Blue Monday

I'm feeling quite blue this morning (but in a good way!). I started seeing quite a few color parallels as I was editing my photos so I thought it was time for a wacky-fun blog posting.

(Photo courtesy of Caroline Devoy.)

The ribbons you see above are fresh in from the manufacturer and ready to be worked into some happy little spring-time projects. The top two are from Jessica Jones and the bottom 4 are mine. But check out how well Jessica's aqua/chocolate bloom ribbon coordinates with my aqua/chocolate birdie damask! If anyone out there makes something using these 2 together, please share a picture!

These ribbons are the new jacquard collection available by the yard and by the roll at jcarolinecreative. I'm just giddy to get some of my Andalucia designs in the aqua colorway... and I know a lot of you out there are too, based on the amount of daily requests I get! ;) The kiwi/greens in these ribbons will be a perfect match to the kiwi colorways in Andalucia and the little splashes of pink will match the Petal colorways, so have fun with them! (I'm thinking: Easter!)

The color blue has followed me around this past weekend too. Jon and I celebrated our 9-year anniversary (yes, this time we didn't forget it!) in the windy city, sans kids! WOOHOO! We dropped off the girls at my in-laws' place in Chicago then checked into the Wyndham near the Magnificent Mile. Those of you who follow me on Twitter got my tweets from the Apple Store, where Jon & I drooled over the latest & greatest, and later from Borders where I tried to find the elusive issue of Quick Quilts featuring my article (I still haven't found it, by the way! haha!)

After window shopping in sub-zero temperatures (brrrr!) we headed out to Greek Islands. Jon wore a blue shirt & jacket... and we had blue menus.


And even our Greek waiter with the sexy Greek accent wore blue... OPA!
(haha, check out the guy in the back!)


After dinner we caught a late showing of the ... you guessed it: Blue Man Group!


All this talk of blue is making me really crave Spring/Summer weather, how 'bout you? But since I can't have that right now, I'll be content with listening to this song over & over again this morning (the Weimaraner in that video looks exactly like the one Jon & I used to have in FL years ago! His name was Blu. I miss him.)


  1. I'm so ready for Spring time and I live in Florida. I've already jumped the gun and posted my Springtime bow collection on my blog and in my etsy shoppe.

  2. Annie3:00 PM

    Oooh, those ribbons are GORGEOUS!! So springy and fun!

    Looks like you had a great time in Chicago! I'm green with envy here!


  3. Love the new colorways of the ribbon. I would love to see the mod blooms in the earth colorway in corduroy for fall. It would be so pretty.

  4. Happy Anniversary Patty & Jon! So glad you got some time away. We need to meet in Chicago sometime. I'm just 4 hours away. I miss you. LOVE the ribbons and LOVE blue. Hugs!

  5. Congratulations on your 9th anniversary. It's that one for us this summer. The ribbons look great! Bring on blue!

  6. opa! hahaha...loved that! happy anniversary, guys. :)

    ps the blue dude is officially creeping me out.

  7. I don't know what it is about Aqua, it must be a color of sky and water, a "universal" color from God's own pallet. It triggers something in my brain.

  8. Leanne1:50 PM

    I LOVE the blue!!! I want those ribbons. It looks like a great time.

  9. Patty I love the blue ribbon.

    What a great blue day you had. :D


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