Easter and Estampados

First of all, I want to thank you all SO MUCH for all the wonderful comments regarding our big announcement. Your support and encouragement means a TON to us. It's going to be tough for a while but we're up to the challenge. :)

This morning, while Jon attended his fantasy baseball draft, I took the girls to an Easter Egg Hunt at Sydney's school.


The kids got their sugar fix... and I got my photo fix...



They did a little hula-hooping afterward. I opted out. (hey, someone had to hold the camera!)





And when we got home, I saw a little package at my front door. It was way too small to be fabric and I wasn't expecting any packages from anyone, or so I thought. Well, guess what? I had totally forgotten about this adorable little book, Estampados Padroes, published by a company in Barcelona, Spain. It features almost 500 pages of repeated patterns, including a couple by yours truly.


I came into contact with the editor, Macarena, almost two years ago. Yes, I know what you're thinking... every time I received an email from her my hands would swing to my hips and I'd sing, "Eh, Macarena!" :) Just to give you some perspective, I submitted these designs to them before Andalucia (the fabric) came out, so that's how long it's been in production! I am so thrilled to finally have it in my hands. It is gorgeous!!


Page 38 features a 2-page spread of Flora in the Petal palette and on page 375 you'll see a colorway of Flowery Stripe that never made it into fabric!


Sydney has already declared this her book (because, as she explained, it is Sydney-sized), so I may need to pick up another copy for myself. Let me know if you see this book for sale anywhere. In addition to my designs, I see so many familiar names... the fabulous Tula Pink is featured several times (and I see she beat me to blogging about it). And there are some adorable designs by Carol Eldridge and many, many others! Inspiration galore. :)

HAPPY EASTER, everyone!!


  1. Love the fabric Easter baskets! And congratulations on Estampodoes! It looks like a beautiful book!

  2. Ehhhhh Macarena, Aye! Okay sorry I couldn't resist! Cool book! And congratulations on your big move! It will be nice to be in warmer weather and closer to family.(I am a native Texan, I like the warm weather. If you get too hot go inside, that's what air conditioning is for!)I am loving the knits. YOU may single handedly pull me into sewing knits!

  3. Annie6:21 PM

    WOW! Gonna keep my eye out for that book... some of my fave designers! Great pictures by the way and congrats on your big announcement. I missed it the first time but so happy for you guys!


  4. beautiful book!!!

  5. Happy Easter to you and your family! Thanks for sharing your big announcement with us. Congrats on your book too!

  6. Congrats on your book!

    AND the girls hair is BEAUTIFUL!!!

  7. Thank you all for stopping by and for your sweet comments as always! Hope everyone had a wonderful Easter. I'm stuffed!!!


  8. Your girls are so beautiful!!! Congratulations for having your designs in the book!!!

  9. Hi Patty,

    It's my first time commenting but I love all of your creations. I am just so impressed with your amazing success. I just read about your big news & congrats on your husband joining you. He will not regret it. I joined my husband full time as well about 17 years ago during our early college years & I can not imagine any other way. He's now also been very supportive of my own sewing adventure.
    -and about your Owl & Grasshopper encounters...definitely more than coincidences. We've had ~Incredible~ encounters with ladybugs ourselves during significant dates while waiting to adopt from China. We were skeptics at first, but now we truly embrace their appearances.
    -Good stuff ahead for you & congrats again.

  10. Anonymous6:38 AM


  11. Your shirt is DARLING! And those knits? SO cute! Want them all. ....But, I can't sew knits... I need a tutorial! ! Jo and Nancy are heading to Quilt Market so I'll send them with some money! Have a great weekend~Paige

  12. The red hair is simply gorgeous!


  13. Thank you all again for the great comments. Marsi, that is so great that you and your husband have been able to do this for so many years... what an inspiration! Paige, sewing with knits is a breeze! Even easier and faster than woven cottons. All of my patterns come with basic instructions and lots of detailed diagrams and pictures so even a beginner can tackle them! :)



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