Feature Me, Feature You

Had a couple spare minutes to do some blog-surfing and found some sites out there featuring either me or my fabric (I'm SO thankful for the exposure!), so I thought I'd share.
  • True Up is doing a 2009 Fabric Forecast and they asked a few designers to share their plans for this year. I'm sharing my plans for Spring Quilt Market, so read here to find out what I'm up to. FunQuilts and Amy Butler are also spilling the beans... as if you cared! ;)
  • A brand new blog for fabric aficionados just started a few days ago! It's called The Fabric Shopper. Bookmark this site right away if you are one of us! Today they are featuring Andalucia and where to buy it online.
  • This quilt shop owner did an amazing display for Valentine's Day using all of the Fire & Petal Andalucia fabrics. I'm so amazed by the creativity in this display.... check it out!
So, since I'm feeling all warm & fuzzy inside (those of you who follow me on Twitter already know that my heater at home was broken all day, so feeling warm & fuzzy inside is quite a commodity around here), I feel it's my turn to pay it forward and feature some of your products.

[BTW, thanks to everyone who has added their photos to the Andalucia Flickr Group. I'm amazed every day at the talent that surrounds me!]

How cute is this custom-made ModBlooms Earth pinafore from Etsy seller ThreeYellowStarfish? She also has one in Kiwi Flora and one in ModBlooms Petal. So many choices!!!

This Kiwi Flora shoulder bag from Etsy seller BlackBags is oh, so chic... and looks roomy and comfy too! :)

Heather from thepolkadottotspot has listed a set of 3 Cloth Play Blocks. These would make an excellent baby shower or birthday gift for that sweet baby in your life!

I'm loving this skinny scarf from Megan of Brassy Apple. Get yours here!

And how about this Hostess Apron from Etsy seller SimpleThings? It's so flirty and cool!

For the photography aficionados out there I found a few lens cozies & camera strap covers on Etsy.

This one is from SillyJilly.

This one is from SheaLynn.

And this one is from PriddyCreations.

Finally, if you're a Blythe, Pullip or Dal collector, you'll go nuts over these amazingly detailed dresses!

This one is from EuroTrash... check out the details!!

This one is from DollyMolly... so cute and a bargain at that price, if you ask me!

Wish I could feature all of you, but I'll have to do it a little bit at a time (I do want to keep my day job, ya know?!) But if any of you out there are curious to see more items made with Andalucia, just click on THIS LINK to be taken to these wonderful Etsy sellers. And next week, the eBay world will be flooded with Andalucia items during the launch (Jan. 13 - 20). I'll share a link then!

Thanks again to all of you out there making beautiful things with my fabric. You have no idea how much you inspire me and motivate me to design every day!


  1. Thanks Patty for featurnig my lens cozy/camera strap set! I am really enjoying creating with your beautiful fabric. In fact, I have had so many requests for your fabric that I may need to order more. :) Looking forward to the eBay launch! Can't wait to see everything!

  2. Beautiful work! Love it!!!
    I also love children clothing, thanks for sharing your creations!

  3. Patty, Thanks so much for our feature! Our padded Camera Strap covers & Lens cozies have been even more popular since Andalucia became a part of us. We are in love with this fabric & keep looking for even more things to make with it! It's very rich, and yet still fresh & ofcourse... MOD! We're looking forward to the Andalucia launch too!


  4. Annie9:33 AM

    Oooh, thanks for sharing these links! These ladies are truly talented and I can tell they were so inspired by all your beautiful, vibrant fabrics! It's amazing how the look can change depending on which fabric/color they use!

    Now, to find some money so I can go shopping...


    P.S. congrats on your features! you're really getting out there!

  5. PriddyCreations and Silly*Jilly, you're very welcome! I think these lens cozies and removable camera straps are a great idea because you can change the look of you photo equipment in a flash! WAY TO GO, girls! Can't wait to see what the 2 of you come up with for the eBay launch next week!

    Free Spirit and Annie, thanks for your comments and compliments. So glad I could share these wonderful items with all of you!


  6. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Sean and I keep eye-ing that foot stool you took to Texas this past autumn. Where can we get one of those!


  7. Those are some beautiful creations!


  8. OH MY GOSH!! Okay, so its a year later and I finally see one of the pinafore dresses I made out of your fabric on your lovely blog!! Im so excited!!!! :) Thank you so much for featuring me!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE your fabrics and patterns!


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