girls! I was so touched! LOVE YA!!!

DAY 2.
Friday, May 16th, 2008

First day of Quilt Market. I was blown away not only by the size of it but also by the immense amount of creativity surrounding me.

Sandi's booth was a breath of fresh air. Every time I came by to visit there were at least a dozen people admiring her fabrics, patterns, decor, pictures, clothing... everything! Here she is with her mom:

And I had the pleasure of being there when they surprised Sandi & team with a wonderful award. They won 2nd Place for Most Creative Double Booth! CONGRATULATIONS, Sandi!!! All your hard work definitely paid off! :)

Sandi Henderson and her husband, Dustin

Chelsea's booth was another breath of fresh air... so colorful and fun! And she was busy, busy, busy all day long selling patterns and chatting with everyone who came by to peek at her fabulous set up.

From left: Lucy, Jona and Chelsea

And I got to spend some quality time with Chelsea's gorgeous and talented aunts, Lucy and Lila.

From left: Lucy, Lila and me

I stopped by Joel's booth for a visit and got another picture with the fabulous designer. His new line is just breathtakingly beautiful.

Here is Eva reknotting the sash on the gorgeous robe she created for Joel's booth. Everyone who came by wanted to try it on because it was so amazingly soft and comfy.

I even got to witness Daria interviewing Joel for her Boutique Cafe podcast!!! WOOOHOOO!

Next to Joel's Booth was the ever so colorful display space of Anna Maria Horner. Her new fabric lines are so bright and fun! Her booth won 1st Place for Most Creative Double Booth. CONGRATS, Anna Maria!!

From left: Paula Prass, Anna Maria Horner and me

Up the way a little bit was probably the most visited designer's booth in the whole Convention Center. Amy Butler was so sweet and fun. Her looks and personality totally match the amazing textiles she designs. I couldn't resist having my picture taken with Amy as I held the fabulous purse my mom designed for me out of her Nigella fabrics. Amy loved it, BTW! :)

And last but not least, I couldn't leave the show without visiting with two other super talented and sweet designers... Jennifer Paganelli of Sis Boom and Liesl Gibson of Oliver + S

Jennifer Paganelli (Sis Boom)

Liesl Gibson (Oliver + S)

After Market closed that day I went to Fabric Depot with the LimeVine gals and we couldn't resist the photo op...

From left: Emily, Eva, Patty & Amie

And later that evening we met a large group of boutique designers for dessert and wacky fun in downtown Portland.

From top left: Jenn (Fabric Bliss), Em, Amie, Eva, Tara, Patty,
Wendy, Traci, Jona (Fabritopia), Myrinda (Fabric Hound) and Taya (Em's daughter)

DAY 3.
Saturday, May 17, 2008

I was already dead tired by my 3rd day in Portland so I took a small fraction of the pictures I took the prior 2 days. LOL! I spent the day at Market doing the same thing from the day before but with half the energy. Then after Market we headed off to a Vendor Appreciation party being thrown by Fabric Depot. (Yep, I visited that store 2 days in a row... and I still didn't see it all!) This is the only picture I captured from the party... The Elfin Section

Me, Paula Prass and Melissa Averinos

After the Fabric Depot party, the Michael Miller crew (and a few others) headed off to dinner at an awesome Peruvian tapas place. OMG! The music, food & drinks were amazing!!! We had a blast!

Caroline (J Caroline Creative), Me and Michael Steiner (MMF)

DAY 4.
Sunday, May 19, 2008

Market still went on for another full day but my roomies and I decided to take it easy. We had a quiet breakfast back at our hotel room, packed, chatted, looked at pictures and headed to the airport mid morning. I had a loooong flight back to Chicago followed by a loooong drive down to Bloomington, but 8 hrs. later I was home enjoying the company of Jon & the girls. :)

Thanks to everyone for waiting so patiently for this report and for all your sweet comments and wishes while I was gone. And to all who I met at Market: it was a true pleasure! I can't wait to do it all over again in 5 months... this time I'll have my own booth! WOOHOOOTY!

