Fun in the Sun Trumps House of Mouse

We managed to spend a week in Central Florida without stepping foot in any theme parks or shopping malls... something that was our goal from the beginning of our planning stage. You may think we're strange, but see... we lived in Central FL for many years so we've seen our fair share of Mickey & friends. This vacation was all about R&R... and we got plenty of that!

We played in the pool...





Drank our fair share of tropical refreshments...


Enjoyed the scenery...


Made new friends...


Found some look-alikes...


Got wild (well, a little)...


Ran into the ocean without a care in the world...


Danced with our shadows ...


Became one with the sea ...


Played tag ...


Built sandcastles ...


Found great resting spots ...


Went sailing ...



Soaked our travel toes ...


Enjoyed some bird watching ...


And even took some catnaps ...


A great time was had by all.

Now Jon & I are back home and the girls will return with Mami on the 22nd. Whatever will I do with all my free time??? Today has already been taken up by catching up on email, blogging and unpacking. Hmmm....


  1. Welcome back! Great pictures...I love the one of Sydney walking out into the ocean! :) I am heading out to Indiana with just Emma tomorrow for a few days with my family. Wish me luck...6 hour drive with a 2 year old!

  2. Anonymous4:45 PM

    WOW! What a fabulous vacation you all had! I love the pictures as well. The beach ones look like postcards. Glad to have you back. I kept checking your blog everyday for updates... hahahah Yes, I have no life. ;)


  3. Looks like you all had a wonderful time! Your photos are stunning- as usual!!

  4. Thank you ladies! I had my ISO settings wrong during our entire first day in FL, that's why the pool pics look a bit grainy, but I quickly fixed the problem and got much better pictures for the rest of our vacation. ;)

    It's good to be back. :)

  5. I so HEART the picture of the girls together on the beach! All the pics look fantastic though and it looks like you all had such a nice, relaxing trip! Wish I could have been relaxing on the beach too :)

    take a bow Jenn

  6. Anonymous9:08 AM

    Patti , It looks like you guys had a ball!! It is so good to learn how to take those "relaxing" vacations. Those are sometimes the best!!


  7. I love your photo's - although I'm not letting my husband see yours on a scooter as they are pretty much the only mode of transport on the Greek island we've going to next week, and I've already told him NO. In capitals, as well. I really want to take my SLR but am worried about the sea & sand thing - any tips? (Other then, erm, don't drop it in the sea/ on the sand?)
    Hope you don't rattle around the house too much this week! Kim xx

  8. Awww... Kim! Scooters are FUN! I rode it myself and it was so cool. Of course, Jon didn't take any pictures of me riding it (even though I handed him the camera right before I took off!) LOL! As for the SLR in the sea & sand dilemma, I'd say, maybe bring a large zip-lock bag and put it in there when not in use? I dunno. I didn't do that myself. I just brought it and held it the entire time. Then I packed it back up when it was time to leave.:) It was fine.

    Have fun in Greece... soooo envious! That's one of the places on "my list" ;)

  9. It's not so much Andy on a scooter I'm worried about, more everyone else on the roads - they're mad! We'll see, I may relent through guilt.
    What is it with men and camera's? If I ran away with Colin Firth tomorrow, my kids would forget what I look like, there are so few photo's of me. Maybe on holiday...
    Will send a postcard!

  10. love the last photo! It looks like there was allot of fun. We are gearing up for a few weekends away and then a real vacation.

    I am curious did you do your background in photoshop? I am trying to revamp my blog and wanted to customize it more and I noticed you and Heather Bailey have a similar type of way you did your background.

  11. Kim, you crack me up! But it's so true. The only picture I have of me on this vacation is that awful sailing one up there and that was probably because I was lucky enough to be sitting next to Sophie when it was being snapped. ;)

    Ellen, thanks for your comments! My background is a single Photoshop tile (1 diamond) that I saved as a GIF and uploaded it to my webserver so it loops seamlessly through the background. There is some minor html you need to know to make that happen but nothing too complicated. BTW, that is one of my designs that makes a few appearances as backgrounds in my new fabric line, Andalucia.

  12. What great vacation photos! I can't imagine what I'd do with that much free time either, but I can guarantee there'd be sewing!

  13. Hi Patti, I think we were together in one of the Jaynes' launches. I'm voguepetite*designs. Anyway, I wanted to tell you your photography is incredible. Looking forward to more.

  14. Thanks for visiting, Amy & Huenu.

  15. Caty (yo sis)12:10 AM

    Hey Sis! Awesome pics as always! I am so jealous you got to go home to FL. I miss it so much- especially the beach. So about all that free time..... We'll come up tomorrow for some of that grown-up fun we talked about. Can't wait!..................
    Bunnies!!!!!! Ha, ha!

  16. Patty OMGosh, what fun!
    Those beach pictures of Sophia are gorgeous by the way!

    You look so cute and stylish with your headband, I covet that now! :o)

    Miss you dear!

  17. Woweeee! Looks like a fabulous time! Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh oh woe is me to b stuck in the middle of winter LOL

  18. Love ya both, Amelia & Cree! :) Thanks for stopping by.


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