Pink isn't just a color... it's an attitude!

Our baby girl turned 7 (SEVEN!) this weekend and we celebrated it the way any little princess would want to.... by having a Hollywood Diva party! Ohhhhh... it was so much fun, we didn't want it to ever end! Everything was pink and sparkly and glittery and girly! We turned Modkid HQ into party central and I want to share some of the highlights with you. Plus, I have included some FREE downloads at the end of this post so you too can give your girl a Hollywood Diva party!

We had super pink cupcakes with famous diva sayings on top...


There were famous quotes from classic divas, like Coco Chanel and Marilyn Monroe, and some more recent ones, like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus and Lady Gaga (of course!).



This was Sydney's personal cupcake...


I also used the same famous quotes to decorate the goodie boxes, which were hot pink Chinese take out containers filled with all the little items any diva should have, like lip gloss, glittery emery boards, funky pony tail holders, heart-shaped barrettes, faux diamonds and lots of bracelets!





We had some very pink finger foods...



Balanced out by others not-so-pink but still as yummy...



We even had "girlie-cocktails" for the little divas (Fruit punch + 7up + Maraschino cherries + little umbrellas + pink plastic champaign flutes from Hobby Lobby)


And, boy, were those the BIG HIT of the party!!! :)


The girls played dress-up and had their picture taken in our photo studio...




Then they strutted they stuff down the "pink carpet"...



We pulled up the white backdrop so they could have a dance party on our dance floor...


They made beaded jewelry (no pictures of that because I was helping the girls with their bracelets).

We sang Happy Birthday...


And opened presents...



Almost everything Sydney received was PINK! :) She is a happy girl right now! And mama scored big points for what she called "The best party EVER!" YAY!!! :)

I figured, there might be one or two or 3000 readers out there with little divas in their lives with birthdays coming up, so I wanted to share the graphic file for my cupcake-toppers and goodie-bag-labels. Click on the images below to be taken directly to my Flickr pool, then download the largest file available (original). These will print at 100% on your home printer on letter-size paper.

Print these cake-toppers on card stock if you can. They will be much sturdier that way. I bought my 90 lb. card stock at Office Max. Print two sheets so you can glue them back to back with a toothpick sandwiched in between. We used a hot glue gun for this.

Cupcake Toppers

Print the goodie-bag-labels onto full or half-sheet label paper (sticky-back), then cut them out with scissors and adhere to the front of your goodie boxes or bags. If you don't have adhesive paper, you can print them onto the same card stock as the cake toppers and just use spray adhesive, a glue stick or a hot glue gun.

Goodie Bag LAbels

Hope you can put these to good use! And please share if you do. I always love checking out other people's birthday parties. :)


  1. I want a party this fabulous and I'm 30-something! LOL Love it all, thanks for sharing the files!

  2. What an awesome party! My little girl is turning 5 soon and she wants a Pinkalicious party. So I'll soon be drowning in pink! Hehe

  3. The party looks fabulous (dahling), but you have to tell us about Sydney's skirt (or is the skirt attached to the top to make a dress). Is that the ruffle fabric I've been seeing around or did you do the ruffles? And you might as well tell us about Sophie's skirt as well. They both look so cute I'm dying here!

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments!

    Diane, Sydney's outfit is actually a bubble dress and it's one of the patterns from my upcoming book, Sewing MODKID Style. Yes, it is a basic tee (which is also in the book) attached to a bubble skirt. The top portion is made with my cotton interlocks and the bottom portion is a pre-ruffled fabric I picked up at the last Quilt Market I attended.

    Sophie is wearing a Matilda Jane skirt and a Zara top. :)

  5. Awesome!!! Thanks for the prints so we can all be just as awesome!!!!!

  6. Happy Birthday Sydney! Love love love it! You are a mama after my own heart! I love all the girliness! How awesome the girls got to celebrate in your studio too! Okay I am loving the bubble dress! Can't wait for your book!

  7. Seriously, I want that party! That's way too stinking cool. I might have to throw a slumber part for us big girls just so I can have a party that fabulous!

  8. So cute! Pink! Pink! Pink!

  9. I love the color and the theme you used here. Very girly and catchy to the child's eye and fashionable too. What a fab party you have there. :)

  10. Ummmmmmmm Will you be my Mommy? LOL

    What a fabulous party. Wow. I bet she just loved it.

    The printables you've created are SOOOOOOOOOO cool too Patty. And how awesome of you to let us have those. Thank you SO much.

  11. I love your quote selection. Thanks for sharing!

  12. Toria6:59 PM

    OMG thanks so much for sharing! I used your ideas for my daughter's "pretty purple & pink princess pamper party" and they had a BLAST! We did mini manicures & pedicures, and also makeup as they ripped the runway off the song "Whip My Hair." I also cut the tips off of the sock gloves so they toenails could dry. We made EVERY girl feel like a princess w/ crowns and boas. Once again THANK u.

  13. Super cute idea!!!! I love pink and so does my 2 year old. In fact, we love it so much, I started an e-commerce business called It is growing at a very fun, pink pace!!!


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