Welcome to MODKID, Courtney!

Our little company has grown in so many different ways during the past 7 years we've been in business. It's hard for me to even fathom that it's already been that long. I still remember with fondness the "baby years", when I was doodling designs for Andalucia and concepting our first 4 sewing patterns. Well, we're certainly all grown up now! We currently have 64 paper patterns, 25 PDF patterns, 2 books and 14 fabric lines... and counting! When I spell it all out it seems like a lot but I certainly didn't do it all alone... I've been lucky to have a lot of help along the way, from assistants to interns to pattern testers and even my dear hubby, who has spent his fair share of overnighters here at MODKID.

As social media grew and evolved within the past few years, we have tried to stay current and on top of all the latest trends. We have a Facebook Fan Page, a Facebook MODKID Group, a Twitter account, a Pinterest account and an Instagram account and would love for you all to follow us there. However, this growth in social media networks brought with it a need for someone who could manage these accounts for us and help promote the company while I concentrate on more fabric and pattern designs. We looked long and hard for the right person... someone who not only was well versed in most social media platforms but also knew our products inside and out. After all, whoever filled this position would also help answer questions and concerns from fans. Our pattern tester, Courtney Davis, seemed like the perfect person for this role. She was already familiar enough with our patterns, since she had sewn and/or tester a majority of them for her daughters. Plus she had this beautiful blog where she showcased her sewing and photography skills. There was no question in my mind that Courtney was the right person, but would she take on the challenge? Well, folks... she said YES!... and we couldn't be more thrilled!

A little bit about Courtney:

When Courtney Davis left the corporate world to stay home with two daughters, she found her strengths as a structural engineer lent themselves to an even greater joy found in the technical, mathematical, and artistic demands of sewing. A six month old daughter, an encouraging Mom, and a very old hand-me-down sewing machine came together at the perfect time providing inspiration for what is now a passionate hobby. Over 5 years later, with updated machines, a supply of tools, and endless inspiration from favorite designers, she is sewing daily and always looking for new challenges. Take a look at her sewing adventures shared on Courtney’s website at www.sweeterthancupcakes.com where she also tackles over the top birthday parties and dabbles in baking and crafting. She hopes to bring her personal style with a bit of technical background to the fans of Modkid.

Courtney will be managing our newly formed MODKID Group on Facebook, so we hope you will all join and start sharing your creations, asking questions and having fun! She will also be conducting some sew-alongs here on the blog in the near future and will also be sharing all of her MODKID creations on our many social media platforms. In addition, now that we have some extra help, we plan to host a few giveaways and contests here on the blog, so stay tuned!

I leave you with a collage of Courtney's creations made with MODKID patterns:


  1. AWWW! I LOVE Courtney! You are in GOOD hands Patty! She is one great lady and so creative! Congratulations Courtney!!!

  2. What an amazing addition to a fantastic company! Congrats, Courtney!

  3. What fun and exciting news!


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