To cure the cabin fever we've all been experiencing lately (well, maybe mostly me) the girls and I went for a little retail therapy at our local mall. The plan was to have lunch at the food court, then swing by B&BW for some yummy smelling stuff, then go redeem that VS gift certificate that had been burning a hole in my wallet since V-Day, then maybe go check out the sales at ON. Well, let's just say that we had an unexpected detour when Sophie spotted a little girl getting her ears pierced and decided right there on the spot that she wanted to go next. I was thrilled mostly because my Sophie is NOT the spontaneous type... she is a planner to the MAX. So for her to make an impromptu decision like that was incredibly surprising and needed to be supported and celebrated.

(of course, all I had with me to document this momentous event was my iPhone)

Here she is sitting pretty in the piercing chair...


X marks the spot...


A little pinch...


YAY, it's done!


Then, to my utter surprise, Sydney got brave enough to do it too!

So we sat pretty again...


Marked the spot...


Felt a little pinch...




Proud mama...


I walked in with my two babies and left with two big girls... who knew!

(Happy Easter, everyone!)


  1. A milestone! More fun stuff to purchase, now, right?!

    DD had hers pierced twice -- watch out for the cleaning part so this doesn't happen to you! -- the ears were fine for a few months and then, well, I won't go into details. Suffice it to say the posts had to come out, both times. We're about ready to try again!


  2. Your girls are very cute, and very brave. I have been trying to talk my 8 year old into having her ears pierced for a couple of years and she'll have NONE of it!

    I think I'll show her this post....it couldn't hurt?

  3. Neither one cried? That's amazing! What a great experience for you all. The real test comes over the next six weeks as you clean their ears morning, noon and night! I got tired of that part real quick, but you do what you have to do to help your little girls grow up!

  4. So cute! My sister and I got our ears pierced together too :)

  5. Annie7:48 AM

    Awww, your girls are so cute. And your iPhone photos are not too shabby! ;)

    I recognize those old Modkids they're wearing from way back when. hee heee

    Hope they enjoy their new bling!

    HAPPY EASTER to you too!


  6. Thanks, everyone.

    Sophie was tough through the whole thing... didn't even flinch when the piercing gun went through. Sydney did get a little teary eyed. I didn't get any pictures of that because I put my phone down to comfort her. That only lasted a couple of seconds, though, cause as soon as she saw herself in the mirror she was all smiles again! :)

    I know it's gonna be tough keeping up with the cleaning schedule... we already skipped a couple... eek! I just keep forgetting. Need to make myself a note that sticks to the mirror or something!

    Fun times, eh?


  7. I can't wait for Liesl to get hers pierced! Honey is in no hurry but, well, he's a boy. LOL!

  8. Wow, don't cha just love kids. They are so spontaneous and so fun!

  9. Anonymous9:57 PM

    They are growing up so fast Patty! I can't wait to find the perfect "aunt" earings for them both. I have a mission now...


  10. Very cute! My 7 year old has been saying she wants her ears pierced, but I don't think her daddy is ready to take that step yet. ;)

  11. I just posted the same thing the other day! I think I was more anxious than my daughter, my hands were clammy, I was so nervous, but she did fine. I think the worst part of it all is the fact that I also was a bit sad knowing that she is growing up.

  12. So cute Patty!!! Thanks for posting this milestone. I love you and your girls :)

  13. oh Patty how brave they are.... That's so awesome. What a fun moment to remember forever!

    They look amazing in their new sparkles. :)



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