Meeting of the [creative] minds


I recently had brunch with some amazing women: all mothers of small children, all mompreneurs, all creative to the max and all living within a few miles of me! How lucky am I that they could each take time away from their busy schedule to come have some girlie fun with me?

Sitting right next to me is Dawn Bergeron, owner of Dawn Bergeron Photography, who took all those amazing pictures of me for my Andalucia brochure. Right next to her is Heather Kaeb, owner of ThePolkaDotTotSpot on Etsy, who made those super sweet jingle fabric balls for my booth at Quilt Market. And on the far right of the picture is Dana Rainwater, owner of Bug-A-Boo Baby, a super swanky local shop filled to the brim with all sorts of creative handmade goodies for mommy and baby. She made those adorable luxe bibs and boo-blankies for my booth display.

I asked the girls to meet me for brunch so I could thank them for all their help with my big debut, but honestly I just needed an excuse to get out of the house and be inspired by the local talent! (not to mention indulge in a decadent baked egg soufflé and iced mocha.) And boy, did we have a great time! We chatted about our upcoming projects and got to learn a little bit more about each other. Thanks for coming out, girls! Hope we can do it again real soon!!!

And while I'm here, I wanted to remind everyone that there is still time to enter the Mommy & Me Giveaway. I will draw the winner on Thanksgiving Day and announce it on Black Friday, so go on and leave a comment! By the way, I am LOVING all the amazing ideas I've received so far for Sophie's slumber party. I have a few favorites already but I'm keeping these a secret until the BIG REVEAL! Thanks to everyone who has participated so far!


  1. I think you should make some of these foods for Thanksgiving!!
    Dr. Jason Alviene

  2. Anonymous10:43 AM

    Did you dye your hair tips red? That looks cool!

  3. Jason, I can't promise a baked egg soufflé for Thanksgiving... unless Panera has the recipe posted somewhere!

    Anonymous, yes, I died my tips fire-engine red right before Quilt Market. They are now faded to a yucky brassy color... I need to redo them ASAP! :)



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