Heaven & Helsinki KNITS!

I spent all last week in Kansas City at the International Quilt Market, then half of this week in Des Moines at the Meredith Corporation headquarters, but more on all that real soon (as soon as I download my 300+ pictures and wrap my head around everything I experienced in the past 2 weeks). But, more importantly, I am way overdue for a new knits reveal! I promised to blog this last Friday, but time got away from me, so I apologize. This all worked out for the best, though, because now I can actually share the video we all got to see at schoolhouse last week... YAY!!!


First of all, let me tell you a little bit about the new Heaven & Helsinki knits. These new knits are jerseys (not interlocks, like my previous ones) with a fiber content of 58% Cotton, 38% Poly and 4% Spandex. They are seriously the softest, smoothest knits I have ever worked with. The addition of that teeny-tiny percentage of Spandex means that you can use these for bindings or anything that requires extra stretch, like neck bands, sleeve bands, waistbands or yoga bands, because they have amazing stretch and recovery.

But what most of you will be pleased to hear (as was I) is that the addition of Poly means an incredible decrease in the shrinkage factor. I couldn't believe it when I heard that these new knits shrink less than 1% so I needed to find out for myself. I cut a piece of fabric at 36" long by 63" wide (the full width of fabric!). I took it home and washed & dried it in Normal cycles. As a matter of fact, I just threw it in with some laundry I needed to do because I wanted to make sure it didn't get any special treatment. When it came out of the dryer, I laid it flat and it measured 35.5" x 62", which means it had shrunk a grand total of 1/2" on the length and 1" on the width!! I let it sit over night and then I took it to the studio to sew up my schoolhouse dress... it did not shrink any further over night and as a matter of fact it had almost gone back to it's original length by the time I started cutting! Wooohooo!


So, what about the designs? There are 20 prints in this collection including 6 near-solids which we are loving for bindings, waistbands and such. There are some prints that you'll also see in the woven version of this collection and a few that are new and unique to the knits.

Here is the whole collection, but you can also see it here. They ship in August, but if you want to see them for yourself, we do have some knit scrap bags on the website (along with some Heaven & Helsinki woven scrap bags!) Make sure you specify you want H&H, or you might get an assorted variety.


Now, without much further ado, I want to present to you the video that we showed at schoolhouse last week. It features all the projects from my book, Sewing MODKID Style, sewn in Heaven & Helsinki. This was definitely a labor of love and we couldn't have done it without the help of our assistants, Emalee and Jessica, our adorable little models and the contributions from our sponsors, Chooze Shoes and Fox & Hounds Studio.

Hope you enjoyed the video! Let us know what you thought of it. An abridged version will be found next week on our Amazon page.

Now, for a few quick links:
  • Purchase signed copies of Sewing MODKID Style here
  • Purchase Heaven & Helsinki KNIT scrap bags here
  • Purchase Heaven & Helsinki WOVEN scrap bags here
  • See Heaven & Helsinki and pre-order it for your store here
  • Join the Sewing MODKID Style Flickr Group and share your creations here


  1. Super cool video and I'm so excited about the new knits! I started making jersey knit scarves last fall and could never find as many cool colors and patterns as I wanted. Can't wait to try these out!

    1. That's great to hear, Lauren!

  2. How fun for the girls to get fussed over for a shoot. I SO wish I could have been to the studio before we moved out-of-state.
    I love seeing/hearing about all your successes, Patty.

  3. I wish you were here too, Beth! Thanks for your support. Yes, the girls had a blast that day... little divas that they are! LOL!

  4. Love love love the video!! Cannot wait for the knits to come out! I think Sydney and Kelsey would get along famously. =D

    1. Thanks, sweets! Yes, I bet those two would be trouble together! haha

  5. The video was ADORABLE!
    The girls did a super job!
    Love your fabric and patterns!

  6. Exceptional. Marvelous presentation.


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