Birds on the Barbie

After we returned from Quilt Market last week we wanted to have a little cookout with my folks before they returned home to sunny Florida. Jon picked up some awesome steaks and fixings. As mom and I prepared the food for grilling Jon went out to light the grill and what did he find?


Let's take a closer look, shall we?


Now... all together "AWWWWWW"


Needless to say, we put the food in the freezer and went out to dinner instead that night.

In the next week we saw the birds more than double in size and change from fuzzy to feathery. What a great experience for the kids that was! The mama bird was a hardworking one... bringing food & water for her babies 24-7. My girls even set out a little bucket filled with water so she wouldn't have to fly too far for it. :)

Here's a brave little one almost ready to fly the coop...



On Memorial Day (almost a week after we first discovered the nest) we went out to check on the birdies and they had all left. Well, all except for one who quickly took off as soon as we opened the grill lid. We couldn't believe how well he flew! He landed on a tall tree branch and was quickly joined by the mama bird so we knew he would be alright.

With an empty nest on our hands, and a house full of hungry guests, Jon and grandpa set out to clean the grill right away. Here is grandpa scrubbing hard as Jon sprays it from a distance with the pressure washer. They both got soaked! The rest of us watched and laughed from inside the house.


The girls and Auntie Alicia prepared a scrumptious side of veggie skewers...


Getting ready to grill... YUM!


We kicked off the Summer season with a super yummy grilled feast of steaks, potatoes, corn & veggies on our bird-free grill. Boy, that pressure washer sure did a job on the grill... I don't think that thing has been this clean since it was brand new!


Oh and we even grilled a hot dog for Uncle Sean and Auntie Alicia's dog, Scooter.

How was your Memorial Day?


  1. That was a fun weekend! I didn't think the grill could be salvaged, but the guys did a great job!

  2. Wow, Patty! It looks like you had a great Memorial Day weekend.

    Hope QM was a blast. From the photos I've seen, it looked like such fun!

    And those sweet little birds were amazing. What a great experience for your girls. :o)


  3. We also had baby birds in one of our grills this year.

  4. Awww! Glad you were able to get such great pictures of the babies!
    My neighbor has had a nest of Robins in her bushes right at eye level. They have been fun to watch.
    Glad you got your grill back in time to enjoy the holiday weekend. We grilled some burgers and enjoyed our family and neighbors. Memorial Day was very fun.

  5. Those pics are unbelievable! Such a joy...

  6. Thanks for the comments, everyone! Yes, watching the baby birds grow and fly the coop was quite the experience for all of us. Now the back porch is boring again... LOL!


  7. Wow!! I've never heard of birds nesting on a grill before. Clever birdies. ;)

  8. how delightful!!

  9. that is incredible how they made it in there without you noticing WOW! actually how they got in there at all. What a memory for your family to always enjoy!

  10. That was one truly smart Mama bird!

  11. What a great post...Look at the size of that nest??? too cute...

  12. Anonymous8:17 AM

    that's fantastic ! amazing teh places they get too !

  13. We have a nest on our back porch that the bird return to every year. It is so much fun to watch the baby birds grow and fly from the nest. Great post!

  14. That really does make you go awwwww...
    What an awesome experience for y'all, kinda crazy they were up and out of there within a week.
    I have seen birds nests in some of the oddest places but never a grill. ;)
    Happy (almost) Friday!



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