Modkid Halloween Clown

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Patty and I have been having fun getting creative with Modkid patterns for Halloween. Did you see the amazing Wednesday Addams!?! We encouraged costume ideas with our Avery Dress sew along, and we have more fun in store. You'll have to read to the end of this post to find out what!

First, let me show you my youngest, Tandy, in her costume. I used the Modkid Bailey pattern without any changes. Isn't it fun when all it takes is playful fabrics and a few accessories to pull it all together!?!

Tandy's birthday falls right before Halloween, so I'm killing two birds with one stone. Her clown costume will double as a circus birthday outfit. Gotta love that!

The shorts portion of this Bailey is actually knit fabric. This pattern is very versatile!! I just tacked the yarn pom poms on with a needle and thread, so they could be removed after the costume use is complete. I love when the life of a costume outfit can be extended!

Now it's your turn!! We would like to feature your Modkid Halloween projects, new or old! We'll be showing your costumes made from Modkid patterns, pdf or paper, each of the 13 weekdays leading up to Halloween. If we have plenty of participants, which we hope we do, we'll culminate in a virtual Halloween parade.

To participate share your photos on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter and tag them with #modkidhalloween or post photos in our Facebook Halloween album. It's that simple!! 


  1. That is so so cute!! I'm totally thinking Lalaloopsy. We have a birthday right before Halloween too! :D

    1. Karly, I did a Lalaloopsy costume for my youngest a couple years ago using my Addison pattern. It was so cute! And I agree, Courtney did a fantastic job with this. I adore every single detail of this costume. :)


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