Wanna own a fabric store?

And not just any fabric store... one of the coolest places I've ever stepped foot in!! This is no joke. Fabric Nosherie has really filled a void in the St Louis area. And it has created quite a buzz, including multiple TV appearances. And now... it can be ALL YOURS!

I visited this store myself last June, and later that Summer I came back to do a lecture and book signing. Since then, Shannon and I have become close friends and it's no surprise. She is one of the kindest, funniest and loveliest people I have met.


Despite the success of Fabric Nosherie, Shannon has made the difficult decision to sell the shop so that she can be home with her four ACTIVE young boys.  She is selling the shop, the name, the brand, everything to the highest bidder. Classes are scheduled. Inventory is on its way.  The new owner can simply build on the solid foundation that Marc and Shannon have prepared. 



In Shannon's words:
"Well, I thought I was super woman. While I’m pretty close, I have realized I can’t do everything. I have 5 beautiful babies, and one is up for adoption. She is one and a half years old, has a lot of personality, a lot of followers, and is supercool. No, it’s not one of my children. I only have boys; it is my other baby, Fabric Nosherie.
I will be holding a silent auction March 18-25.  More information can be found under the tab Shop for Sale/Up for Adoption [on Shannon's site].  All inquires are being addressed by Schleiffarth Law (their information is on my site.
This is a happy thing for me and for the shop. My family needs me and the shop needs someone who has more time. Fabric Nosherie was built with sweat and tears and I’m so proud to call it mine but I can’t help it grow to its potential while I’m working on growing my family. I hope you will take time to look at the information provided and come in and visit often. I will miss seeing all my wonderful customers!"
 I would love to see this beautiful store go to good hands... so come on... who out there wants to own a fabric store?!?


  1. I wish I would live in St. Louis.

    This looks like fabric heaven.
    What a wonderful shop.

    I hope I will ever make it there :-)

  2. You and Shan look gorgeous!

  3. Annie5:08 PM

    What a gorgeous, gorgeous space! Wish I could...


  4. I live in St Louis and love the store! Sure hope someone buys it!

  5. Did your friend ever sell her lovely shop?? I came upon this post because I am (very tentatively) thinking of opening a fabric shop. Our local shop is closing due to non-renewal of their lease (through no fault of their own; the building owners have new plans for the space). But, I too have four little ones, and am wondering if I would find myself being too far from my family.

  6. Great fabric you have!! I wish i can visit your store....https://goo.gl/wWDBmZ


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