Shoe want any?

Sydney just experienced her first growth spurt in well over a year. No kidding here. She has been wearing size 3T clothes and size 7 shoes since before her last birthday (and she is turning 4 in less than 4 weeks!) This morning, since it was chilly outside, she wanted to wear one of her fave MODKIDs from last Fall but sadly it was too small. Then she tried to put on a few of her favorite Fall shoes and they were too tight... awwww, my baby's finally GROWING!

So, our loss is your gain. I've put together a little SHOE SALE of sorts. And since I don't want to bog down the blog with tons of pictures of used toddler shoes, I will just redirect you HERE to check them out, if you wish. All are size 6s and 7s... and a few small 8s.

Email me at if you want anything.

P.S. the clothing all sold this morning... they went like hotcakes!!! Well, except for this one.


  1. Awe Shucks - My girl is the same size as yours- thought for a minute I was going to score!!!

  2. We got our shoes and they are a perfect fit!! Lacey loves the pink ones. I went and bought orange and pink plaid fabric to make her a matching dress. Thanks for the gorgeous bookmark. My dh had no clue what I meant when I yelled, "I have Andulucia!"


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