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So, I told you guys about my newly found relationship with Adobe Illustrator CS4, right? It's gotten so serious that my old buddy, Photoshop, is beginning to feel a tinge of jealousy and loneliness. The feeling is mutual, though. As much as I'm enjoying working with lines, I sure do miss the old pixels.

One of the things I've been working on in AI is the little mechanical diagrams that show what the pattern will look like when it's all finished... you know, the line art you usually see on the back of patterns and on the inside? I wanted to create a sort of "signature look" to my diagrams, something that looked modern and clean and simple and that could be easily recognizable. I came up with this idea of doing these sorta grayscale mod silhouettes of girls and drawing the outfit right on top in white so it would really stand out. The one I did for Lil'Chef is on the right and the ones for Frida are right below...

Well, I was feeling all proud of myself, just sitting back in my chair enjoying the fruits of my labor, when Jon walks in, takes a quick glance and goes, "They're like public restroom signs with boutique outfits on!"....

whomp... whoooooomp...

OK, so now you see my dilemma: I really liked these (and don't get me wrong, I still really do) but now I can't get the public restroom signage notion out of my head. Public restrooms aren't exactly a positive, comforting visual for most. You usually don't go in one unless you really, really have to, right? So, what do you all think? Keep them or flush them? hahaha I certainly don't want to conjure up any negative thoughts or bad memories! ;)

On a more positive note, I gave my new friend a break this weekend and hung out with my old buddy, Photoshop. I finished my Frida sewn samples using my Andalucia fabrics and the girls and I had a blast doing a photo shoot for the front cover. Here are some of the best ones...


I had about 50+ images to sort through and edit. Photoshop and I got reacquainted real fast and it was just like old times. In the end, the image you see here on the right was chosen, unanimously, by my creative team (a.k.a. Jon, Sophie & Sydney) for the front cover of Frida. I just adore the interaction between the girls, plus it shows Views A & B very clearly, and the kerchiefs too. I still have to sew a View C, and that photo will probably end up in the back cover, but for now I'm happy with what I got so far.

Just gotta figure out the bathroom signage dilemma, hahaha. I'd love to know what you all think. I promise you won't hurt my feelings either way! :)

P.S. My 2-year Blogiversary is coming up soon! Two years ago on February 16th, 2007 I wrote this post to introduce myself to the blogging community and never looked back. I've made tons of friends and valuable connections through my blog and am so thankful to all of my sweet commenters and followers. I have something special in store for this celebration, so please stay tuned!

P.P.S. So excited about the 1-yr. stay of the CPSIA! I know the battle is not over yet, but this gives the indie designers a lot more time to plan their future and give those folks at the CPSC a lot more time to read that silly law over more carefully and make the necessary changes. PHEW!


  1. Wow, I get the first comment...yay! :) When I first saw them I thought they were really cute...totally mod and fit you perfectly. After I started reading and the public restroom thing came up, I did think "oh yeah they do kinda look like those", but not enough to be turned off cause I still think they are totally cute.

  2. Anonymous9:42 AM

    LOL Patty!

    What about putting a simple bow in grayscale onto of their heads? That might work!

    You're so talented and the kids are too stinkin' cute!

    With friendship,

  3. Annie9:46 AM

    OMG, I'm dying laughing over here. It must be so much fun hanging around your place. You guys seem like you have a blast doing what you do. And about the "potty girls"... please don't flush them! LOL! I think they're super fun and mod! LOVE THEM!


  4. Ok, so I thought right away that they looked like the restroom sign but honestly think it's quite cute. I do like Lisa's idea to put a bow on their head but I think it's cute and modern. I wouldn't change it:)

  5. I too immediately thought "restroom" but assumed it was on purpose - that you were outfitting that poor child/woman with something more fitting! (tee hee) It's like when you see people put the red nose on the reindeer street signs. Adds character.

    Not only that, but since you're improving on an established icon people will see what you want them to see (the dress, apron, whatever) instead of focus on the mannequin (as it were).

    I vote to keep them.

  6. I like them! I don't think I would have thought of public restrooms if you hadn't mentioned it.

  7. Well, I looked at the pics before reading your post and I thought..." Oh how funny! She dressed up the restroom girls!"

