Market Prep, Part 3.
Hanging out on THE GOOD side for a change...

I decided to give my fingers, eyes and ever-diminishing sanity a break and work on a fun project that definitely falls on THE GOOD category... another patchwork pillow, this time showcasing the softer shades of Andalucia.


In the "Petal" colorway, you will find soft pinks, flirty fuschias, citrusy greens and crisp whites. Bright oranges and chocolate browns make cameo appearances every now & then too, so they can play well with the deeper shades of the collection.


I got news yesterday that the sample yardage should be arriving late next week so I got brave again and put scissors to my strike-offs. You may notice that the patchwork in this pillow is not perfectly matched, which, believe me, bothers me more than it will ever bother you. But the pieces I had left of some fabrics were so tiny that I couldn't even get a perfect 4" square out of them, so I had to borrow space from others...


I love how well this medium pink baby-wale cord plays with the quilting cottons... so soft to the touch. I can totally see a girlie nursery decorated in these colors/prints.


Candy, my Papin Pullip doll, even came out to play. She thinks this pillow is hers but she may have to fight Sophie, the "Queen of Pink," for it.


I'm thinking Candy may need a new outfit made to match the rest of this d├ęcor, but I'm not good with sewing teeny-tiny things. Anyone out there up to the challenge? I'd love to bring her along with me to Market. She is excellent company... hardly ever disagrees! ;)


Finally I wanted to share a Pumpkin Fair find from this weekend. Yes, we went to a Pumpkin Fair but it was so rainy and muddy and yucky outside that I didn't dare bring my SLR with me so there are no good pictures to share, but something good did come out of our little outing. I came across a local artisan mother & daughter team selling these adorable bracelets made out of old typewriter keys... how cool is this?! I fell in love with this one immediately and clutched it close so no one would swipe it from me.



They were also selling these clever photo holders made from vintage cameras. One of these days I will share with you my extensive collection of vintage cameras. I actually had one just like this one already but was surprised to see this one come with the original flash bulb (my other one has no bulb).


Me thinks my new Andalucia Moo cards (should be here soon!) will look smashing displayed on this old Kodak Duaflex II.


  1. I like the pink colorway! We just finished up Emma's room in baby pink/hot pink so I will have to get some of this and try to be crafty! :)

  2. Ooooh, I'm having a doll moment......where does she come from?! She's fab - especially against all those gorgeous pinks. My daughter is like Sophie, if it is pink she's got to have it.
    In your collection of vintage cameras, do you by any chance have a box brownie?
    Kim xx

  3. I'm so loving the Petal colorway! I wonder if my boys could be man enough to handle it in their rooms!! LOL!

    Can't wait to see you hun. Everytime I see your fabric I grin from ear to ear - it's so wonderful!

  4. i'm having a tough time picking my favorite! starting to lean toward the petal colorway!! i can invision it in aubrey's bedroom!


  5. VERY cool! You KNOW I'm LOVING that camera!!

    Pretty pillow too!!

    take a bow Jenn

  6. Myrinda3:51 PM

    omg I can TOTALLY sew for your dolly girl!!! but we'll need to go shoe shopping of course ;)
    you KNOW how much I love it!!!!

  7. I may get preggers again just to have a nursery deco'd in your gorgeous petal colorway of Andalucia!!!! LOL! Love everything Patty!!


  8. WOW! Thanks for the comments everyone. So glad you like this colorway. :) I feel I needed to show it since I had been focusing so much on the Fire & Earth tones.

    Kim... the doll is a Pullip, from Japan. Google it... they're so cool!

    Also, I do not have a Box Brownie but I have a Brownie Hawkeye and my most prized possession: Kodak No. 2A Folding Autographic Brownie from 1916... sooo cool! I'll share soon! :)

  9. WOW! PATTY! I get more impressed every time I see more of the line!! CONGRATS!!!

    I didnt know you collected old cameras! My dad and I used to, and now most are in storage... but I recently started "picking them up again". EEP! FUN!!

    Cute Pullip. Hee hee hee.


  10. Oh the pink colorway is delicious! I can't wait to get my hands on some of this fabric so I can put hubby to work making something!

  11. Thanks so much for the sweet comment, Gyl and Anne.

    Gyl, I started collecting about, I'd say, 18 years ago or so. I was in college when I got my first one. It was when I finally picked Photography as my major and I treated myself to one. I stopped buying them for a few years, but now I'm back. I just love them! I also have a few pinhole cameras I made back in school... they actually work and they take the coolest pictures!

    I'd love to see your collection too!!

  12. Oooooh Patti, the pink is gorgeous! and you have a Papin - she is one of the prettiest pullips ever - I collect pullip dolls too, but I'm a bit like you, sewing itty bitty things gets me so flustered! Can't wait till I can get my chubby little mits on some of your beautiful Andalucia and make some sweet clothes with it for some little Aussie princesses!! Sooo exciting!
    You are such a Talented girl Pattie, I have been reading your blog for over a year and can't believe what you have achieved in that time - you're an inspiration!! I haven't been blogging long but now I can finally thank you for sharing your life and laughs with us, you are such a hoot! Keep it up!
    Hugs from Perth in Western Australia!

  13. Patty!!! I can't wait for the fabric!! Late next week!? i am sooo ready! the test quilt will be done by Monday and sent off for quilting!! I'll send you pics!

    Your pillows are looking very savy by the way! i love love love the baby whale with them!


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