Just Dance Da Da Doo Doo Mmmm

I got a little bit of "me time" this past Sunday while Jon, Sophie and Sydney attended our annual Daddy-Daughter Dance. Jon didn't even freak out when I told him the dance ended half-hour past the start of the Super Bowl. If the Vikings had been playing, that would've been a whole other story! Although he did seem quite put out by the fact that someone walked out with his brand new Calvin Klein topcoat (definitely his most expensive piece of clothing!) Having faith in the goodness of people, we all believed it was an honest mistake so Jon left his contact info at the front desk, but it has now been 4 days and no one has turned it in. :(


Anyway, the girls had a blast. I'd like to say I used that "me time" wisely but, after a 2-hour prep time (I have no idea why it took so long), pictures and kissing them all goodbye, I collapsed on the couch and just slept. I guess I must've needed the rest. It has been kinda hectic lately.


We don't have any photos from the dance itself because I forgot to charge our point & shoot camera and Jon didn't want to take the SLR, so this is all we have...


Oh, one interesting tidbit: Sydney wore a "vintage MODKID," meaning that this was the very first dress that carried a real MODKID label versus just fun stuff we made for them as babies. This dress was the first item I ever listed on eBay when I joined the children's boutique community way back when. It was listed as a "custom" which meant the winner of the auction actually received a new dress custom-made to their child's measurements. That's why we still have this one.

I can't believe it fits her so well now. She was just a baby back then!

Even back then I was a Michael Miller fan. Cool, eh? :)

(And to the douche-bag who took Jon's coat: it may have been a mistake at the time, but surely you must've figured out you're not wearing your own coat by now! Do the right thing, man!)


  1. LOVE that dress you made...so cute! That stinks about the coat...hopefully they will realize and turn it in. I am hoping someone wouldn't really be that awful. :(

  2. I hope they had a blast! They look darling, even John :) And yeah, give him his nice coat back! Meanie.

  3. great pix of the kids and Jon....and CoatThiefDude, give it back already!

  4. Awwww, what sweet pictures of Jon and the girls! Those are priceless. The vintage MODKID is adorable too. And what a crazy thing about the coat-thief. We're all chanting: give-it-back, give-it-back! :)


  5. Anonymous1:00 PM

    Can you please teach Jon how to properly smile? It looks like the smile you give to a dentist when they nag you about how important flossing is!

    - Sean

  6. Thank you all for stopping by!

    Sean, I've tried but it's hopeless. It took me years just to get Sophie to smile naturally for the camera. Sydney is a natural for sure.


  7. What a beautiful family you have.

  8. ROFL! Such a sweet post and then DOUCHE BAG...sorry somebody took his coat. That is a bummer. Jon should have worn his cute F&F tie from Quilt Market though!

    Your girls look so cute...

  9. Anonymous3:24 PM

    The Three of them sure make a sweet picture ;)
    I keep my fingers crossed that Jon gets his coat back ... sure the person must realize, that if he lives in the same town one day Jon will come up to him and say "And is my coat you stole comfy?"

    Wish you all the best!!!


  10. Trish, we gave away his Bee Hive tie to a dear friend who helped us set up our booth at Market. But that definitely would've been cool! :)

    Simone, LOL!!! That would be too funny!

  11. Anonymous7:47 PM

    So cute!

    Great dress story! I love hearing how everyone got their start!

  12. What lovely pictures! Take it from me...(2nd year as PTO president planning Father Daughter dances) if it's not nailed down, people will steal it...sad but true. Hopefully your thief will do the right thing, but I wouldn't count on it.

  13. I love how things seem to come together as if all part of a bigger plan--the dress is adorable.
    And I hope the coat will be returned.

  14. hi mrs young,
    I'm a fan of your patterns. I've made a couple pieces using your Sydney pattern and I've heard you enjoy seeing pics. You can check out my blog it's the hope girl post, my niece is modeling :)

  15. OMG, I'm reading this post and my hub and older daughter are at a daddy daughter dance right NOW. Too weird :)
    They look so adorable. I hope someone turns in the coat.li

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  17. Anonymous11:20 PM

    A friend told me today about your blog and I thought it was great and the outfits adorable.

    I wish you could have used a more appropriate name for the man who took the coat.


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