Show me your Sanctuary

Now that my 5th fabric collection (wow, I actually had to turn around and count them!) for Michael Miller Fabrics, titled Sanctuary, is in stores worldwide, I am starting to see projects popping up left and right in my Flickr pool. If I haven't told you before, the most rewarding part of being a fabric designer is seeing what all you creative minds out there do with my fabric. I could sit at the computer all day and browse through your photos but then I wouldn't get any more fabric designed and that would defeat the purpose. ;)

But anyhow, I wanted to invite all you out there to post your photos in my Sanctuary Flickr Group. From time to time, I pick a few of my favorites and post them here on the blog. Here are my current favorites:

This breathtaking Frida dress by Bailey Girls:

sanctuary Frida

This adorable top by Melanie at Above All Fabric:

Haley's new Sactuary Outfit

This amazing quilt by Red Pepper Quilts:


Here's a full view (love the symmetry!)

Sanctuary ~ Patchwork Quilt

This super cool and funky pillow by imalisawork. I just adore the fussy-cutting on this!

Pilliow Talk Swap 4 - For cilvee!

This super cute bag by Valerie at Sew Much More:


And let's not forget the KNITS!

Check out this knit version of Kyoko made by the ├╝ber-talented Jenny at Sew Pretty Dresses:

Sample for Above All Fabric

So let's see those beauties! If you have a project that you've recently completed using my Sanctuary wovens or knits, I invite you to share them with us in my Sanctuary Flickr Pool!


  1. What is better the actual fabric or the finished products? Its absolutely a tie I think! Beautiful.

  2. I just picked up some of your fabric the other day....OH those grays make my heart go pitter patter! I am so excited to dive in and make some super cute bags! xoxo

  3. Annie4:06 PM

    Oooh, awesome! I need to hurry up and make something with my Sanctuary instead of just staring at it for days. haha Thanks for the inspiration!


  4. Thanks for including my pillow! I love this line so much.

  5. wow...i love your fabric so much, have added a couple of pics now to flickr. Still trying to source some of the sanctuary knit fabric (absolutely in love with the zen in raspberry) - impossible to get in New Zealand, as most USA websites wont send as it is heavier than the cottons. Looking forward to making the cushions when i have enough sanctuary scraps.

  6. That's wonderful Patty! And I see my friend Trish Preston's pattern-that darling bag! Great job:)

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  8. Great post! Keep it up the good work and also keep posting.

  9. I love your amazing collection of dresses so much! why you don't upload the entire catalog ?


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