Gettin' Antsy

I looked outside my window this morning and saw brownish leaves scattered all around my backyard. Could this signify the beginning of Autumn? I hope so. I so long for those cool nights... sipping hot cocoa by the fireplace while wrapped up in my favorite throw with my favorite guy & girls. But regardless, it gave me the motivation to start new projects and do some slight redecoration around here.


I started with my bloggy music. You'll find my new Fall Playlist a bit softer than my Summer one, with mellower melodies and more somber sounds. Not that I'm in a somber mood at all. On the contrary... Fall is my favorite season of the year so I'm feeling great! But it seems like in the cooler months I always tend to listen to mellower tunes. I did keep a couple of my old Summer songs on there but they've been shuffled to the bottom of the list while some favorites from last year, like my beloved Hooverphonic and Portishead are back in full force. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Oh, and I did some sewing today. Yes that colorful patchwork pillow you see grazing my blog today happens to be the first project ever sewn with Andalucia. How cool, eh? I was feeling a bit antsy after I heard this morning that it might be another 2 - 3 weeks before I get Andalucia yardage for my Quilt Market samples, so I confronted my fears and put scissors to my strike-offs. I've wanted to sew something with my strike offs for what seems like an eternity but just could not bring myself to cut into them... I was treating them like precious gems or something. But now that the final designs have been chosen and approved and the fabric is in final production I feel a tad more confident about cutting into them (in other words... it's actually happening. It wasn't just a silly dream I had!)


I paired up these tiny 4" squares from my Earth & Fire colorways with some luscious olive green cord I had lying around my studio and it turned out so rich and autumn-y, wouldn't you agree? And the best part is that these were my first strike offs so some of the prints have slight imperfections that were corrected on press later, which makes this a true one-of-a-kind pillow!

I think it's made itself right at home in my living room...


Oh, and don't worry... not all of Andalucia is this deep-toned. This was just my jump into Fall project. I do have plenty of soft pinks and apple greens in the collection... perfect for little girls' boutique dresses and nursery d├ęcor.


  1. Hi Patty! I just post my very first Cook It Blog It!!!!!!

    Love the pillow too!!! Hope you might make & sell similar pillow or home decor??? Pretty please?? I absolutely neeeeeed that (or something similar) pillow for my living room too!! Gorgeous my friend...Gorgeous!!! You ought to be so proud of yourself!!!!

    Take care!


  2. Oh, Patty! It's gorgeous! Love the contrast of textures, too.

  3. Anonymous9:32 PM

    OH, I'm in love, Patty! I could just picture my whole living room done in those tones and fabrics. You are so talented!!! I want that pillow!!!


  4. patty my dear, that pillow is simply divine...and the pics are perfection, too. i love how you paired your bright&gorgeous prints with that olive cord...yum!

    i love fall in the midwest,'s my favorite time of year here. makes me feel all cuddly inside, which really doesn't make much sense, but there it is.

    love you!

  5. beautiful pillow! can't wait to get my hands on some of your fabric when it's out on the market!!


  6. Thanks for the sweet comments, everyone! So glad you like the pillow... and the fabrics! LOL!

    It was so nice to actually sew again ... and the fact that it was with my own fabrics made it extra special. I've had my head in my computer for sooo long now (designing my 2nd line!) that it was a nice break indeed. :)

  7. I absolutely adore those deep rich colours, and I can't wait until the release date for this line. I have just bought some cord and felted wool for autumnal bags, and think Andalucia would go great with it!

  8. Beautiful!

    I too am anxious to see fall rear it's head around here. I love layering on clothes, and snuggling up in a favorite afghan.

    Speaking of cold weather clothes...I need to get my rump in gear to finish my sweater patterns for my "neighbor" models. :-)

  9. The pillow is so rich! I cannnnoot wait to be sewing with those threads! I am getting my first runoff of my pattern printed today and can't wait to get started on that test quilt for you! You inspire me!

  10. So nice to see you, Kim, Beth and Elizabeth! Thanks for the comments!

    Elizabeth, can't wait to see that fabulous pattern of yours. I'm sure it will be a hit at Market. :)


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