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I know, I know, such a clichée title, but very appropriate I promise. The day Jon and I arrived home from our FL vacation we had a ton of mail to go through, but I instantly focused on a smallish manila envelope from none other than my friend Geeta. Every possible scenario as to what it might be started going through my head, but I couldn't wait and quickly ripped open the package to find utter beauty spilling out.


The handwritten note said, Enjoy this piece of vintage silk sari. I thought the colours would appeal to 'your Puerto Rican heart'!


It was a color explosion that gave me chills. I literally had never seen anything this beautiful up close. My Puerto Rican heart was dancing! I immediately called Geeta to thank her (but part of me just wanted to hear her sweet English accent again... heeeheee... oh, how I adore it!).


I still don't know what I will make with it. Geeta made me promise to make something with it but I just can't bare to put a pair of scissors anywhere near this gorgeous thing, so I think I might just try to find a way to turn it into a wall hanging of sorts for my studio... any ideas, anyone?

And speaking of color explosion, if you guys haven't seen Geeta's blog in the past couple of days, you must make a pitstop to gaze upon the most breathtakingly beautiful photos of an Indian wedding she recently attended. My mouth was agape the entire time. Thanks so much for sharing those with us and for your sweet generosity, my friend.

So, on to a different type of fabric love... I finally got around to working on the prizes for the winners of my 2nd Anniversary Contest from a month ago or so. Jess chose a sewing/crafting care package and I was delighted to put this together for her. Hope you like it, Jess. It has 4 half-yard cuts of some of my all-time favorite cotton prints and it's topped off with sewing notions galore: Euro-style ric-rac, crochetted fruits & flowers, appliques, and even a spool of Gütermann thread in one of my favorite colors.


Jess, if you make something with this, I'd love to see! And, again, congratulations on winning the contest and thanks for visiting my blog!



I am happy to report that everything that needed to go out in the mail is finally out... all of my etsy orders, and the contest winners' prizes (Annie, yours is in the mail too!), and even a couple of wedding RSVPs. PHEW! What a relief! And just as I though I could finally sit down and relax, something came in the mail today that made me squeal with joy (no, not the Andalucia strike-offs, I wish! But they should be here very soon, I'm told! Still keeping my fingers & toes crossed.) It was something for that little side project that I told you guys about on this post. It is something that I am going to be offering soon to compliment Andalucia, but I can't show you anything until I make my fabric reveal because these use some of the same designs and it would be kind of premature. In other words, I don't want to spoil the surprise... I don't want to show you these now and then when I can finally make my fabric debut you guys would be all like "seen it!" Get it? Hope so. ;)

Although, if any of you would care to take a guess as to what these are, I will send a little freebie in the mail to the first person who guesses right. :)

Let's see how good you are...


  1. Dawn Bergeron12:14 AM

    Oooh Patty - such gorgeous photos and colors! Love that fabric your friend sent you and I can't wait to see what you decide to do with it! You continue to amaze me - I am anxiously awaiting your new fabric line - I cannot wait to see it!

  2. Oh no, is it clothing patterns? That would be too good. I can't wait to see your fabric line--I sew for my three girls (17, 12, 7) Something tells me Andalucia will be just what we all want!

  3. hmmmm...

    how about paper?
    silkscreened tees to match?
    your very own modkid gelgems!

  4. Anonymous8:31 AM

    YAY! I can't wait to get it! :)

    Your pictures are such a delight as always. How do you do it???

    So, as for my guess for your side project... most of the good ones are already taken, so I will guess scrapbooking papers? or scrapbooking stickers?


  5. Could they be ribbons?

  6. Clay buttons? Custom made plates or tiles? I am soooo waiting to see your Andaluca fabric!

  7. Patty!
    I just got your package of goodies today and I looooooooooove it! I feel the same way about what you gave me, as you do about what Geeta gave you. I'm trying to figure out what to make with it. I'll definitely post pictures when I figure something out. I'm almost done posting about receiving the best prize ever!

    I love the Indian fabric! I think I would make something to wear from it. Or maybe you could make a french memory board out of it. I have one in my studio and it comes in handy.

    Thanks again for the package! It made my day!

  8. Anonymous10:43 PM

    OH, how funny! I was just coming here to post that I got mine today too and I'M IN LOVE! If I had a blog I would be blogging about it right now, but I'll have to enjoy it all by my lonesome. ;)

    Thanks a bunch, Patty!!


  9. Thanks for all the comments, girls! The prize is still up for grabs so feel free to guess again if you want.

    Jess & Annie, so glad you gals enjoyed your goodies! Thanks for visiting my blog!

  10. I can't wait to see your fabric designs and that fabric from Geeta is gorgeous!

    I'll guess:
    digital scrapbooking items
    Hair Accessories
    Sleep Masks/Travel Pillows
    picture frames
    ipod/iphone/electronic cozys

    LOL, is that enough guesses... ;)

  11. I just realized that Emma had deleted the first part of my original comment before I hit submit! I had said that the sari is awesome...maybe use it as a curtain "door"? It is soooo hard to do anything with a toddler in your lap!

    More guesses...

    Pictures frames decorated in your designs?

  12. I don't read directions well..LOL..sorry Patty..I put my guesses in the wrong place.

    Ok..I have to guess a couple more...

    -purses! Your Moms bags with your gorgeous fabrics

    -home dec fabric???

    This is too fun, I can't wait to see what you have been up to.
    Hoping the UPS man is there..

  13. Okay, so I must have been living under a rock - somehow I missed all the news on upcoming fabric goodness! What a great surprise though - I've always loved your designs and amzing color combinations, so this line is undoubtedly going to awesome! Can't wait to see more strike-off pics - when does it hit stores?
    So many good guesses already....hmmm....maybe magnets or pincushions?
    Whatever it is, I'm sure we'll ove it!!
    Karen G.

  14. Totally drooling over here!!! I don't know what you may have up your sleeve, but I want to use them for matts inside picture frames or dang just mount that gorgeous fabric and hang it on the wall all by itself, maybe make some mosaics out of it. Can't wait to see what you do!

  15. Anonymous2:34 AM

    Are they printing your fabric on flannel? Or knit?

  16. Anonymous12:55 PM

    Wait! I know! It's graphics! Andalucia blog or template graphics? Excellent for eBay auctions. And, you don't need to sew.

    I noticed the harlequin background on your blog is the same as one of your strike offs.

    Am I right?

  17. You girls have all given me so many great ideas! I swear that wasn't the intention of this contest but now I'm kinda glad I did it. LOL!!! No one has hit the nail on the head yet, but like I said in my posting, one person did come fairly close.

    Sarah, you are quite observant about the blog background graphics... thanks for taking the time to investigate. But they are not web graphics or anything digital/electronic. It was actually something I had to have manufactured (from my designs)... so it IS tangible! (another clue) and like I said in my other posting you do not need to know how to sew or be crafty at all to enjoy these. :)

  18. I'm so in love with your strike-offs...how can it get any better? Now for the waiting game! For your contest, I'm going to guess...

    or stationery?
    or bookcovers/journals?

    I've long admired your work on etsy, and now I have my very own shop there. You're really an inspiration to those of us just starting out!

  19. Modkid pens? Calendars? To do list notepads? Jewelry? Vinyl wall decorations? Painted wooden spools?

  20. Book of design ideas?


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