My daily dose of laughter...

So, thanks to my dear friend Kristen (she always finds the coolest blogs out there), I now subscribe to Photoshop Disaster's feed and I am so glad I do. This blog is right up my alley. Being a former Adobe instructor, I've seen my fair share of Photoshop disasters in my professional career. So many that I could run a blog like this one.

This past Wednesday, they posted this picture and I couldn't help but laugh my BUTT off...

So I just wanted to come in here and share with the rest of my sewing enthusiast friends. Check out the original post here. The best part is reading the comments... which on this particular post are up to 50 right now! Warning: if you don't like to hear or read profanity, please stay away from the comments section. ;)

We're off to St. Louis tomorrow morning for my sister's wedding. And on Sunday we have been invited over for dessert at Laura Gunn's house... can't wait to finally meet her!

Be back next week with a slew of pictures! Have a great weekend, everyone.


  1. Long time lurker - but had to post on this one since I teach it too ~ that is TOO funny!

    Ladybug hugs,

  2. Jamie AZ10:14 AM

    Oh yes, I'll be adding that blog to my feed, too. How hilarious! Sometimes art directors need to step back and look at things from across the room just to be sure there's nothing out of line.

  3. Thank you for the Sat morning laugh funny!!


  4. When you return from the wedding, I posted something for you on my blog, take a peek if you can! Hope you are having a great time!!



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