Kimono Wrap For Kids

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Do you remember the Kimono Wrap formerly only available through the Road Trip Pattern Club? Well, it is now available for independent purchase! One of the great things about this pattern is that you can sew it for all ages and sizes! The instructions are all based on individual measurements, so you get the right fit every time.

I actually made this one from two bath towels from Wal-mart with a little extra fabric for the sash and neck band. By using the towel edges, I didn't even have to hem the robe!

My daughter just might think this is the coolest thing I've made her!!

Pattern Changes:

For a child sized version, I adjusted the sleeve width from 6" to 4". Also, I narrowed the shoulder width for cutting the diagonal from 6" to 5". Just check that your neck opening isn't too narrow.

More Ideas:

  • Sew kids sizes for a spa birthday party.
  • Sew adult versions for a bridal party.
  • Sew a girl's a Mulan costume. *
  • Sew an adult Geisha costume. *
*Don't forget! If you sew a costume with a Modkid pattern, share your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag them with #modkidhalloween for a chance to be featured on our blog this coming month. We have a super fun series planned and would love your participation!

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