Houston or Bust! :)


  1. Thanks for sharing your awesome pics and stories of Quilt Market! The colors are awesome and it looks like so much fun! I hope to meet you & Chelsea one day. :)

  2. That was an AWESOME run down of your trip to Market Patty!! Man I've got my work cut out for me. :)

    I just got back home today after a nightmare flight out of Portland. Market was a total dream come true though.

    Thanks so much for rooming with us - I just love you to pieces!

    PS: I would love a copy of that picture of you and I

  3. Patty!!!!!! I loved every second I got to spend with you in Portland. Thanks for recapping the weekend so well in this fantastic post. I'm still in Oregon but when I get home on Wednesday, I'll be blogging all about it :)Like Daria said, I've got my work cut out for me. I alraey miss you so much. Thanks for being so sweet and taking great care of Tara as well. I can't wait to see your booth in HOuston. Love you, Eva

  4. Thanks so much for making me "feel" a bit like I was there....such a great post!!!!Enjoed every pic and word of it!!!!Can't wait to see your own booth in a while;)

  5. Amber, thanks so much! I hope to get to meet you some day too!!!

    Daria, sweet Daria, everything you do is fabulous so I cannot wait to see your Market report. ;) Oh, and YES, you can have any picture you want. Just go on over to my Flickr if you want different sizes. :)

    Eva, I loved hanging out with you and Tara. You girls are so sweet and fun!!! I miss you terribly!

    Katarina, I am so glad I was able to describe it in a way that makes you feel like you were virtually there. :) I always worry about those things because writing is not my forte. ;)

    Thanks so much for visiting, everyone!!!

  6. Kim McBirnie3:40 AM

    Oh wow, it just sounds like a fabric junkie's dream! If I win the lottery before the next quilt market, I could get a trans-atlantic flight just after school drop off...........ah well! Or maybe I can just live vicariously through your blog!
    Envious in the UK!

  7. patty, if it were possible to combust from envy, i'd be a raging ball of fire. WOW. QM looks awesome--i'd love to see your debut in houston, but it might be more realistic for me to aim for pittsburgh.

    you are super cute and pretty in all your pics, too.

  8. Insanely jealous here ;)

    Looks like a completely amazing experience! I would love to get the opportunity to attend someday!

    Loved all the pics! It's like a who's who gallery of super cool fabric designers and crafters!!

    take a bow Jenn

  9. Patty!!!! I miss you!!!

    I LOVE the pictures. You and Heather Bailey look amazing in that shot, amazing!

    Can't wait to show you a good time in Houston! (not in a dirty way.... that sounded kind of off eh?!)


  10. eeeee!!!! All your comments are making me shriek with excitement. Kim, Nic & Jen... I so wish I could meet you gals! Maybe someday!

    Amelia, I'll be anxiously awaiting my "good time" in Houston! ROTFL!!! You're so cute. :)

  11. OHHHHHHHHHHHH...what a delicious post this is!! Your photos and recap are perfect Patty. I can't wait to see your both in the Fall. I see that the show is in Pittsburgh the following Spring. I will be there and more then excited to meet you in person!

  12. Hey Patty!!!!

    This post is such a huge pleasure!!! Getting to see gorgeous you, beaming with excitment and seeing all the other 'Boutique Girls' have made my morning!

    Now I'd love to see your delicious new fabric line!


  13. Myrinda11:40 AM

    yes-let's talk Houston now, hunh Patty :)
    and thanks for call ing me "ever vibrant" not just LOUD ;)
    YOU are the sweetest and so fun! Can't wait to cruise YOUR booth at Houston!!!!

  14. Awe Patty! I just love you! It was so fun to see you again and hang out. Thanks for your nice comment on by booth. I'm so excited for your new line and can't wait to hang out with you again in Houston. Also, I forgot to tell you Happy Birthday! I'm sorry, so Happy Late Birthday:)

    Love ya!