    But I wasn't turned off my the images. I don't know if you should "flush" them...LOL

    Maybe let the idea "swirl" around in your head a bit...LOL

    Put it in the think "tank"...LOL

    Ok...I'll stop now

    Sorry...I couldn't help myself :)

  8. Oh gosh! You have to keep them (even though Jon is right)! And I love love love the name Frida!

  9. Anonymous11:52 AM

    I think the restroom girls look pretty "Mod" in their cute little outfits....I'd keep them! Just a thought about your pics for the cover of the pattern booklet. The wall in the background looks a little drab....I would change the color or brighten it in photoshop. Just my 2 cents....no hard feelings, right! Love your work.

  10. i would say keep them!

    also i love Lisa's comment about putting a bow in greyscale on their heads.

    besides....don't you think that even restroom models need to look good by wearing cool boutique clothing? i think so!


  11. Thank you all for your comments! I was secretly hoping you didn't vote to "flush" the girls but I was prepared for anything. I still want to hear from the rest of you. No decision is final yet... there's still plenty of time to re-draw, so if anyone has another idea, let's hear it!

    And speaking of re-drawing, domesticdiva, I LOVE your idea of adding the grayscale hairbow to their heads and will be working on it today. Of course, Lil' Chef won't have one because she's already wearing a hat, but the other girls will be sporting cute little bows. :) THANKS!!

    Anonymous 11:52, thanks so much for your comment regarding the background wall on my pictures. This is the kind of feedback I need and truly appreciate! I hope no one feels intimidated to be honest in here. I am going to go back and brighten up the walls. So glad you mentioned it! :)


  12. OK, honestly, I immediately thought of the restroom girls. But, thought "what a CUTE idea!" So, I vote to keep them. The bow idea will just add more "cuteness!"

  13. I actually think your grayscale bodies are very quirky. I don't think I would associate them to public restroom signs, but even if that is so, I still like it. BTW, I love your photo shoot and have been dying to pick up that rug. Ikea right?

  14. well, please forgive me but I think they look like public restroom girls too! They are super cute and mod, but they do conjure up the image of a public restroom. I think with a little tweaking, they are definitely still useable. :)

  15. They do looks like the restroom signs to me but I thought it was intentional and so fun! The idea of the little hair bow is so cute and will be the perfect touch.

  16. Nancy4:26 PM

    Patty you can also add a necklace to each girl even the one with the hat. Do they have to be the gray color? Dress them in Andalucia fabric. They don't look like bathroom signage. I think the bathroom girls will look really cute on the inside of your patterns. Pattern instruction are so boring anyway this will give it a little ZING!!

  17. I *love* the pattern cover pic of the girls. So cute! So excited for the CPSIA stay as well. I was getting pretty sad about the thought of no more handmade goodies!

  18. I didn't think of public toilets until you merntioned it. Keep them!

  19. I didn't think of public toilets until you merntioned it. Keep them!

  20. I thought they looked like the restroom girls right away but... I still think they're cute!

  21. Oh, and I like the hairbow idea.

  22. LOL - well aside from the restroom thing, they also make me think Scandanavian - which is cool and mod right - I vote to keep them :)

  23. I saw the title in my reader and was curious about the post (since I know a little Spanish). I think it is nice that they are unique. It wouldn't hurt to have a little bow and I agree with others that it has the mod style. It's exciting to watch your journey and very inspiring. Thanks for sharing, Patty!

  24. I love the pattern and its variations! I'm so glad my sister-in-law is getting ready to have a baby girl so I can make her some cute girly clothes!

    Oh and I LOVE your new blog design/layout you just did!!

  25. I am in love with Illustrator as well -- the blob brush, how great is that! I do like the bow idea; however, the addition of pigtails would be cute as well. They would be less woman's bathroom and more family bathroom.

  26. I'm totally loving the new look of the blog! :)

    I love the restroom people, they totally rock! Don't change em!

  27. Well now that you mention it - yeah i see them too. But you could just change the headshape a bit - maybe had a hair curli-que and it'll be all good.

  28. Those pictures of your girls are stinkin' adorable!!

  29. I really, really love the cap sleeves! What a great suggestion. And, I love the fabric combination you used for your sample. Very pretty.



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