best surprise ever!!

I was just about to jump off the computer and make dinner tonight as I had heard Jon come through the door, when an email popped up from the beautiful, talented and always fabulous Daria of Boutique Cafe and it was titled, SURPRISE Patty!! XOXO. Well, how could I not open and email like that?! Especially when it comes with hugs AND kisses right on the subject line. To my utter surprise and amazement, Daria had featured my ModGreetings website on her weekly podcast today! WOOOHOOO! How sweet is that?! I love you, Daria!

Pop on over to Boutique Cafe when you get a chance and listen to the podcast and leave a comment in the show notes to be entered to win a Variety 10-Pack from my store.

On another note, thank you all for all the encouraging comments and weight loss suggestions. It's so funny to see how everyone's got a different method that works for them. Many of you suggested Atkins or South Beach, but I gotta tell you right now that it ain't gonna happen. Anyone or anything that makes me not eat bread for longer than a few hours is not a friend of Patty. I am Hispanic... bread is in my blood. I know it's not the best for me but I just cannot cut something like that out of my diet. I would be be a major "crabby patty." ;)

I am happy to report though that I've taken up walking on the treadmill and I don't totally hate it. I walked for 30 minutes last night while watching Project Runway on my DVR. I burned 162 calories and felt great afterwards. I plan to increase my time & speed on the treadmill every day until I can do 1 hr. without dying. I've also been forcing myself to drink more water. You may remember the i hate water post from a few weeks back. Well, lots of lemon & lime slices (and occasionally cucumbers too) are making water drinkable for me right now -- still not up to the 8-glasses-a-day level... that would be a Patty Record for sure, but I'm probably guzzling down about 3 or 4. Baby steps, right?

Also, I did not forget about the favor boxes template/tutorial. I am working on it. I took a ton of pictures of the step-by-step process so I need to cut them down to a manageable amount and edit them and put together the whole tutorial thingy. It'll be up in a couple of days. Thanks to all who commented on it. :)

Now, go, go, go listen to that podcast.


  1. I see you broke down and added that Adele song to your summer playlist. Good move. I really like it now too...

  2. Very observant of you, sis. Yup, I adore that song and can't get it out of my head! :)

  3. i know, i had another one of those "yep, i know her. she's my friend" moments when i opened my email from boutique cafe... ;) good on ya, girlie.

    also, i am a total breadie myself (plus i have this love affair with pasta), so low-carb menus are my mortal enemies. atkins, read my lips: will. never. happen.

    ps yay for treadmills! or, more like, yay for fun things to distract us while we slog away on our treadmills!

  4. Low carb isn't THAT bad, hon. LOL
    I'm forever on a low carb kick because of my diabetes. I even eat bread. Granted, it's low carb, but it's still bread. :-)

    I started eating low carb on 6/25 and have lost 28 lbs. No exercising
    involved either (bad hip).

  5. Just wanted to send a quickie note...I stinkin LOVE my cards! I hate to even write in them & give them away!! They are absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Thank you Patty, they totally brightened my day :)


  6. nic, you and I are so alike! LOL!

    jus shar, way to go on losing 28 lbs! WOW! That's quite an accomplishment!

    jennifer, awww, so glad you love your ew cards! That's so great to hear! thanks for stopping by! :)

  7. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Congrats on your cards! Yay! The colors are absolutely beautiful!

    I agree about the Atkin's diet -- I tried it once and it was torture!! I did loose 15 pounds in a couple of months, but it was torture the whole time and it's so hard to stick with it afterwards. Best thing is to stick with the walking, try to eat more whole grain bread (or high in fiber), eat small meals every three hours instead of larger meals, cut out all sodas (reduces sugars and sodium), and drink lots of water. By the way, I drink waaaaaaaaay more water when I use a straw. You'll be amazed at how much more you drink with such a simple tool! Good luck!

  8. Anonymous... so true about the straw thing! I should have mentioned that before! I DO drink a lot more water when I drink through a straw. Hmmm... don't know why but it helps! And it's cool to see that it's not just me being weird. LOL! :)


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