Being Thankful

Today, we are feeling extra thankful for all of you, our customers and fans! Without you we wouldn't be here and that is HUGE!! So, to show our appreciation we have created a coupon code that is good for both our Etsy site and our website. Coupon code...


... gets you 20% off your total order on PDF patterns on our Etsy store and paper patterns, books, ribbons, pin tins and fabric kits on our website. This code is valid NOW through midnight on Sunday, Dec. 1st. So, if you are like me and like to shop in your PJs and support small family-owned businesses, this sale is for you!!

Hope everyone is having a great Thanksgiving! We participated in our local Turkey Trot this morning, a 5K race around a local park. Our Sophie surprised us by crossing the finish line at 26:22, a full minute before Jon and more than 10 minutes before Sydney and I crossed. I think we may have a future cross country runner!

Now, we are headed to Chicago to spend a long Holiday weekend with Jon's family. We are so thankful to have each other, our health and each and every one of you! Would love to hear what you are doing today and this weekend!!


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