  15. Thanks Patti for the awesome recap! Market was great and the creative energy was palpable! It was great meeting you and I can’t wait to see the great things you do in Houston.
    P.S. You can ride in my caddy anytime. ; )
    XO Tara

  16. Thanks so much for the sweet comments Ronda, Geeta, Myrinda, Chelsea & Tara. I am ecstatic to be surrounded by such wonderful friends as yourselves. :)

  17. Hey girl. You are just as much fun in person as I imagined. Can't wait til we are fabricnista booth neighbors.


  18. Awww Patty meeting you was SO friggin awesome :) You are just how I thought you would be :) Way to forget our pizza party you bum! LOL

  19. Paula... the pleasure was all mine! Houston is gonna be a BLAST!

    Em... eeek! I forgot to mention a few things! I didn't even get into how I lost my PayPal card and my luggage all in one day. LOL!! Plus, looking back at the pictures I can tell I have some of my days a tad mixed up (judging by what people are wearing in the pics!) LOL! Oh, well! It was hectic and I am still a bit out of it! ;)

  20. Patty,
    You are the nicest, sweetest, warmest person and I know you will have great success with your new line (the first of many I'm sure)! I hope to see you (and your booth) in Houston!

  21. Thanks so much for sharing all the pictures. Oh, I enjoyed this!! Everyone looks like they had such a blast and how fun to put names with faces also. I want to see more of you line--did I miss it? I'll keep checking back.


  22. What a wonderful post - love your descriptions of all your adventures at quilt market - and what great pics! Thanks! :)

  23. Wow - awesome pics! What fun!

  24. 1st of all you are adorable and secondly I can't wait to see your new line I wish you bunches of success..Jennnifer

  25. 1st of all you are adorable and secondly I can't wait to see your new line I wish you bunches of success..Jennnifer

  26. I loved your recap... and admire you for getting it all posted!!!

    My biggest regret about Market was me not hooking up with you. You'd think between emails, phone calls and text messages... I would have been able to accomplish it! Next market... no day off for me! xoxo-m

  27. Hey Patty,
    I wish we could have spent more time together! I was so sick I could barely walk for more then 2 seconds! Just my luck to get sick when Market is in town!!! Oh well, at least we got to meet and chat briefly :) You are just a total sweetheart, and I love your personality. Thanks for posting all the pics! I barely took any...another side effect of my illness :(


  28. WOW! I can feel your excitement all the way here in California! You're great! I really enjoyed meeting you Patty! I'm so happy you're a part of our team! Happy Belated Birthday!!!

    PS you forgot to mention you not only left your paypal card but you came THISCLOSE to losing your camera lens in the cab! wheewww. That would not have made a very good birthday surprise if you had lost it.

  29. You guys are all making me blush! Thanks so much for all the support!

    Jennifer... so lovely of you to visit my blog. I feel so honored!! Meeting you was a real treat. :)

    SHAWN! So nice to see you here in blogland! It was a pleasure meeting you and can't wait to see you again in the Fall. I had totally forgotten about the lens cap incident... BOY, I was a royal MESS that day, wasn't I?? hee heee The lens cap, the paypal card, my luggage... ACK! I must've been blinded by all the talent surrounding me! LOL!! Somehow it all worked its way out, though. ;)

  30. Amber K12:29 AM

    Patty you are so cute! It was good meeting you at market and I can't wait to see your fabric line!

  31. happy birthday!

    i'm a fabriholic, so i have fabric envy!

  32. Thanks for sharing your awesome pics and stories of Quilt Market! Fantastic post!You was in the " paradies" of fabriholic . I am a fabriholic too because I have so much fabrics-too much ;O))!Nice to meet Amy Butler in the real life!

  33. It was great to meet you and I wanted to tell you how cute that black and white striped headband is in the "elfin" picture! (I couldn't help myself- Patty ripped it off at dinner and declared "Why didn't anyone tell me this looked stupid?!)

    That picture of me at the Tapas restaurant- do I look a little scared of you?

    See you and that fabric in Houston!

  34. I love your re-cap! The best part is that you are in every picture. (You must be a scrapbooker too!) I cannot wait to see your line. Hopefully I'll get to visit the Houston show this fall. ~jen~

  35. Tell me more, tell me more, (singing Grease song in my head)!!! After you rest a bit of course! What a fab trip!! Can't wait to see all of your goodies, did you find some amazing things?? Sounds like you did!!! So much fun to read & live vicariously (spell?) through you!!! I need a girls weekend BAD!!! Have a restfull weekend Patty :)


  36. Anonymous6:00 PM

    hey patty! great recap. I am psyched for Houston!

  37. Wow! That looks like an awesome trip! I hope to meet you in Houston in the fall!


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