Thinking back and looking forward

We hosted Christmas at our house this year, which meant that all of my family from Florida came up and all of Jon's family from Chicago-area came down... luckily not all at once, so it wasn't super crazy (just a little). :) This was the first time in years that we had all of my family together under one roof -- well, actually, the first time EVER, if you take into account that our newest member is only 4 months old -- so we took this opportunity to try to get a nice family picture.

We all gathered at MODKID HQ late on December 22nd (after celebrating my sister's birthday), turned on the self-timer, and tried to get serious for a photo. Here's a look behind the scenes at our attempt to get everyone to stand in one spot, look forward, not close their eyes and smile for the camera (easier said that done, when you have 10 people ranging in ages from 4 months to 69 years!)


Of course, the kids behaved properly and did what they were told... can't say the same for the adults.






This one was almost perfect but baby Natalie was looking down and a few of us were looking, hmmmm... not so enthused.


So, with the help of my BFF (Photoshop) I took a face from here and another one from there, put them all together and... voila!


I drove my parents -- the last remaining guests at our house -- to the airport yesterday so now it's eerily quiet and a tad sad, so I'm trying to keep myself occupied with the piles and piles of work that awaits me at the office. Forgive me if you've sent an email that I haven't responded to yet. I promise I will get to it this week... or next!

I am really looking forward to this year. It's going to be a year of firsts in so many ways. This is the year I become a published author... YIPPEE!!! (and speaking of that, I didn't forget that I still owe you guys another book sneak peek... I'm working on it!). This is also the year in which I offer my fabric designs in more than one new exciting substrate... DOUBLE YIPPEE! (more on that soon, soon!) And lastly, we hope this is the year we grow our company beyond our wildest dreams. Ohhhh... we have so many plans and so many aspirations. My imagination goes non-stop!

I thank you all for your support in 2011 and I wish 2012 is the best year EVER for you too! Now, get back to work!! :)


  1. What a fun photoshoot! Nice Photoshop work too! :) Excited for your book & your upcoming news!

  2. Anonymous11:24 AM

    can´t wait to get hold of your book ;)

    I loooove your pictures, thought the MEN went a bit ..... hmmm .... out of order :D They are all still fun :D

    Happy new Year


  3. OMG! How cute are you guys!!! I seriously can't wait to see all your new goodies, Patty! Happy New Year to you too!


  4. Thank you all so much! xoxo

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